Saturday, August 28, 2010

on the road

There's no way east from Portland except through the Columbia River Gorge which is even more beautiful than one picture can show since it's 200 miles long. The part you can't see here is the effect of the strong wind gusts on the cars and trucks driving along its length at 70 to 80 mph. Beautiful and scary all at once.. just like life.

We're in Spokane and will be leaving for Billings, Montana in a little while. This time I have my camera available and will see if I can get some pictures of the mountain peaks and rivers - that is after we get the insects who sacrificed their lives off our windshield.

Sorry, I don't have time for visiting. You know there's nothing I like much better than being able to do so every day but we have miles to go before we sleep again. Love to you all.


Randal Graves said...

Did you take that shot? Very ethereal, as if the hues themselves were pulled out of some primordial tale.

Don't eat rest stop McDonald's, you'll only get sick. :)

Liberality said...

I like the colors in the photo. I think it would scare me for the winds to be gusting like that. My little car would be all over the place. I have inadvertently killed hundreds of butterflies this summer because there are so many of them on the road. We had tons of butterflies and dragonflies this summer and it is really pretty to see them on the butterfly bushes but I HATE, HATE, HATE hitting them as I drive along the roads. Take care and safe trip!

jams o donnell said...

Wow it' utterly beautiful Susan!

Sean Jeating said...

Hm, the adjective I am looking for seems to have not been invented, yet.

Lisa said...

I think I went that way once! Through the gorge and into the hills of the high desert. One of the most beautiful drives I've ever taken.

susan said...

randal - No, I didn't :-) - I'd be earning a living as a photographer if I had.

No Mickey D's for us but we did have dinner at a Hooters. numb said it was an American tradition we had to experience.

liberality - The wind gusts through the gorge really are pretty scary and the slipstreams of the giant trucks don't help.

So far we haven't killed any bugs we recognize but I'm sorry about your butterflies.

jams - It's really, really incredible. Eastern Washington reminded me of how I picture the Russian steppes.

sean - I've decided some things can't be described, but must be experienced.

lisa - Then you'll know very well what I mean. We drove for many miles seeing wind turbines on the WA side of the Columbia. We're not sure if they're a result of Obama stimulus or the sheer practicality of Washingtonians.

Nancy said...

I love The Gorge. Have a safe trip - and enjoy Montana.

Seraphine said...

as you drive out of spokane towards montana, wave at my sister as you go through coeur d'adelene. also wave at my niece and her baby girl.
don't forget to look at the eagles nests atop the power poles alonmg the highway.
bon voyage, soft paths and safe travels.

Seraphine said...

p.s. there is no 'de' in alene. it's past my bedtime and i'm getting a bit twisted.

Linda said...

somehow i doubt you and your hubby can hide the fact you are old hippies, takes one to know one i think ;) ... fun to be riding along ina transcendental kind of way... perfect and what a shot of that amazing gorge...astoundingly gorgeous gorge:) too bad for that nasty truck traffic especially...oy.

susan said...

nancy - Thanks :-) I was beautiful and I was surprised how very big.

sera - I waved to a few people there so hopefully your sister caught my grin. The eagles were magnificent flying but I must have missed seeing the nested ones.

linda - Yeah, it's hard to hide. Some guy at a truck stop standing behind numb to buy his chaw or jerky started singing 'are you going to san francisco'. It sure is different out here. It's beautiful out here but it's also Amurka with all the associated tack.

Gary said...

Apology accepted...although Spokane is a mere 3 hours away and I could have met you for coffee. Accepted still :)