Wednesday, October 24, 2007

baby days is up

The picture here is just so there's a visual from my limited electronic photo files to introduce baby days.

It took several years to complete the story and not because it took so long to draw and write but simply that I kept finding other things to do. What began around 1990 was finally done by 1994 and except for a few photocopied versions sent to friends it's never been outside it's portfolio.

If you go next door to take a look please remember to click on the entire archive or it will stop after 6. It's an odd and very sentimental piece so if you're prepared for such a thing I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did when I decided to look at it again.


Gary said...

I have seen some pieces of this before, as I'm sure you sent some copies to us years ago (I'm going to look in the treasure box).

It's completely enchanting. I love the scene of the babies driving the car.

It's something that many would enjoy. I wonder if you'd publish?


Anonymous said...

lovely pic & very interesting reading that piece of info.!

fairlane said...

Great artwork, and "sentimental" is good sometimes.

I too am working on a "sentimental" project that continues to get postponed over and over.

If I ever finish the damn thing, I'd love for you to look at my "paintings" that accompany my story.

Leigh Russell said...

Lovely picture

Anonymous said...

Oh Susan this piece is stunning! I adore Art Nouveau! are you familiar with Alphonse Mucha? He's one of my favorite artists. Your work very much rivals his. I must thank Gary for introducing me to you and vice/versa.

susan said...

Thanks for visiting and for the nice comparison. I love Art Nouveau too - definitely a big influence. My own favorite is Edmund Dulac - I once went to a rare exhibit of his originals and eventually had to be dragged out.. yes, they checked my pockets and purse too.

Seraphine said...

I love the graphic.