Saturday, May 3, 2014

a closer look at 'morning frog'

Most of the pictures I've painted since I began blogging nearly eight years ago have been done for mutual entertainment or simply to illustrate a concept. As far as serious watercolors have been concerned I've become somewhat lax in my efforts. As it's difficult to show details of larger pieces on a small screen it's generally been a better bet to make simpler ones. A few days ago as I was reviewing some of the high resolution photographs I realized it might be interesting to show you some of the close-ups of paintings I've done that took far longer than two or three days to paint.

'Energy lives also in trees, flowers, and bushes. Sit near them. Let their aura merge with yours. When you inhale, feel the energy flow in. Do not be afraid to use it. Nature abounds in energy. You cannot deplete it. Only cutting, burning, and bulldozing can do that. Turn trees to paper, asphalt the fields, burn bushes, and you have wasted their energy. But draw that energy into you, make it part of your spirit, and you have added to the greater whole.'

~ conversation in Psychonavigation
by John Perkins, 1990

Happy Springtime

Thanks to my friends Marja-Leena  and Linda for their continued inspiration in posting amazing photos and artwork of the natural world.


Tom said...

I can well understand how pictures with this degree of detail would take days rather than hours. Some interesting techniques are on show here. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience of wandering through these pictures, then returning for a more closer study. Thank you Susan.

marja-leena said...

Stunning work! It seems like I may have seen this before, or perhaps it reminds me of another similarly beautiful work of yours! You are a master of watercolour, Susan. Thanks so much for showing this in details as well as the whole.

And thanks for the honour - I'm truly touched to be considered an 'inspiration'!

The Crow said...

I would so love to sit at your elbow as you create - first, the drawings, then the luminous colors.

In awe, that's what I am this afternoon! Thank you for these, Susan. They are wonderful.

susan said...

Painting has always been the activity that brings me the greatest pleasure as well as surprise. The ones I enjoy the most are those that I can uncover the next day and see things I didn't remember planning.

I'm happy you enjoyed seeing some of the details of this one, Tom.

susan said...

Yes, Marja-Leena, your memory hasn't failed you. This one was done about five years ago and I did post the full image then. Your generous praise fills my heart with gladness.

You really have been an inspiration to me for a long time now.

susan said...

Oh Martha, it would be fun to sit with you as I go through the process. Of course, there'd be some points when I wouldn't be free to talk much because I'd be too caught up with color. As you well know, watercolor requires a certain amount of speed as well as precision.

Thank you so much for your very sweet words.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Poem I composed about your lovely painting of the princess and the frog
Best wishes

From your painting, the tree of life continues
To enlighten, entertain and engulf
Evident In labour of love until each day ends,
To rest the mind, gather in oxygen
Refreshed for the new day, renew the story.
In patterns of our life cycle, in rays of hope.
Leafy companions in our journey,
Repeat as nature repeats, our life cycle.

Life As I Know It Now said...

That painting is one of my favorite's by you and I am happy each time I see your gift on my wall in it's frame. I love your creativity.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...


susan said...

Your poem in honor of this painting touched me deeply, Lindsay.

Nature knows no failures, it evolves. Birth, life, and death are milestones along a continuum. There are outcomes, but no failures as failure simply doesn't exist in nature.

Many, many thanks for this lovely offering.

susan said...

I'm very happy I was able to send you a copy of it, Lib. Knowing it has a place of prominence in your home makes me feel even better. :)

susan said...

Many thanks, Andrew.

Lisa Golden said...

Oh, susan. I love this so much. The colors. The whimsy. Your talent never fails to make me happy. Happy spring.

susan said...

You always know how to get me to smile, Lisa.

Sean Jeating said...

How lovely!
And being kissed by the morning frog, again she became the beautiful frog princess she had once been. And their hearts full of love they lived happily ever after.

susan said...

A most beauteous fairytale, Sean.

Sean Jeating said...