Tuesday, August 12, 2008

cleveland rocks

What with everything going on these daze a girl could lose her sense of humor so I just sat back tonight and reminisced about one of my favorite bar bands. One night we saw Lux Interior body surf the crowd we were part of while Poison Ivy stayed cool and played. Remember to Stay Sick.

Knowing what's fun is the only way to beat the bastards, eh Randal?

*Ooops! First video unavailable this morning so here's another. You really had to be there to appreciate them.


  1. You've got that right, 'cause we sure can't beat 'em any other way. Maybe they'll sell us one of their multinational conglomerate media empires.

    I find it funny that an underground punky rock and roll vid, whose spirit is so anti-establishment, has disabled embed. "This will really cut into The Cramps's sales!"

    Oh, you've been awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom! Congratulations!

  2. randal - In his book 'When Corporations Run The World' Economist David Korten said all we have to do is find the office in Delaware where the corps register and just demand their paperwork for our portable shredder.

  3. I love the Cramps. Love them.

  4. I don't think I've ever heard of The Cramps. Damn...does that mean I'm getting old? Ok..I'm old, I'll admit it. Fuck. Maybe I should start my own band, "The Gramps". Sigh....

  5. new order or radiohead.
    i bruise easily.

  6. This is my first "Cramps" experience as well and I like what I hear. And, if you're in the band Mary Ellen, I would so be a groupie for "The Gramps". Clever name, but I once tried to form a band called Liz Loud and The Noize, but Elizabeth Loud insisted that she could never be part of such a group because she couldn't sing... like that ever stopped anyone... sheesh.

  7. rg - Thanks, I hope that comes with free plane tickets outta here.

    dcup - After one show I wondered if I'd ever hear again (like 3 days of tinnitus) but it was Worth It!

    me - You're not old - just didn't happen to be in the right place at the right time.. which is better than being in the wrong place anytime. They were mostly popular in Japan and Europe but still do Hallowe'en shows at the Filmore West. Wanna meet there?

    sera - We knew the club so we'd stake out a spot close enough to the stage to see but out of the melee. I bruise easily too.

  8. ya, cleveland rocks (maybe) anda so do you. some crow left something on my pages for you.

  9. okjimm - I am absofuckinglutely delighted. You're too much :-)

  10. still, a hot sweaty friday night out sounds kinda good, doesn't it?

  11. That was a great show.


    I said that was a great show.


    Yessir, rock and/or roll is totally worth it. I may be reduced to half my hearing by the time I'm 50, but so what. I figure I can't hear the complaints of the jokers when I turn everything up to eleven.

    spartacus, shit, how many great vocalists can't 'sing?' Dylan is crap, Ozzy (okay, now he's a joke), Jagger, Mustaine, yet they're more memorable than most 'good' singers.

  12. stay sick.. well thanks susan..but I'm trying to get better [sniffleshackhack]..


  13. sera - It does, doesn't it? :-)

    randal - I started writing a list of all the bands I've seen in concert then realized I'd need a few posts to do it properly. You did something similar so well a while back that I couldn't do less. Anyway, the hearing loss was minor, the memories linger and we still do shows now and again even though we're both well past 50.

  14. ps - Dylan was and still is a poet - never claimed to be a singer but neither did Leonard Cohen and I love him too.