Friday, March 13, 2009

hold this spot

It's time to get on with some work for a day or two but I don't want you to think I've got lost. So to provide something kind of neat to view for anyone who passes this way, here's another of my older paintings. She's been up here before but not in a long while.

Meanwhile, Crow sent a postcard from Peru where he tootled off with some condor pals a couple of weeks ago. He'd been pretty flocked off by the end of winter what with all the bad economic news and the fact I ran short of fruit cake but he says he's feeling much more relaxed and harmonious now. He'll be back with more news soon but until then he asked if I'd post this fine video of one of his friends sky dancing to the beautiful voice of Yma Sumac.


linda said...



Seraphine said...

peru indeed looks beautiful. those mountains, and all that stone. the beautiful colors that the people wear, i know crow is having a great time!
and you, eh? some peace and alone time. it's amazing how the mind quiets...

Randal Graves said...

I think he left because of the fruit cake. That stuff is evil. Shudder.

Lovely views, though. Please don't tell the multinational corporations about them.

Lisa said...

Wow! I am so glad I read this at work so I could get the youtube to work. Amazing. And I love that painting.

Pagan Sphinx said...

How I wish I had wings to fly with Crow and the condors! Not a bad life, being a crow.

And regarding the fruitcake: if Crow is anything like me, he picks the dried fruit and nuts out and leaves cake. Would you ask him? :-)

Pagan Sphinx said...

P.S. I adore the leopards. It was difficult for me to decide if I liked them or the woman best. It's good I don't have to decide.

And the woman in the Paris night of Brassai? She's either waiting for a bus or she's just left the fromage shop as it was closing. :-)

The Crow said...

Wow, gorgeous work! You really captured the look and cat-titude of the leopards, Susan.

I've always loved El Condor Pasa for the way it makes my heart/spirit soar. The music sounds just like what it must be to ride the thermals up toward the sun. Just like the condors in the video. And then there's Machu Picchu (sp?) in the background, one of the top 5 items on my bucket list.

No wonder Crow is having such a grand time in Peru!

susan said...

linda - Merci beaucoup et Namaste Ji.

sera - It does look beautiful but I think the thin air and vertigo would do me in so Crow went on my behalf.

randal - It's an acquired taste and as for Peru, Crow's is the best way for looking.. less destructive.

lisa - Glad you got to see it as well as hear it. The music is amazing anyway but at her peak, Sumac's voice spanned five octaves.

pagan sphinx - Yes, they have the best way of seeing the world, don't they? Crow does pick out the juicy bits but I prefer the whole cake.. one small piece at a time.

I'm delighted you like the painting in all its elements.

Maybe she looks sad because the wine shop was closed :-)

the crow - There's something extraordinary about that piece of music which has exactly that affect on me. I'm happy Crow's having such a wonderful time.

Glad you like the painting.

Seraphine said...

you *do* realize it's still summer in peru.
and your hair is getting frizzy from the northwestern mists?

Liberality said...

those crows--flying away and having fun while I am stuck here.

Your artwork is fascinating Susan. I can not draw and to me those who can have a magic that I can never possess. I like your sources of inspiration too.

Anonymous said...

Me and Crow, we have something in common. We've been a way for a while. Our reasons are different. I could believe leaving the country because of the economy, but I don't buy the fruitcake excuse for a second. Me? I've just been really busy.

susan said...

sera - Yeah, my hair is looking like my brain caught fire.

liberality - It's true, birds are luckier than us that way.

I love drawing and was doing it before I could print but when I paint I always seem to return to the same personal landscape.

spartacus - Glad you're back and Crow will be too. He needed a vacation.

Zee said...

You said it is an older painting? It's beautiful, must be even better in real life.

susan said...

zee - Hello and happy spring. Yes, this painting is about 10 years old and in the bigger picture of my lifetime also kind of recent. At least I still own it and it is better in the original (14x20). Sometimes the dimensions warp a bit on the screen.

lindsaylobe said...

These mighty birds were once venerated by pre Colombian culture but are now under very severe threat from civilization- unlike your wonderfully painted leopards – that is the sub Saharan species which exists plentifully in Africa. Best wishes

laughingwolf said...

very good, susan :)

Seraphine said...

i don't have anything interesting to say tonight, susan, so i'll give you a hug instead.
hug hug hug.
(w/two bonus hugs included free).

Utah Savage said...

You mean this isn't me morphed into a gorgeous young naked woman with feline protectors? Well, one can pretend can't she?

susan said...

lindsay - They are still very beautiful.

:D wolf - Glad you enjoyed it.

sera - I return them with great affection.

utah savage - As you know a good dress can be even sexier than naked. Be patient :-)

La Belette Rouge said...

I know I have said it before and I will likely say these again, these would be gorgeous scarfs. I wish I knew someone at Hermes. I love-love-love this one.

Gary said...

Lovely art. The video seems to have been pulled, but I bet it's really lovely.

Best to you two.

susan said...

belette - Very gracious of you to say so :-)

gary - You're right, the video's gone but it was very nice - if a bit fuzzy. We're fine and hope you are too.

Seraphine said...

your blog posting on phantasythat has slowed since the crow flew south.
i'm imagining you enjoying 'quiet time' with yourself.
is rosie's still there? they used to make the *best* german chocolate cake.
one slice was big enough to share, but of course, it was so freaking good i didn't want to share it.

Lover of Life said...

Love the painting. The fruitcake - umm not so much.

susan said...

sera - Crow's trying to convince a friend who planted a walnut that he can't sell a billion of them in advance while at the same time betting the crop will fail.

Rosie's is still here but they tried franchising and from what I've heard the quality dropped. Now the place to go is Elephants.

lol - Glad you like it. Fruitcake feeds the creative edge.

Seraphine said...

too bad about rosie's. i was told it was an institution.
but you're right. institutional cake is never as good as the original.

Zee said...

actually I do like this one better then the last one you posted

susan said...

sera - Kind of like ordering hospital food in a good restaurant?

zee - Probably because this one is a better painting overall. You know what you're looking at.

The lion painting didn't quite work but by the time I realized that it was mostly done and the border kept me interested.

Anonymous said...


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