Friday, June 15, 2012

downwardly mobile

Rather than drawing or painting a new picture, I decided to post an old one (hoping you'll excuse me) partly because I haven't had time to draw a new one that's pertinent, and second, because in the not too distant future I'll get to see this one hanging on a wall somewhere in our new place. Yes! We finally found a new apartment, so the stuff that's stayed packed away in traveling cartons while we waited out this*, that^, and the other thing# will be out on display again. I don't want you to think we've been living without furniture or the other necessities of life like books and movies, but we do have far more cardboard boxes than are typical.

* this - It took a lot longer than we ever expected to get an authorization for numb to be accepted as a resident in Canada. More and more, there are things you're allowed to do that are much more difficult to accomplish in practice.

^ that - Since we hadn't heard from Immigration by last June we had to stay here for another year. Believe me, it's really best not to change your address while waiting for a government agency to come to a decision.

# the other thing - It's a law in NS you must give the landlord three months notice. Fine. Many students leave in late spring. Good. More apartments are available in the summer here than there are in the fall. Great. All we had to do was find one.

That's what we've spent the past couple of months doing. Yes, we're picky but more on the side of having something nice to look at out the windows rather than wanting a dishwasher or our own personal washer and dryer. Even though a car is a requirement sometimes, it's also undeniable it's preferable to be able to walk where you need or want to go. So we signed the lease today and will be moving at summer's end to a new apartment that's almost as spacious as this one with fewer yet bigger rooms. Instead of living on the 7th floor of a 23 story building we'll be on the 3rd floor of a 7 story one so I won't get dizzy while standing on the balcony. Plus, it's only two thirds of our current rent.  Now we'll be able to plan for some summer fun. It also means I'll have more time to focus on drawing and writing that story I keep boring you about.

Meanwhile, here's another very cool (and short) video from Vimeo:

not over from Toru Hayai on Vimeo.

(Perhaps more frequent blog posting too)


Rob-bear said...

This was as I expected from the title. Glad you have found a nice new spot. I'd say "happy moving," but experience has taught that the moving process does not create great joy.

Hope you have a wonderful summer, even as you're approaching the "low life" in the world.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Randal Graves said...

Boy, this Canada doesn't sound as 'aw shucks we're swell and so are you' as SCTV led me to believe, but at least you guys (finally) found a place that hopefully won't be surrounded by drunken college kids and/or empty three-pieces and/or Dudley Do-Right impersonators.

okjimm said...

Oh, Canada! Boy and Howdy! I thought Toronto was the only city in Canada that had buildings taller than three floors. But whatta I know.... I live in Wisconsyn. Here, a mansion is a building with two bedrooms and indoor plumbing.

okjimm said...

oh oh oh and the bird looks tasty...I'll have a drumstick.

marja-leena said...

Wonderful news about the residences - both for 'numb' and a nice apartment for you both! What a load off, eh? The immigration rules are sounding like they are becoming more and more "southern', if you know what I mean.

Lovely art, Susan, I don't think I remember that one but would recognize the style as yours anywhere! And thanks for the video - I thought that the bear was lonely and looking a kindred spirit somewhere in his world travels - but a surprise ending (still lonely though).

susan said...

I almost titled the post 'going down in the world' then thought better of it. No, moving stopped being an enjoyable experience for us a long time ago but needs must and thankfully by September we'll have both places so there'll be no rush.

Thanks always for your good wishes, Bear.

susan said...

It's been a bit of a trial now and again but often entertaining too. Today the naked bicycle riders rode past - thank goodness it had stopped raining or you never know what might have got cold and wet.

susan said...

It used to be that having one bedroom and an outhouse meant living in the lap of luxury here but I guess times have changed.

susan said...

Yes, we're most relieved on both counts. Until the first part happened I was looking at rentals in Massachusetts more than here.

This one was painted in 1983 so is one of the oldest paintings I still have. Since it's behind glass a good picture was tricky.

I liked that strange little movie too but what made it perfect for me was the music.

linda said...

YAY! i am thrilled for you and especially that you aren't way up in the clouds sounds much more pleasant on the third with 7stories... and finally to be able to unpack...that must feel like such a relief. i was beginning to wonder if you'd end up back down here somewhere with the apt. search moving so slowly. of course, from my perspective, that is, i really cannot see what you're actually doing back there. :) good thing i suppose! naked bike riders??? hmmm.... now THAT's a plan!

i always love seeing your work, old or new and this one is one i do not remember. as always your work is so magical. it transports me somewhere else, other than this very very hot hill just now. it's 90 at this writing so the west coast is not where you'd want to be just now.... ugh. heat is not my thing anymore and makes me loopy since the bp drops so damned low...oh well. such is life, i hate the stuff i'm supposed to take for it more! :)

i shall be scarce for a week or so and may not have time to post about it before tuesday. grandkids are bringing their parents along for a visit and tho i am poorly prepared this time with all the stuff lately in my life, i am also looking forward immensely to the pleasure of their screams and wails. weird what grandmothers turn into. patience even seems to come more frequently, not a trait i am generally known for!!

i don't plan to be online unless to see what you have posted and to look at the reader perhaps or check email- yes, what am i talking about?? i always check my email! see? a bit wonky....a bit. who knows, i surely don't ... i don't even know what to do next i have so many things to do... take care and i will pop in if the spirit doth move along with me tired old bod. xoxoxoxxoxxoxoxo

Gina Duarte said...

Sounds like your living space as well as your head space will both be much improved by this new move. Much happiness to you and numb.


susan said...

I don't mind being on the 7th floor overlooking the park all that much even though I've never lived in a high rise before. When we came here we were desperate for a decent place and this has certainly been okay so long as I don't think too much about the drunken kids both outside and in after the bars close or the fact our car was vandalized in its 'secure' underground parking garage four times. It's nice to see the park and its fountain as well as the odd unexpected parade. The naked bike riders were pretty funny yesterday.

I'm always glad to know you like my paintings and happy too it came as a surprise to you.

Meanwhile, I'll be back to visit you even if you are having too much fun with your grandchildren. How wonderful you'll be seeing them again soon ♡

susan said...

It will be nice to feel as though we're settled for a while. We never planned on staying here as long as we did so never have really 'moved in'.

Many thanks for your good wishes, my friend.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I am so happy you have found a new place that is cheaper and more to your liking. Oh boy, I think I would get dizzy too if I had to stand on your current balcony! I am renewing the lease on my apartment in another month or two. After that, I am going to move to Bloomington, which is the best place in Indiana to live if one is going to live the rest of their life in Indiana, (which I am I suppose). Best of luck with everything! :)

susan said...

Thanks, Lib. It's pretty cool that you're planning a move to Bloomington and you know I hope you'll be happy once you get there. I wonder if there's a new library in your future?

Ol'Buzzard said...

the Ol'Buzzard

jams o donnell said...

I do hope you enjoy your new home Susan!

susan said...

Thanks OB.

susan said...

Me too :-)

Lydia said...

Boring us about the upcoming story?? Not on your life, Susan!

I love the old drawing that is new to me. I stared at it for a long time and got lost in the story my brain was telling me.

SO glad about the new apartment. Each and every detail gets a big √ and the whole move gets five gold *s!

susan said...

Thanks for all, Lydia :-)