Saturday, October 3, 2009

etsied at last

I did do something new last month that I haven't mentioned yet and that was to finally go live with the etsy on-line craft market site. Over the course of the past couple of years I've occasionally been asked about whether or not various pieces of my work are for sale and the answer to that is both yes and no. My guideline is that I'll only sell things I'm currently working on and right now that's silk bags. The watercolors aren't for sale even though I occasionally paint a new one.

It was a very difficult decision for me to decide on marketing my stuff in public as I go through all sorts of anxiety attacks at the very idea. I don't know why that is since once upon a time I was very involved and active in promoting myself as an artist and my list of gallery showings in New England was important to me. It helped me to define myself as a 'real artist' when the essential truth of what I was doing to earn a living in the daily world didn't suit my ego. I stopped coddling my sense of self importance so long ago I know longer remember when it disappeared.

All I know is I like to draw and paint. I set up phantysythat at etsy last May, posted a couple of items in June, took them down a week later and finally set it up (and left it up) on the Labor Day weekend. So far I've sold one bag and that was to Liberality who found the shop on her own. Thanks Lib! There are only a few pieces for sale and there'll never be lots because each one takes as much time as required and I can't be a factory. If I'd rather read a book, write a story or visit my friends here or in the real world, that's what I'll do.

Now I'm off to finish a new Adventure story. It's been a while :-)


  1. The shop write-up is nice. I like it and if I didn't know you through blogging and already adore you, I would like the essence of what came through from your words and the beauty of the purses.

    It's so hard to decide which one to buy!

  2. Good for you. I'm glad you're doing this and on your own terms. I hope it's fun for you and that you make a little money, too!

  3. Well folks don't dawdle--get over there and buy something before she decides to take it down again.

    Susan, you are an artist and that is something special, at least to me, in that I am not BUT I truly appreciate the work that goes into good art. I love the piece I bought from you. I don't own an Ipod but I do have a digital camera that will fit just fine.

  4. your things look so lovely and of all years to have an absolutely abysmal harvest[for ME!]... congratulations...your past experiences with selling your art sound very familiar...I know exactly how you feel but do hope you sell enough to help with the cost of the material!

  5. nat king cole didn't think he had a voice either. his band talked him into singing. please, nat, sing a song for us.

  6. Really? You're not going to mass produce your bags in a sweatshop on a mid-ocean American territory? What's more important, art or commerce? I'm disappointed in you. At least you do good work, so there's hope for you yet.

  7. pagan sphinx - I'm glad you liked my presentation over there.. not an easy thing to do.

    Not to worry, there'll always be more - given time, that is :-)

    cdp - I don't want to fall into holes I dig myself.

    liberality - I was very touched that you decided to buy one of them and most of all, that you really like it :-)

    linda - I'm sorry that the harvest was poor. It certainly looked good to me in the pictures you posted but I know nothing about viniculture (other than the name). Not to worry, though. There will be more silk paintings and there'll be another and better vintage year.

    sera - We have much to be grateful to his friends for, as do I.

    randal - Art for art's sake, money for God's sake. Who said that?

  8. Just think of it as sharing the joy of your work. If you get some money that's just a fair exchange. I think your work is wonderful.

  9. I've heard of Etsy before. Nice page. I'm glad you put in the handwash/drycleaning advisory. It would be most uncool if someone caused themselves heartache with the washer-dryer.

  10. Good for you. Best of luck with this. Hope you get what you want out of it. You have beautiful items for sale, hand made, one of a kind. Art, style and function. All the ingredients.


  11. gary - Now that it's been up for a little while I'm feeling more comfortable with the idea. You've always been very supportive and I appreciate it.

    ben - You're right. Bleach probably wouldn't work too well either.

    spadoman - Thanks very much. I do enjoy solving problems I set for myself ;-)

  12. i couldn't leave feedback on etsy, so i'll do it here: it's beautiful!
    the dajiel bag arrived today and it looks just as advertised, and it's even more beautiful in person.
    i love the colors.
    and being silk, of course i had to press it to my face- it smells very exotic, heavy, deep and curiously smoky.
    my ipod nano easily fits in it, but the bag so pretty i'll have to find a place on the wall or a hook to display it.
    thank you susan!

  13. sera - You couldn't leave feedback on etsy? That's not very friendly of them, is it?

    I'm glad, glad, glad to know you like dajiel in person.. or cameo.. or silkness. She and some of her friends lived in a drawer with some very old, wrapped incense cones :-)

    Thanks to you too

  14. oh incense cones! of course!
    i didn't expect that so i hadn't considered the possibility.

    regarding etsy feedback, it says "no feedback" in your profile. i *think* it may be you have to specifically enable feedback to receive it.

    but then, as the incense thing confirms, i don't always see what's right in front of my nose.

  15. sera - I went back into the etsy setup and tried to fix the allow comments thing. Hopefully, it worked but thanks for telling me. I also have a penchant for missing the obvious sometimes :-)