Saturday, June 14, 2014

back to my work

It looks as though summer festival time is on its way here; one afternoon a couple of days ago it was actually warm enough for us to take our coats off for half an hour while we walked around the park. Yes, things are looking up - at least in these parts, and, hopefully, where you are too. As you can see, Crow is prepared for the local Tattoo. But I did make him take his bagpipes down the road and around the corner to practice. There's only so much a person can take.

Speaking of how much a person can take, a few weeks ago I made up my mind to try out a social network. No, I haven't joined facebook or twitter, what I did instead was to return to Deviant Art - or dA as it's fondly called by members. My first foray there was in 2009 when I signed up, posted a couple of pictures, became overwhelmed by the sheer chaos of the site, then promptly ran away. This time I've managed three weeks and it's still pretty interesting - huge, yes, with 31,000,000 members - but, as you can imagine, there's lots to see. Some of the work I've seen so far is phenomenal - not all, but that's to be expected in an open forum. It's nice to see that so many people are trying.

What's even better for me is that it's participatory rather than being strictly an online place to post things for sale. It's good to be able to have conversations with other artists about their processes and inspiration. While I'm interested in a number of subjects it's not like I can engage in intelligent conversations about physics with physicists, music with musicians, archeology with archeologists, investments (hah) with economists, or the finer points of enlightenment with mystics. What I can do is talk about art with other artists now and then, even when we work in different media.

The other good thing is that I'm discovering some fresh enthusiasm for painting and maybe trying some things I haven't done before. Having only made artwork for the blog these past years my tendency has been to work faster than I used to do. We'll see how that goes - old dogs, new tricks.. you know the rest.

ps: It only took me a year to paint this one :) That's the other thing - drawings I never get around to finishing.


Should Fish More said...

What a great picture! Fine, fine work. I'm now motivated to start wearing argyle socks again.

marja-leena said...

Lovely work with each child and Crow reavealing such character! All good things, like fine wine, take time.

Will check out Deviant Art again, I think it's been some years since I visited.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

A Scottish Crow?

I should have known.

We get everywhere.

Cran Crow tartan I presume, not being one that I recognise.

susan said...

Crow highly recommends argyle socks.

susan said...

It was kind of a sweet thing to work on these past few days, and it had been waiting a while for attention. I'm glad you like it.

dA is a bit of a morass for us quiet types, but there are gems. I may post a few favorites in future and so save you the effort :)

susan said...

Everywhere is home to Crow.

You might enjoy last year's.

I'm fond of his sporran.

linda said...

Good evening, my dear friend,
You've done crow such justice dressing him up in all those fabulous colors and finery. My goodness, he's quite the dandy! I love his companions too... It's a very sweet little painting... I don't know how you do it. I think my favorites are his scarf and his socks, definitely his socks! I need some of those. ;)

I'm going to check out dA i think. I'm needing something like what you've been seeking as well. Some others with which to commune about art and such, not just blogging it or trying to make money on things. Although i really have to start thinking seriously about that too. Have you ever sold anything thru the site? I'll go over and check it out later.

Hoping you're having a lovely early summer weekend under the full moon hanging up there in the sky. xox

Ol'Buzzard said...

Love your art. You should be illustrating children's books and books of poetry.
the Ol'Buzzard

susan said...

We're both very happy you enjoyed seeing Crow in his festival finery, my friend!

I'll let you know how the dA thing goes. You might enjoy the place too - although it's best in small doses :)

It's turned into another rainy weekend, but at least it isn't cold.
Hope you are well.

susan said...

Thanks, OB. Believe it or not, it's a jungle out there :)

Life As I Know It Now said...

Crow is finely decked out and looking proud. It's good to find inspiration to get the home fires burning. Keep going and good luck.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan,
I can imagine this lovely work ably complementing a story in any book, ideally probably a children’s tale if anything in Scotland or any where else to capture the imagination , as I love all the colour and intricate detail!!
Best wishes

clairesgarden said...

love the picture of crow in his kilt... I have a pigeon visitor.. an exhausted lost lady, I am trying to get her back to her owner in Dumfriesshire.

susan said...

Crow does enjoy dressing up, doesn't he?

As for the other thing, I'll wait to see how long it lasts. I'm still not much of a 'joiner'.

susan said...

Thanks for saying so, Lindsay. The best fun for me is the making of them for the delight of my friends.

susan said...

Thanks, Claire. I guess you pigeon visitor must have flown in wearing a little ID ring on her leg, eh? I wish you all well in getting her home.

gfid said...

Ach, aye....! Tha'll be th' Crrrrough tarrrrrtan th' lad's wearrrrrin' wi' sooch flairrrrr. Ye'v oot doon yersel' once ag'n lassie

susan said...

Craw is prood tae leid th' parade in his Heelain finery.
It's aye a pleasure tae see ye smile.