Sunday, August 1, 2010

I protest

Crow here. Please pardon my somewhat ruffled and down at beak appearance today but I've spent months of spring and summer toiling at the Gulf of Mexico in a rescue operation. Just recently we heard the news that the massive blowout of oil from the infamous Deepwater Horizon site has been capped and there's nothing more to concern ourselves with.

Nothing more to see here folks. Everything is back to normal. Nobody need worry about the millions of ton of Corexit that have been dumped into the water since it does keep the spilled oil submerged. You can't see it. It's gone. So it may be a little toxic to marine life but what the heck, you can't see them either unless you go diving.

I've been around millennia so try to take the long view, but I must admit I haven't been able to help but notice there's something seriously wrong and I don't like it. In point of fact, I'm angry, ticked off, indignant, offended, irate, outraged, resentful, and yes, vexed. I don't know what's right. I don't know the right thing to do. I don't have any answers. It's a puzzle.

Naturally, if I complain out loud someone will always say, 'So what's your answer?' Anyone who's considered the great mass of problems that have come to weigh on us certainly has some clues about how to make things better but none of us have the solutions to everything that's gone wrong. How could we? It appears we've reached the end result of hundreds of years of generally limited vision combined with a natural tendency among some to be power mad and greedy.

So I protest in general, an empty protest, a non-positivist way of being part of the political discourse. I take my outrage seriously but I can't force myself to have answers. There's no way to replace the frustration I feel by figuring out rational answers to insanity. Why try to fill the emptiness of protest with positive suggestions before their time?

When the time is right the answers will come to me, to you, to others. Meanwhile, we go on with our lives and hope that day comes soon.


MRMacrum said...

Well put. Odd though, my most recent post would dovetail nicely with this, like a whacky brother wrote a rambling and circuitous post that comes to much the same conclusion..

marja-leena said...

Aye, aye, Crow, I protest too and feel quite helpless, furious and angry.

Crow said...

mrmacrum - Just goes to prove once more that great minds think alike. Here's one of my favorite protest songs.

marja-leena - Yes, dear lady, it's hard to address just one topic without a hundred related ones appearing.

Spadoman said...

Crow, I'm sorry you feel that way. So many do you know? Helplessness is what makes me so angry. Helpless against any of it anymore. I can't even get people to protest. I ffel like that old cartoon character, the one in the robe that holds a sign that says simply, "Repent"
Life will go on, and when it ends, we'll be gone and won't even realize it's over. But woth your longevity, l] makes me think the old sacred Earth Mother might have a few moments of healing left in her. Those few moments relative to eternity by the way.

So, peace to you. May your flight patterns be good. And tell that susan she can draw good, okay?

jams o donnell said...

Using a toxic chemical to disperse a toxic chemical? I,m just surprised they didn;t use plutonium!

Crow said...

spadoman - I'm sure Earth will recover given time but I worry about people and the wild creatures who are my friends now.

susan says thanks :-)

jams - Nasty, eh?

Seraphine said...

the great thing about being a teenager is you get to make mistakes. people *expect* you to make mistakes. it's how we learn.
and everyone grows up differently. some people stop making stupid mistakes. but those people are in the minority, aren't they?
it seems to me, as a society, we never seem to grow up. we make the same mistakes over and over.
how many times has bp peed on the carpet? i mean, after a while sticking bp's nose in it seems pointless.
perchance if bp had feathers, bp would have understood well enough to take precautions before the urge to pee became unbearable...
i keep waiting for enlightenment. i want to know the answers too.

gfid said...

it seems the man-made disasters just keep getting bigger, doesn't it, Crow? and so do our excuses. the greatest hallmark of mankind's 'dominion' over the earth has not been good stewardship. i watch your cousins, as they fly about my city, calling to each other, and going about their lives, and i sometimes think they're mocking us down here, or at the very least, loudly discussing our pathos and our arrogance. and i wish i had the language to tell them i agree with them.

Randal Graves said...

All this doth much protestery and not one single mention about how I deserve another tax cut to offset socialist policies.

Liberality said...

I became very angry when I heard on the news today that the Obama administration was looking to lift the ban on underwater drilling sooner than November now that the well has been capped. Like all the problems are over now so let's go back to business as usual. So stupid. :(

Crow said...

sera - Maybe it's time to start whacking them with a newspaper - BP and a few others we could mention. What would be best is having people smart enough to just ignore all of them and refuse to do business with them.

I've heard enlightenment comes to most bit by bit.

gfid - I know for a fact they aren't crow-made disasters, or fish-made disasters, or lion-made disasters, or even monkey-made disasters. I wish all people were as wise as you.

randal - You can have your tax cut if you promise to spend it wisely on Noam Chomsky books for your library.

liberality - What is needed in this country is a third party to make a laughingstock of the other two. Had McCain and Palin won at least the left wouldn't have to make excuses for Obama - that wily Scot.