Tuesday, August 31, 2010

great plains to great lakes

There was a big storm overnight in Bismarck, ND and it was still raining when we left a little after 9am. We've been fairly lucky with the weather so far except for another heavy rain that lasted an hour or so when we were still in the mountains of Montana the day before. When you're on the open road traffic doesn't slow down for much of anything so there were some scary moments. The winds were fierce between there and Fargo (don't go, not scenic at all) but in the whole 250 miles we saw only one wind turbine. What a waste of energy. One thing we've noticed though is that if you don't like the weather one place, keep driving.

The other tip I have for you is that if you get bored on a long drive let a fly into your car. Rather than all that money for video games and movies for the kids you could just get them a fly swatter each.

It was a pleasure to find ourselves driving through northern Minnesota; all of a sudden we were seeing signs we were back in the east - white birch trees, goldenrod and huge placid lakes on either side - all that and green grass too.

By early evening yesterday we'd bypassed Duluth and driven along an amazing little windy road that ran 10 miles beside a river rapids that looked much like this. Then we crossed the border into Superior, WI. The lake and Canada are just outside the hotel window.

See you on the other side :-)


Spadoman said...

You drove through the Jay Cook State Park along the beautiful St. Louis River. Too bad you didn't find Gronk's in Superior for dinner. A great place, it's right on Highway 2.
Don't know what way you'rew taking across Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but I'd suggest Michigan Highway 28. Catch it in Wakefield, MI. Cuts an hour off the travel time and sacrifices nothing in the way of scenic.
Whatever you do, I'm sending positive energy for a sfae and wonderful trip.


Liberality said...

We went on a cross country trip once, but we drove through Kansas and it was a yawn-fest to say the least. Flat and boring. At least you are taking the scenic route.

marja-leena said...

Fabulous shot of that lightning. I remember a lovely drive between Duluth and Canada, I was in my early teens traveling with my parents then who were visiting Finnish friends along the way. And yes, tell me about boring drives across the prairies, have done it too many times across the Canadian side. It has its beauty but just too much of it. Continued happy travels!

Randal Graves said...

Oh yeah, give kids a fly swatter, brilliant idea. I'd get smacked in the head the entire trip.

okjimm said...

A storm in Bismark? whoa... nothing happens in Bismark!

Nancy said...

Minnesota is beautiful. If it wasn't for those darn winters...

Gary said...

Lovely photos Susan. Drive safely and enjoy the trip. Road trips! Memories of space and place forever...

gfid said...

been catching up..... no more sleeps!!!! happy trippin'! i love the description in the earlier post.... beautiful and scary, just like life. journey blessings. thinking of you soon travelling on those narrow, winding, scenic Ontario roads. We're just beginning to get some fall color here, so it's probably early yet for it there.

susan said...

spadoman - I'm so glad you told me the name of that river because the only sign we saw said river rapids next 13 miles. Sorry we missed Gronks but I do remember seeing it. We did drive 28 and it was very nice - then a quick trip up 75 to the border. Thanks for the energy.

liberality - When we drove to portland from Providence we took a more southerly route mostly on 80. It was also pretty neat but this one was far more spectacular.

marja-leena - I still haven't taken any pictures - well, a few but I haven't looked. I've just found ones that are close.

I've been thinking the whole continent is almost to big to be encompassed in the human mind.. or behind :-)

randal - You know I wrote that for you :-)

jimm - You're telling me :-) Couldn't wait to get away from that place and at least the storm lit it up a bit.

nancy - We've spent a lot of the drive imagining what it would be like in winter. Today and yesterday we've been far north in Ontario. yikes!

gary - I've been stealing pics Gary but I'm glad you like my choices :-) It has been a trip so far and that's fer sure.

gfid - We've seen a lot of narrow Ontario roads today and a big part of that was due to construction on the Trans Canada between North Bay and Ottawa. Nevertheless the scenery on the way from the Soo has been beautiful. Yes, early yet fr colour.