Thursday, October 1, 2009

lioness & cub #1

It sure would be a lot easier doing posts if my main skill was writing instead of the drawing, painting kind. Nevertheless, I thought you might like to see the image I've come up with for the next silk painting project. They do start out plain, don't they? I'll post more as it developes.

The funny thing about the little girl is that I've been looking at her in the treetops outside my bedroom window most of the summer - well, on those mornings when I can linger in bed with my cup of coffee. There are a number of benefits to being slightly myopic, one of which is being able to visualize things only half seen (also handy in not seeing wrinkles and acne :-)). The interesting thing is watching her move in rhythm with the sound of the breeze. I'm not sure my drawing has done her perfect justice but I think I've caught the essence.

Changing topic here, I'll have a new computer by Friday. Jerry bought a new Mac Book last year while I took over our by then 5 year old G4 Power Book. Now it's 6, the newish battery only keeps it running for half an hour at most so I've kept a separate power cord plugged in at my end of the couch. Recently it started burning through the power cords. ooops. Buying another Mac Book would have been easier and cheaper but I hate the high flash, glossy plastic screens. It turned out the new Power Macs all have glossy glass screens and I was very disappointed and, apparently, not alone once I discovered a number of artists have complained and were recommending refurbished Books from a few years ago - or companies that charge several hundred dollars to replace the screens. Turns out they're a very hot item. damn.

Anyway, unbelievably, after hopping around the Googlesphere for a couple of weeks I read in a blog that as of August if you order a 15" Power Mac you can also order a matte screen as a separate configuration for just $50. Apple does not advertise the fact but it turned out to be true. I clicked on 'buy now' and then 'configure'. Hurray! Half way down the list of special odds and ends was the choice of a matte screen. I'm far from being the computer genius my husband is - more of a Luddite if truth were told - but we both see the benefit to having a really good computer as part of our essential household goods. Now I'm looking forward to the multi-fingering touchpad and learning how to right click without a separate bar. It should be interesting but one thing I do know I'll enjoy is being able to look at high level visual blogs again.

If I haven't been by lately, I will be soon.


marja-leena said...

Love the drawing, looking forward to seeing how it develops. For me, in many ways, writing is harder than visuals, especially photography. Prints do take a while.

Congrats on your new Mac, you will love it!

lindsaylobe said...

Your delightful drawing and description of your myopitised little girl reminds me of our eldest granddaughter who is named Alice – a real life Alice in wonderland who likes listening to stories I read her – embellished at times to make them all the more interesting. I look forward to seeing your final work.
Good news about your computer update with the new matte screen and I’m sure you’re soon to be a wizard like the wonderful wizard of Oz!

Best wishes

The Crow said...

Looking forward to seeing this drawing finished, though I like it well as it is.

Blessed Susan, I found Leonard's writing through tears. Thank you for telling me about it.


Mary Ellen said...

I really love that drawing and can't wait to see it in "living color".

I can't wait to get a new computer. I've been using an old (really old) Dell that drives me insane. I can't tell you how many times I've had to stop working on a post and go to the basement where we have the PC in order to finish my post. My husband is pretty computer savvy and has done all he could to keep this piece of garbage going. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new laptop for Christmas and I've already told "Santa" not to bring a DELL!

Randal Graves said...

There are a number of benefits to being slightly myopic, one of which is being able to visualize things only half seen (also handy in not seeing wrinkles and acne

Haha, there are benefits to crappy eyesight sometimes, I've been saying that for years. ;-)

linda said...

hmmmmm, now you have me wondering if i have a matte screen but since mine is old, i probably do?? I don't know what you are meaning about this splashy over-done thing so will have to check it out...have a feeling i haven't seen the screen you are speaking of?

oh well, love the little girl with the big cat, as always....your imagination is without bounds...can't wait to see it progress so please don't forget to show us?!

glad you got what you finally want :) AND am looking forward to seeing more of you!

susan said...

marja-leena - Having you say you like my drawing means a lot to me.

Yes, I'm looking forward to the new Mac.

lindsay - Alice is a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful grandfather. It's rather funny now to know we're the last generation who didn't have televisions around from birth. I well remember my father entertaining me with shadow puppets and teaching me to tell the time from a wooden clock he'd made.

I'm actually happy with this computer but we know one day, possibly soon, it just won't light up.

the crow - I like it as it is too but I can already envision it on the silk :-)

I'm so glad I found your post about Leonard and was able to tell you. It's well worth the tears it brings.

nunly - I'm always unsure about posting idea drawings so I'm glad to know you can see what it will become too.

We had home PC's for many years because Apples were too expensive but I'd never go back to anything else now. Neither of us are Microsoft fans either - evil empire and all that.

randal - Only those of us who've been blessed with near sightedness know the truth. It's the reason I won't wear contacts or have laser surgery.

linda - Lots of PC's have matte screens as do older Macs so you likely do have one. I don't know why Apple is phasing them out but I don't like it. I don't know what my work looks like on most screens but at least I do know the truth of their colors on my own.

Yes, yours is one of the blogs I've had trouble loading. Once a computer gets past a certain age you can no longer update the browsers and I can't even go to the bank on this one anymore - not enough security for them ;-)

I'll look forward to showing you the progress too.

Spadoman said...

Is this simple drawing how your painted silk hand bags start out? You draw a design, then paint fabric and sew and... ? Cool, to see how the process goes from start to finish. You have quite a talent. the bart, for sure, but the idea and creativity of it all is impressive.
This myopic deal is interesting. I have heard the word before, and knew it had something to do with sight, but didn't know the meaning. I looked it up. So, you see things far away a little blurred, so you use your imagination and come up with a figure, a character. That's cool! Is it like seeing things in clouds?
Computers. We have three iMacs. I wouldn't own anything other than a Mac. Glad you're getting what you want.


Pagan Sphinx said...

I can't wait to see this work progress, Susan.

Thank you for the computer info. A new computer is on my list as well and I do prefer Macs to the PC I now have - old clunker Dell lap-top. Despite all the extra memory I've installed, it still gives me trouble. I have so many images collected on it, though, that I fear I will never successfully be able to save them all and the transfer them to a new computer. I'm sure there is a sure-fire way but I don't know it and WP says he thinks he knows how to make the transition successfully. But I worry.

I look forward to your visit via the new computer!

jams o donnell said...

What a lovely drawing. I wish I had any skill atr drawing. I came here via Pagan Sphinx. I do like your blog very much

Liberality said...

How cool is it that you can take an idea and translate it into a picture of art? Your mermaid bag arrived and it is perfect! I love the idea of having a piece of your art! Thank you for opening your store. And thanks for the other too ;~))

La Belette Rouge said...

I love when you share your process as well as your products.

susan said...

spadoman - Yep, that's how it's done - a line drawing on a light box in dim light and i paint what I see or what I want to see :-)

Myopia has always been one of my favorite modes of seeing the world - fewer hard edges.

pagan - I'm finishing up the drawings for a new Adventure story and then I'll be able to devote myself to the new silk painting. I'm already seeing the colors :-)

jams o'd - I'm happy you found your way over here and now I know how to find you too which is most cool.

liberality - The advantage of posting a finished idea on the blog is not having to show the versions that didn't make the cut :-) I'm very glad to know you're happy with the mermaid and I hope you have a good birthday.

belette - The same goes for you, doesn't it? We're all about the process and not the final result :-)

Seraphine said...

the thing is, susan,
you are a beautiful writer.
you write in clear sentences--
the verbs don't get lost in the trees,
the dangling participles look cool,
like snoopy wearing his shades on oscar night
(not the film awards; rather the grouchy green muppet night, but
forgive me, i am digressing,
which is a writing faux pas you rarely or never do).
When you write, I get you.
phantasy that, oh myopic lady
who sees things in trees nobody else sees...
until you, arms wrapped tightly
around us and very unsolumn-like,
point them out to us, framed
in shadows and spittles of light,
the mottled reality:
"see, the little girl is right there, next to the lion."
and like a predicate nominative dipped in paint,
we see, we see.

susan said...

sera - :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
.. that's me. Can you see? I bet you can.