Friday, June 8, 2012


I've been continuing to draw pictures for a story that seems less likely to get written with each passing day.  Back in March it seemed like it would be a fairly simple process to write then illustrate a post apocalyptic tale about a young girl and her dog who go in search of something that will save the world. Now I'm not so sure. Well, actually I am sure and it's not just that I'm not a confident writer of fiction.

The good news is that I have a number of ideas for paintings sketched out that I'll be able to work on in the future. Maybe each one of them will tell its own story.

Is it just me or has the Blogosphere gone generally quiet these past months? Have more of us moved to twitter or is there a really good book everyone is reading that I haven't heard about?

Meanwhile, if you need some immediate entertainment here's something that's fun:

Heavenly Appeals from david lisbe on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would be painting some of these drawings! and yes, I agree... where did my blogging friends go? other than you, my dear. :)
I think Facebook is to blame tho I have no idea why...instant gratification? I know if I go there, it seems to eat up immense amounts of time just browsing...nothing else!

I hope the tide turns one day but I think many don't like blogger anymore and wp isn't always appealing either...and forget type pad! I love wp but there are draw backs like that sign in they do I can't change but it seems to keep the spam problem in check.

as for my spare postings recently, blame that ball hurling thru space but not much else, like connecting me to the Internet! trying to not let that bother me since I cannot change it....hoping your weekend will be lovely! xox

marja-leena said...

I think your paintings will be lovely as always, Susan, and do tell a story every time. I look forward to seeing them - have fun.

I've noticed fewer readers and commenters for the past couple of years actually, probably due to FB and other social media. Now with comment registration as well on my blog, I have even fewer commenters, sigh, but hey no more spam! You are my most faithful visitor, for which I'm so grateful.

The video has a superb surprise ending - well done!

susan said...

Yes, I think I'll just have to return to the old ways of letting people who see my pictures make up their own stories. Not such a bad thing.

I've seen a number of blogs lately where the only comments are thumbs up from the instant messaging social networks. Either that or an LOL, OMG or whatever. Maybe next it will be grunts and blown raspberries.

I'm glad our connection is better than it was our first year here when it would just disappear for hours at a time some days. That's in the middle of the biggest Canadian east coast city (a town compared to most others) so I can only imagine what internet service would be like in the smaller places around here.

I hope your service is clear when you do want to post. You know I'll be by. Have a good weekend too.

susan said...

I always appreciate your kind comments about my pictures, Marja-Leena. I'm far from being a wonderful artist but having a painting underway makes me happy.

I think you're right about FB etc. I know from my occasional looks at the stat counter that a lot of people visit here but I only count the ones who talk to me. That's as it should be in my opinion. I'm glad you don't get so much spam anymore and I don't mind the simple sign-on process at all. It's far easier than the new word verification blogger has made available to bloggers who need it. Now they have a blurry picture of a number and letters that look as though they were written with a splotchy pen.

The movie was fun, wasn't it?

Rob-bear said...

I would love to see those storyboards painted. I find them so intriguing; not quite sure where you are going with the story, but lots to think about. Although that painting is secondary to the story-writing, to which I'll return in a moment.

I know a few folks who have been seduced by the Siren songs of Facebook and Twitter. I, for one, have long been a writer, and I find Facebook to be so limited. And a reasonable conversation at 140 characters a comment is hard to envision. (Which is why I think that Twitter's tweets are for twits.) I have a Facebook page, but rarely use it.

Maybe the time has come for you to reflect on the storyboards, and get some ideas written. Perhaps just write a scene or two, and see how you feel about the words on the page/screen.

Lydia said...

Susan, I love your plot idea. Love also this drawing (it stands alone without the plot, as you suggested). Might'nt you use the spirit of Ray Bradbury to nudge you along? If not, the drawings are wonderful.

I am spending about the same amount of time on FB as I did 6-9 months ago and have never tweeted. But I do feel a certain exhaustion with my blog (case in point, the post there is still Wednesdays post) and am not questioning myself as I was some weeks ago. I feel the yard calling, although I have done hardly anything out there. Maybe people just feel things piling up...

You find and share the most amazing videos! This one included. Thank you.

The Crow said...

Hey! Who's the new kid? Did I miss a drawing where he was introduced?

I hope you will write their story, Susan. You're a very good storyteller, you know.

susan said...

I have a FB account simply because once you join they won't let you delete the information. I know some people have good reasons to be members of the speedy social networks but they weren't for me either.

I did write what turned out to be a very long outline for the story but found it more than a little facile. I love to read but I love listening to music as well and still can't play the piano. There's an old saying that goes something like 'Shoemaker, keep to your last.' I do appreciate your encouragement though.

susan said...

Oh my. Ray Bradbury was a true master of prose both in short stories and novels, wasn't he? My little story is no match even for one of his. The Globe and Mail interviewed Margaret Atwood about his influence a few days ago.

I do commiserate with your blogging exhaustion. For the past year or more I haven't posted as often as I did previously but a lot of that has to do with the reciprocation, don't you think? I'm sure a lot of people have things piling up these days.

I'm glad you liked the picture and the video.

susan said...

How good to see you back again. Nah, you haven't missed much - just me muttering on about a story I'd thought about writing. The pictures will get better and can tell their own stories - unless, of course, I write a different little story for each one. That might be fun.

Lisa Golden said...

You know I'm going to support whatever you choose to do with your creativity. You're one of my favorite artists and storytellers.

Blogging is getting quieter. I think there are many reasons for it. For me it's a combination of working a normal 9-5 job for the first time in years, a long commute and having to do errands and housework between 7pm and bed. I've also recently read a book about how what we put about ourselves online can be used against us. I think it made me feel a little exposed.

I'm sure that will pass though. It usually does.

Randal Graves said...

You *are* telling a story, just without a logjam of verbosity, so we expect to see it all when you're done.

Vincent said...

Susan, now that I come back here after keeping your drawing in my memory for several days, intending to respond but failing to do so promptly, it seems even more extraordinary.

I don't think anything could be more powerful than the drawing as it stands, without any further elaboration or the addition of colour.

It's absolutely enough to explain that it refers to "a post apocalyptic tale about a young girl and her dog who go in search of something that will save the world."

It's perfect! The less you add, the more you evoke in more people. For instance, it reminds me of the atmosphere and content of Andrei Tarkovsky's films.

Your observation about lack of activity on the Blogosphere is one I've also thought but not expressed over the last few months.

It does not alter my ever-renewed faith in the blog as a medium for the highest creative work, one which can be made more permanent and portable with the backup of a special kind of hyperlinked e-book, which I'm working on, and perhaps a new format of book in print.

I woke up this morning with the intention to write a post entitled "The Joy of Abandoned Projects", and you have strengthened that intention. Except that, of course, the subject-matter whispers its own temptation.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Blogging is fading over time but I still enjoy reading others blogs or writing a little something if I have the time.

You do tell stories through your drawings. Your stories/drawings are whimsical, magical, and lovely all on their own.

susan said...

You always have such nice things to say to me for which I'm very grateful.

You're right that there are many reasons for the general slowdown. The good thing is we still make time for each other.

susan said...

I much prefer drawing to my own verbosity so your wish may come true.

susan said...

Visits are nice but mutual visits are always extra nice, aren't they? These days I tend to trust in synchronicity and the benevolence of that which I can't always see.

I'm thrilled to hear you like the picture and the essential storyline that drives the process. Some of the ones I've provided on my blog as sketches really do deserve more detailed work, something I intend to do as time goes by. Comparing my drawings to the work of a director who was held in great esteem by Bergman is much more flattering praise than I deserve but I do appreciate you saying so.

I agree that the blog is a wonderful medium for artistic expression and communication; then again, my natural reserve keeps me shy of the more intense versions of the electronic social media.

I'll make an effort to not be a stranger to your thoughtful posts.

susan said...

Blogs may fade but so long as we have something to say it's nice they're still available, isn't it?

Thanks so much for your sweet impressions :-)