Friday, June 22, 2012

westward Crow

Since I have nothing much else to share with you this evening I thought you might enjoy reading a postcard from Crow that came in the mail today:

Greetings, my dear susan,

I know you're not likely to credit this but according to a most remarkable rumor I heard recently, the states of N. Carolina, Texas, and Virginia have passed laws outlawing (virtually commanding) the sea level not to rise. Naturally, that made me wonder if the sea level does rise in those states will the sea be arrested? Will it be read its Miranda rights and be locked up in the local hoosegow prior to a trial? Will use of a mop be considered inhumane treatment of a prisoner? Who will form the jury of its peers? It can't very well be made up of the major US rivers since even the most enthusiastic members of the Tea Party must understand that calling to jury duty the Columbia, the Colorado, the Pecos, the Mississippi, the Chattahoochee (love that name) and their ilk would be a serious conflict of interest. Perhaps they'll call on some of my ocean dwelling friends but after the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster most of them refuse to go near American coastal waters these days.

In any case it should be quite entertaining when the M$M spends hours, days, weeks, and possibly, months covering that trial. I may need you to send me an extra case of Remy as I anticipate a rather more powerful than usual urge for drink. Come to think of it perhaps you could send some leeches too as I think I might require a good bleeding. It appears I may have a toad or a small dwarf living inside me that is upsetting my bodily humours for surely that rumor couldn't be true.

Affectionately yours,

Now I'll have to see about transforming this charming picture into something a bit more colorful to add to his collection.


marja-leena said...

Ha, this would be funny if there isn't some truth to it, it's certainly enough to disturb my bodily humours too. And i just read that there may be a giant fence arising between Canada and US. Concerns were voiced about the blocking of movement of wildlife across the border. I wonder what Crow would think of that, even if he's able to fly over.

Rob-bear said...

1. Time and tide wait for no man.

2. My name is "No Man."

3. Therefore, time and tide should wait for me.

If you believe that bit of logic, you'll believe that rising sea levels can be stopped by legislation.

Sure they can.

Lydia said...

Hmmm. My bodily humours are a'jitter after reading Crow's post (although the fine drawing is what I will choose to remember near bedtime), and then to read what marja-leena added in her comments. Could it be true...the wrestling of rivers, fencing us from one another? Only Crow and "No Man" truly knows....

Randal Graves said...

The power of congress compels you!
The power of congress compels you!
The power of congress compels you!

susan said...

There's a lot going on right now to disturb our bodily humours and I too wish that weren't so.

Many people were upset on behalf of wildlife when the fence was erected along the Mexican border. Now you have me wondering who might be planning the new one you mention. Is it them or is it us? I remember when we spoke with pride about the longest undefended border in the world.

susan said...

It was King Canute who tried it so famously and unsuccessfully last time. It appears there are still too many who believe that the sun being at the center of our solar system is just a matter of opinion.

susan said...

While the abundance of facts tends to benefit the people by promoting industrial initiatives, we see now that scientific/technical facts do not themselves bar superstitions from creeping back. When these initiatives are fossil-fueled, to serve elite agendas, they in turn fuel an economic, political and social climate of superstition without rival.

I do believe, though, that more people are waking up all the time.

susan said...

Do you ever get the feeling all the smart people left the field long ago?

Lisa Golden said...

The logic of the Right.Deregulate all that is manmade because man and his infinite abilities to be fair and just will regulate himself and his institutions. To try to regulate those manmade things is a crime against man and nature. Too much government and don't tread on me!

Regulate that which no man (not No Man)can absolutely control - reproduction, the sea level, because neither women nor the big bodies of water can be trusted to know what's right for them.

My bodily humours have a headache and it's not from this bottle of wine.

That drawing, BTW, is another delight. I love the look exchanged between Crow and his companion. And Crow's skinny ankles being swallowed up in this moccasins.

susan said...

You got that right. I can hardly bear reading the news and editorials anymore but I do so every morning in a continual state of gobsmakedness.

How to Rule:
1. Keep the overwhelming majority of the population focused on carefully-crafted delusions - as in the 'left' versus 'right' paradigm.
2. Feed the population, constantly and consistently, outright lies and complete fabrications.
3. Use buzz words (God, guns, patriotism), while simultaneously using fear mongering (terrorism, communism, gay) in order to prop up confabulations.
4. No matter what, adamantly deny facts; convince people that each of their now strenuously held 'beliefs' (delusions) are true and worth fighting for.
5. Pit separate groups of people against each other in order to keep each group insanely confused, hysterical and belligerent.

In short, that seems to be how a lot of people have been brainwashed to fight among themselves against their own best interests.

I'm delighted you like the new Crow postcard.. and his moccassins.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Sure, arrest the sea and see if it cares :) How silly and how depressing too. Your absolutely right about how they keep us fighting amongst ourselves though. Ugh!

susan said...

People as individuals are generally very sensible and kind, which makes it even more amazing that we have people in power who are quite the opposite. Some things are hard to figure out.

Gina Duarte said...

Cheers, Crow!

susan said...

and Greetings from him to you :-)