Sunday, June 15, 2008

lazy days

Are these really lazy days or is it just me feeling somewhat inarticulate lately? I should be drawing some new pictures but the story ideas have been seeming a bit pointless and without a point of view what's the point after all? Or is this too pointed a question to be asking myself on this beautiful, quiet Sunday afternoon?

Meanwhile, I'm reading a book that's a lot more interesting than anything I can think to say except for my hope that you're enjoying the best of what the season has to offer.


  1. The ebb and flow of the words is hard to explain, isn't it?

    I'm glad you're enjoying your book. I'm reading a couple that I'm really enjoying. And now that I'm going to be commuting (yuck) more, I'm going to use the time to get through some audio books I've been meaning to check out from the library.

    We'll be here when you've got something pointed or pointless to say. That's the beauty of the blog.

  2. Sometimes you have to muck around inside a story for a while before you find out what the point of it is. Or maybe the telling of the story is the point. Well, when you can enjoy the telling of it that's when you know it's ready to be told.

    I like this siren painting a lot.

  3. possibly it's not such an issue there, but further north, NOBODY is indoors, or sitting at a computer during summer any more than is absoultely necessary. so, though i miss your stories and pictures that tell stories, fair's fair. enjoy the beautiful season, and try to think of us on a rainy day.

  4. dcup - The thing with writing and drawing as well just adds a complication to the process. I'm considering just how much fiction I can add to the next one or the one after. Much more fun may be in store.

    I hope you enjoy your audio books.

    ben - You're right, of course. Up to now it's been a smooth process and I'm just deciding between which of two or three ideas (memories) to relate next. Good thing I'm not a real writer or I'd be in trouble.

    gfid - Since I'm usually happy just having the balcony door open to the woods and for seeing the occasional hummingbird I'll be back with another story long before it gets cold and rainy around here again. I like telling-drawing them knowing you appreciate them.

  5. susan - not too pointed a question at all. Hope you enjoyed the day.

  6. What dcup said. We have no control over such things. The words come when they wish, the identity of the inspiration unknown until it reveals itself.

  7. Susan, thanks for stopping by my new blog.....I know it doesn't look like much..... but, I am sure I can really trash it up if I have enough time. ;)


  8. spartacus - me and my Arrow :-)

    randal - Damn, it really is a good book. I think I'm looking for a good one to live in - close the cover and go.

    okjimm - Thanks as well for the return visit. I'll keep an eye on your mess.. it's what the entertainment's all about.

  9. The funny thing about creativity is it's timing. It's like telling a joke. Two people can tell the same joke, but one will tell it better than the other.
    Most creative people practice by being creative. But even then, inspiration is either there, or it isn't. You can nudge it a little, work it, prod it or pull it, but if it isn't there, nothing is going to happen. It challenges one's patience.
    But ohhh, if you're open to it, it'll grab you and make you surprise even yourself.
    All good artists know the joke's on them.

  10. sera - Just to prove you right I happen to be working on something now that just appeared out of the blue. I don't think I've ever done so many drawings in quick succession as I have with the stories these past few months. Usually a painting will take many weeks and once one is done I'm more likely than not to get involved in something more or less mechanical - jewelry making was a big one for some years.. or sculptural - like Baba.. or more recently the silk paintings. Drawing and painting are very intense pursuits for me anyway and I've never been good at 'seeing' buildings and machinery either so this is a very new thing. The joke is indeed on me but I'm driven into this new realm to a large degree by having a small but enthusiastic audience. If you can share what you do it really makes it so much nicer, doesn't it?