Sunday, May 21, 2017

diving Crow blues *

Now if the river was brandy
And I was out diving with Crow
Now if the river was Remy
And I was out diving with Crow
I would dive in that bottle
And I'd never let go.

If the world treats you badly
You could go diving with us
If you got only hard times
We'll take you diving with us
Just grab your suit and flippers
There is nothing to discuss.

The river flows to the ocean
As you can surely see
Those oil guys were brazen
With their lies and treachery
Why these rich folk are so greedy
Is a mystery to me

Now they tell us Fukushima
Is just as calm as the sea
There is nothing left to see there
Things are good as they can be
But we know that they are lying
Though there's no news on tv

It's just money that matters
And they know they won't get caught
Cause they paid the politicians
Who said they never could be bought
There's no truth in what they tell you
Is what my dear mother taught

If the river was brandy
We wouldn't need a cup
If the river was Remy
We'd have a fine roundup
We can swim to the bottom
And we'll drink our way up.

So if the world treats you badly
You could go diving with us
If you got only hard times
We'll take you diving with us
Just grab your suit and flippers
There is nothing to discuss.

^ With apologies to Sleepy John Estes
* reprise from 2011 because it's all still true


Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Similar sentiments to our song "Oh Campbeltown Loch I wish you were whisky..."

Should Fish More said...

A snifter of Aberfeldy will have to do, but here's to the power of your elbow.

marja-leena said...

Oh, right on the mark! The state of this world, sigh...

Tom said...

You'll be telling us next that D. Trump doesn't give a fig for the environment. Heaven forfend!!!

Sean Jeating said...

After Remy and whisk(e)y to add some wine: 'If the Rhine were full of golden wine, I'd like to be a little fish'.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan,
Lovely painting and simply beautiful colours. Deep down old father sea’s treasures are not all discovered - and those deep sea creature dances. Can you get Crow to take some pictures next time he takes a dive? When I was on the ocean trip from Tarawa to Abiang (Kiribati) I have never seen such amazing oceans colours. in those moments it captures your mind over anything else.
Best wishes

marja-leena said...

I so love your watercolours, colours of water, and such beautiful swimmers. Thank you, Susan!

susan said...

Thanks for the tip, Andrew, it's a very cheerful song - much more so than the one by Sleepy John, but the idea is much the same.

susan said...

That sounds as though it would be worth a taste in good company. :)

susan said...

If only the sight of all the dirty laundry spead out at once could change our behaviour as a species.

So nice to see you again, Marja-Leena!

susan said...

Oh that's a really good one too, Sean. I'm not at all sure the reality of rivers or lakes filled with alcohol would be good for the fish, but the idea is cool.

susan said...

Thanks so much, Lindsay. I know what you mean about the magnificence of ocean water colours despite the fact I've never been further out to sea than the odd ferry voyage in recent years. But I love Attenborough's Life on Earth series and I love painting pictures too. I'm glad you enjoy them.
All the best

susan said...

Thanks for coming back, my friend, and for your very kind words about one of my favourite Crow paintings.

I hope one day you'll return to your beautiful and inspiring blog.

susan said...

You mean this Donald Trump? Good grief!