Monday, March 2, 2009

time for skittles and beer

Ahh, my favorite time of year is springtime and it's almost here even if you do happen to be among the unfortunates digging out from under 15 inches of blizzard delivered snow today. Take heart. It's March and Easter's on the way. Watching rampaging giant bunnies chase children over hill and dale is another of my favorite things. Thanks Michael Sowa for letting me post another excellent canvas filled with spring delight.

Speaking of thanks, I've been very remiss in not acknowledging the very excellent blog friends who've given me awards recently. I've been feeling guilty about not posting them but must also note that I'm not very good in general about blog awards. This is a tiny spot and some of the awards require the recipient to pass them on to eight or ten other bloggers. By now just about everyone I know up here has been given them during my period of idleness, indolence, inertia, sloth, languor, lassitude, lethargy, loafing and general apathy. Take your pick. See, I'm still digressing but now it's time to make amends and to express my gratitude to those of you kind enough to let me know you find something enjoyable here now and then.

Three lovely people have nominated me for the 'Friend's Award':

The first of these came from Lover of Life (I like to address her as LoL) -- who appeared out of the blue this winter. She lives at Lake Tahoe and not only posts lovely pictures of the area but also is a very thoughtful and interesting writer. I liked the ghost story and have one for her one of these days.

Then the charming Pagan Sphinx gave both Crow and me the same award. Crow is still preening over that one since he's quite certain it was meant just for him and my name was mentioned only because Pagan is kind. He's likely right since I know the two of them have a 'thing' going.

Just yesterday the highly cultured Liberality surprised me with the third one. We've been seeing each other around for quite some time and I've been very impressed by her astute and candid observations about social issues combined with great personal kindness.

The well designed 'Creative Blogger Award' also came from Pagan Sphinx. When this arrived Crow started packing his bags saying he's been meaning to spend some time in Western Massachusetts and spring seems like an excellent time. He's on his way, Pagan, so I hope you have some extra peanuts and some old Christmas cake. He might need a stiff shot of brandy and a warm perch if it's still snowing there. He brings my thanks and salutations.

The final one, the 'Sisterhood Award' was presented by the inestimable gifted writer, precocious blogger and very sweet longtime friend, La Belette Rouge. She and her He-Weasel and charming, delightful, exquisite, splendid, dainty, delicate and lovely little Lily of the West are preparing for a trip to The City of Light this spring. I never got to see Paris in the spring and they've promised to think of me as they sip un verre de vin on the Champs Elysées. What more could you ask of a friend?

Now that I've got them, what do I do with these fine awards? You can call me idle, languorous or torpid but the fact is that now I have approximately 34 deserving blog friends to nominate in turn and only have 20 in my blog roll. Should I spend the evening searching out the unknown (to me) lands of Blogtopia to find worthy recipients? No. I'll just be gratified I have such good friends.

On the other hand, I don't think the 'Sisterhood Award' really hit our neighborhood so I'm going to award it in turn to some dear Sisters:

Utah Savage - offering Savage Delight
Lisa Golden, formerly DCup of Politits, now - That's Why!
Linda, my Vulture Peak Muse
G-Fid, North of Sanity
Lover of Life - LOL :-)
The Crow
Pagan Sphinx
Suzie Riot
and, last but not least, Seraphine of Encore Seraphine.

If any brothers would like a Sister Award, please drop a line. Meanwhile, happy almost end of winter - also known as Spring!


  1. to quote you:
    "I look like every book I read. Unfortunately, I liked Dickens."
    that's the funniest thing i have ever heard!!!

  2. thank you for the sister award! it's almost like getting a costco rebate check, but better!
    love the picture of the bunny coming over the hill wearing the fanny basket. it's obvious she wants her eggs back.
    it's a good reminder to always eat the evidence.
    especially the chocolate eggs.
    and act innocent, even if you aren't.

  3. sera - The best gifts are being able to make each other laugh. You always do that for me, sis.

  4. Who doesn't love a tall, frosty mug of Skittlebrau?

    Damn you springtimers. You see flowers and little birdies, I hear thumping car radios passing by and an army of suburban Bob Villas power tooling every weekend. Come back, snow, come back!

  5. Thank you! And I LOVE that painting. How often does a painting make you laugh out loud?

  6. my dear phantsy susan, as I sat doing my morning business, thank you mighty prune(ahem), I came to visit you first this morning and this painting is absolutely hysterical ... I sat laughing like a lunatic for several minutes AT LEAST...I thank you for that as it was a true morning delight!!

    I need your thesaurus, it's better than mine!

    and a BIG thank you for counting me in with these very wonderful sisters of blogtopia...I am honored to be a sister of such an illustrious group! I am on my way to visit those whom I have yet to meet ;)

  7. I'm honored to be included in the Sisterhood. Is it wrong to want to make that sound just a tad menacing? ;-D

    Thank you, susan. Very much.

  8. I'm so delighted to be part of the Sisterhood. Thank you for the award and the fabulous picture of Rush and Steele. Oh what a goody. Like an Easter Egg brought early.

    We're about to get the West Coast storm. The wind is howling but oddly warm. And green things are peeking up here and there. I heard a Mourning Dove today.

  9. oh, I love that award. Thank you for giving it to me. yeah for the sisterhood! spring is on the way and I for one would like some flowers and warmer weather.

  10. randal - Lawn mowers, skillsaws and chainsaws, leaf blowers and thumping car stereos are signs of civilization, aren't they?

    cdp - Sowa's very good.

    linda - Michael Sowa is a genius, wizard, master, virtuoso and ace of his craft. I'm sure I'd be delighted, glad, joyful, joyous, jubilant, ecstatic, elated, enraptured, euphoric, overjoyed, rapturous, thrilled and happy to have just a little of his ability. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing it and delighted you like the award.

    btw - It's Miriam Webster :-)

    lisa - I'd say we're a bit menacing. How could we not be?

    utah - Like you, I never had a sister or a brother either so it's great to have Sisters and I'm glad.

    I'd just seen that picture only 10 minutes before I stopped by :-) Spring is definitely here in Portland - crocuses and daffodils are up but why don't I like camelias?

    liberality - Oh I'm happy you got here and found it. Hurray for the Sisterhood!

  11. Congratulations on the 'wards and the friends. I daresay you're deserving of both.

    BTW, have you tried emailing me recently? I have at least one friend who's emails just don't show up in my email queue, so I'm evaluating whether to keep using the account.

  12. ben - Thanks :-) I just emailed you 2 minutes ago so if you don't get it you'll know there's a problem. I've been happy with the fastmail account - it's not too expensive and there's no spam except that which I've invited by ordering things online.

  13. My gender is not sister, therefore I regress. Anyway, awards are the coy cushions placed all over you when nothing else comes down the pipe. "Awards" my ass, just do the damn thing you always wanted to do. That for itself is a reward. and I can do without additional stinking blurbs of advertisement on my blog, sister, this move is just a slap on your back and has no meaning at all. You don't even feel it. But for your own purposes, it might be the right thing to do, boosts up the testosterone or some other entity, who knows.
    Well, good luck with "it". Hope it makes you feel better...

  14. OK, I did get your latest missive (I think that's an appropriate word.) I'll be responding soon. Still, it does look like Ron's emails are getting lost somehow. So I might be making a change soon.


  15. i snuck into the easter bag (maybe i shouldn't have impulsively bought all that easter stuff so early) and ate almost a whole russell stover chocolate easter bunny.

  16. Oh my goodness! What a thrill to get an award from you-- to be included in your sisterhood is something special. Your writing never ceases to inspire me.

    I love that image of the giant bunny on the hunt! Great find.


  17. zee - Your wit and charm never fail.

    ben - Good.. look forward to it.

    sera - It's fun to sculpt softened chocolate bars in the image of those you'd most like to eat when the mood strikes.

    kirie - I'm very happy you came by to find it and delighted to have you as a sister.

  18. Just be sure to tell Crow that while I'm quite fond of him, he must not let it go to his head. Tactfully, of course. But I trust you, dear Susan.

    We share yet another whim: a fondness for slightly nefarious rabbits. ;-) I will one day either post or email you the illustration of Mr. Rabbit from the picture book Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present by Charlotte Zolotow.


    Love and hugs,
    Pagan Sphinx

  19. Thank you for the award, Susan. I didn't know I was included, there are so many of us crows flying about.


  20. pagan sphinx - A little bird came by to tell me Crow ran into some old condor friends and has flown off to spend some time with them in Peru. Goodness knows what he'll be getting into there.

    Nefarious rabbits are so much more fun than bunnies :-)

    Crow - Glad you found it. There are many crows but only a few very special ones.

  21. the sister award! another reason to try to figure out how to do more than blether and post pictures!!! thanks ever so, sis. you've warmed the cockles of me heart on a bitter N Alberta day. got my furry frog schleppers on, even!

    on nefarious rabbits.... i have a little picture book that my granddaughter loves.... called The Rabbits of Mars.... it 's a little known fact that the rabbits on Mars are giants, and they eat people. fortunately for the people who come across them, they're a bit clumsy, and not very smart.....

  22. gfid - Let me know if you need a hint about posting awards or sidebar pics. Once you start you may never stop.. until you run out of space, that is.

    I think I'd enjoy 'The Rabbits of Mars'. Sounds like she emulates the taste of her grandmother ;-)