Tuesday, August 19, 2008

nothing else to say

Rankings August 18, 2008

Education Olympics Medal Count

United States 0
Finland 32
Hong Kong 16
New Zealand 11
Estonia 08
Republic of Korea (South Korea) 08
Japan 07
Canada 06
Australia 05
Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) 05
Total medals awarded: 117

Olympics Medal Count

United States 72
China* 67
Russian Federation 36
Australia 33
France 28
United Kingdom 27
Germany 23
Republic of Korea (South Korea) 23
Japan 20
Italy 18
Total medals awarded: 581

* Is not competing in the 2008 Education Olympics

I may have mentioned previously that Finland ROCKS!!!


Anonymous said...

Susan, you were much too kind in placing the U.S. at the top of the Educational Olympics medals list. In sports, first place is for winners. Why should it be any different in education?

Border Explorer said...

Check out today's post in A Feather Adrift on Just How Stupid Are We.
I'm not proud to be an American. In fact I'm downright embarrassed.

Randal Graves said...

Finland has a lot of great metal bands, too!

Wow, crickets can be loud.

I love seeing us on these lists, 15th, 20th, 37th, and all the apologists going "well, we're above 140-odd other countries!"

I remember when we wanted to be number one in anything even tangentially related to education and science and bettering the world. Sure, a lot was lip service, but compared to these days? Ugh. Man, NIXON seems a product of the Enlightenment compared to the jackbooted dumbasses running the show nowadays.

susan said...

spartacus - I hope you noticed that the US was at the top of the list with no medals. While the other contestants were busy cramming the American contingent was playing with their wii's.

border ex - There was a terrific show we watched a couple of years ago called The Century of the Self , made by the BBC. You can watch it on youtube if you like. The system is the way it is because they want us to be stupid.

"This series is about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy." - Adam Curtis

ps: sorry I didn't blogroll you sooner.

randal - Ahh Finland and dreadlocked elderly women. It's almost time for me to go there.

lindsaylobe said...

Finland has free education. It’s heading for a budget surplus in 2008 due to its robust economic performance.

Hong Kong has Education ranked as number one in spending as its 20% of total government outlays. Their economy is also going well and the current budget is going to yield a $13.5 billion surplus.

New Zealand rates well in total education spending as a percentage of GDP – higher than the OECD average and Australia. It’s also headed for an $8.5 billion budget surplus.

Australia also has a very large budget surplus but it doesn’t in my opinion spend nearly enough on education.

Best wishes.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Well, surprise, surprise. That's all I have to say.

Seraphine said...

let's go to war with finland!
um. that's by georgia, isn't it?

Seraphine said...

ps. why all the big words between you and randal (sardonic look? what *is* that?)
i think you're flirting, but instead of doing it under the table like normal people, you're doing it over my head.

susan said...

lindsay - There was an extra part added to Michael Moore's 'Sicko' dvd where he profiled the lifestyle in Finland with particular emphasis on the health care offered to all its citizens. He said he didn't make it part of the main film because Americans simply wouldn't believe it.

pagan sphinx - Sad, but true.

sera - Well, the sooner the country bankrupts itself through bloated military expenditures the sooner we might be able to hope our great grandchildren have a saner society to inhabit.

Me flirt? Well, at this point in my life only in a purely existential manner.

susan said...

ps sera - Blogging allows my unaccustomed use of a substantial vocabulary :-)

Avshar said...

Zero surprise here. When i was going to school i would talk to my mother about what we had to learn and she would be floored by how easy it was. Then she would tell me what she had to go through in school and it was my turn to be floored lol. Needless to say this country is in for some really hard times in the future as our people are lead by the children of this lack education system.

susan said...

avshar - Sad but true.

Anonymous said...


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