Wednesday, August 25, 2010

countdown to lift-off

Since this was the first picture I painted after arriving in Portland it seems appropriate to post it again now - especially because all my pencils, pens, and brushes are packed.

We haven't actually heard from the moving company that our moving day is definitely Friday but this afternoon their were barriers on the sidewalk in front of our place warning the space between will be closed to parking on Friday. I guess that means our appointment has been confirmed.

We've passed the 50 mark of packed boxes and hope the inventory lists won't be too closely scrutinized by those in authority and that 'knicknacks' is an acceptable term in Canadian customs lingo.

If it weren't for the fact the movers will be packing the chairs, bed, and lamps we'd be sitting in the dark (the candles are packed) and trying to find a comfy spot on the carpet for sleeping.

I'll do my best to stay in touch along the way. Motel 6's do have wi-fi, don't they?

ps: We had a wonderful time on Sunday :-)


Sean Jeating said...

Bon voyage!

Spadoman said...

Since I'll be leaving on a short trip and won't return until Sunday, I guess this is it for a while. I look forward to hearing about the drive across the continent and the move.
I sense that it all will be just fine, a lot of work, but a fine end result.
That drawing is great! She's almost nude! And so beautiful.The usual border treatment that I like as well.
Travel safe, See you later in Canada, please.


Lydia said...

It is a marvelous painting and so perfect for this occasion.

I actually never considered what all is required to maneuver a moving van onto a city block and utilize space for the time it takes to pack it. That is fascinating...and exciting.

Sunday really was great!

Travel safely and happily.

jams o donnell said...

I hope the move goes well. I look forward to see you blogging from Halifax, if it is not possible along the way

The Crow said...

Safe journey, Susan and family - and Crow, of course!

susan said...

sean - Merci and I will be by.

spadoman - I'll try my best to stay connected as we travel but it may not always be possible. I promise to take notes and maybe a few pictures :-) We're very ready to be on the road ourselves and will send good thoughts your way.

I still enjoy painting semi-nudes and glad you like this one.

lydia - Thank you.

They have that area blocked off from 8-5 but I hope it won't take that long. We'd like to be in Spokane by that evening.

Sunday really was great and I do wish I'd met you sooner. I think we have a lot in common.

jams - I hope so too. We've tried to cover all the possibilities and are ready for those we may have missed.

the crow - Thank you, my friend. Crow is scouting ahead for us.

Lisa said...

How perfect is that painting?

Safe travels to you and numb and all your lovely things.

Randal Graves said...

I checked the newest edition of the Canadian-American dictionary, and this is what I found:

knickknacks, noun, a collection of drug and/or terrorist paraphernalia.

Be warned & have a swanky trip of the evil-less event variety.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Safe journey. Looking forward to hearing from on the road.

I love the damsel fly lady. She is so pretty.

Seraphine said...

well, i wouldn't have called then knick knacks, i would have called them gew gaws. just to be different.
i have a feeling customes doesn't like "different" so your instinct is probably the correct one.
your artwork is beautiful. i love the colors-- the subtlety of the color as much as the brightness of it. it's true vintage susan.
best wishes with your move. it's going to feel weird without you being in portland, but then there is the miracle of the internet so maybe it won't matter at all.
i can't wait to see the first thing you draw at your new home.

clairesgarden said...

hope you have a safe journey and many good times ahead.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
Countdown to take off – and what a nice way to herald your departure with your lovely winged first picture painted when you first flew in to Portland.

I was interested in you previous post and as I added my comment I realized it was your husband’s post and not yours – but I gather you have similar views.

Best wishes for the trip to both of you.