Sunday, August 29, 2010

no shifting gears

Before I say anything else, I'll just mention I'm not taking any pictures - impossible at highway speeds. You need time and skill to get good photographs and the only times we stop are for the necessities. One quickie mart truck stop looks much like another. I am taking notes, though.

We spent yesterday driving through Montana, an experience that was at least as amazing in parts as the Gorge drive. We crossed the Continental Divide just outside of Butte at nearly 7000 feet and hadn't even realized how high we were because there were mountains all around, followed by huge mountain valleys with rivers and more mountains beyond. Yellowstone looked as though it was a landscape that had been dropped from some magical other planet.

Now we're in Billings getting ready to go to Bismarck, ND. I'll keep my eyes open for you :-)


Lisa said...

I love it that you're checking in with us and telling us about what you see. Thanks for that.

Nancy said...

Thanks for checking in!

marja-leena said...

Yes, great to have the travel reports, thanks! You are certainly covering long distances daily.

The Crow said...

I'm enjoying your trip vicariously and look forward to the next report.

My fondest regards to Crow.

jams o donnell said...

Amazing scenery Susan!

Sean Jeating said...

You might get surprised, though, what interesting photos, gems even (sometimes) are amongst those taken at highway speeds. Just give it a try, Susan.

susan said...

lisa - I said I'd try and so far so good with the internet. All part of the service now.

nancy - Thanks for checking back :-)

marja-leena - We knew the first part would be the hardest what with getting through the mts. The little car is doing fine.

the crow - I wish I could be more descriptive but I'm usually too tired. Crow is keeping well and sends his regards.

jams - I wish you could see it too.

sean - I think we'll slow down as we get to the lakes - both great and small. That may be a better time and I promise to try.