Monday, October 25, 2010

foraging ground

The entirety of this painting has been up here before but not for a while. I like it well enough to post it again and may do so with a few more in order to keep up my blog presence while I work on some new images that I hope will please me.. and you eventually.

In Portland I once had an idea about painting pictures of little creatures I called Oregnomes. Instead of being the rather gnarly bark colored beings of old European folk tales, mine would be voluptuous, although still tiny, beings who'd spend their time being unnecessarily helpful. This is one of them - in fact, it might be the only one since I got bored with the plan almost immediately and went on to other things.

So here I am starting over again in a new place and feeling like I need to spend some time working on yet another slightly different way of interpreting the situation. Since that will take some time, I'll post some older work when I feel the need to mutter about something else totally beside the point. For me that's what blogging is about.

Thank goodness there are still so many of you with much more interesting things to say. That's why I keep returning.

Crow, in the meanwhile, has been off visiting warmer climes while excusing himself by telling me he had to make sure the swallows made it to Capistrano. He's likely to return soon so I'm keeping his perch warm while I try not to finish off his brandy supply. Have I mentioned it's getting cold here?


Nancy said...

I like the little Oregnomes - especially their voluptuousness. Hope you are happily exploring your new home before it gets too cold.

marja-leena said...

Oh, your work is always a pleasure to look at again and again. Look forward to seeing more, old and new.

I wonder how you will find the Haligonian winter? We're having a monsoon out here at the left coast but Whistler just had their first snow at the top!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am NUTS for this painting and I am not sure how I missed seeing it before. I absolutely love it. Not sure why but it makes me think of Rousseau. Nancy is so right, it feels incredibly voluptuous. And so very lush!

MRMacrum said...

Welcome to the East Coast....The Northeast Canadian Coast. The weather is not very subtle up your way. Keep your zippers pulled up and your earmuffs pulled down.

jams o donnell said...

I don't remember seeing this before. I love the Oregnome

Liberality said...

Cold and me and not friends. I'm skinny so tend to get cold when others think it's just right.

I am using the small purse you crafted as a cell phone carrier and many people have asked me about it. I should steer them here shouldn't I? :)

Sean Jeating said...

Voluptious. Lush. Yes.
And I like to see/think/imagine, here and there Eros leading the paintress' hand.

Randal Graves said...

I'm reporting you to the FCC, pervert.

Spadoman said...

Yes, voluptuous. I like it, a lot. In fact, another blogger, who is also a tattoo artist, has such a creature in the form of a pirate mermaid ready for my left shoulder if I ever get out there to get the ink. You are amazing.
Colder here too as i sit and watch the weather go from low 60's and balmy to wind driven rain and temps down into the 40's, all Fahrenheit, and snow predicted for tomorrow.
I'm also reminded, now while writing to you, of words to a song that mentions Halifax. I'll send them soon.

Work away, you're doing good.


susan said...

nancy - Glad you like her. We're doing okay - the south shore is really other worldly.

marja-leena - You're so nice to me. I'll endeavor to do more.

The Haligonian winter has been giving hints but so far hasn't arrived. I'm a bit nervous so just ordered more turtlenecks and a hat.

belette - I hadn't especially liked this one until I looked at it again and saw it had a few merits I'd missed but I'm leaning toward more lush than skinny in upcoming drawings. Maybe I'm feeling the need for more flesh against the chill.

mrmacrum - Geez, nobody told me about the nearly constant wind. I think I'm going to need those ear muffs and now I'm kicking myself for having given away my old Canadian Army coat.

jams - My work is better when I allow more time. Glad you like this one.

liberality - Me too but I don't like hot either. Maybe it's age narrowing down my comfy temperature range.

I'm very glad you still like the little bag and found a use for her.

sean - I like to think so too when I'm not telling myself I have no talent.

randal - I'm harder for them to catch now.

spadoman - That will be one heck of a tattoo. Get going.

The temperatures have been swinging here too but so far no freeze or snow anywhere. It's funny not to be seeing mountains on the horizon.

I look forward to the song.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I love this and its exquisite border. I love your borders. :-)

Did you see the Nova program on crows? Did Crow? More than ever, I am impressed with his ilk.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading your Halifax winter adventures.


okjimm said...

////Thank goodness there are still so many of you with much more interesting things to say/////

To that I say "pfffft!" You say SOOOO much with your art! & why there is NOT a huge honking book of your illustrations available at Barnes & Ignoble is beyond me!! Keep talking,kiddo! :)

Sean Jeating said...

[...] I like to think so too when I'm not telling myself I have no talent.
Ha ha, Susan. The most hilarious double negative that within the past weeks not only enjoyed my eyes, heart and grey cells but animated the rami zygomatici and rami buccales of nervus facialis to massively innervate my musculi risorii.

susan said...

pagan - Funny thing is I'm often the most relaxed when painting the borders. It was when I was tired of painting as usual that I did the mandalas.

Thanks for asking if I saw the program because it made me curious enough to go and find it. A Murder of Crows was wonderful with my favorite part being the family bonding and different language spoken in the family group. Crows, as my friend has told me many times, have been watching us a long time :-)

okjimm - There I was almost daring to feel sorry for myself :-) ...but it would be a smallish book. Please tell the guys at Oblio's you deserve a free beer.

sean - You're right. Is that considered a Freudian double negative, I wonder? Risible indeed and I'll endeavor to avoid such doubly negatory self references in futuris.

Sean Jeating said...

Phew. No, Susan. Please, do not endeavor to avoid such doubly negatory self references in futuris.
In other words: By no means I was mocking. I really enjoyed.

Perhaps, translating my German humour into English, sometimes sounds very strange? :)

Once for ever: Never - and although I do not like superlatives I do repeat - never I'd (deliberately) try to hurt.

Gosh! I am getting talky. Time to fall into the feathers and put my head on the pillow. :)

The peace of the night.

susan said...

sean - That was just my oblique way of apologizing for feeling sorry for myself that a better artist doesn't wake up in my bed one morning. My husband doesn't draw :-)

I love your German humour and just to prove it I've remembered a joke you might enjoy:

An alsation went into a telegram office, took a blank form, and wrote: "Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof". The clerk politely told the dog: "There are only nine words here. You could send another woof for the same price". "But", the dog replied, "that would make no sense at all".

Peace of the morning to you.

TheCunningRunt said...

This is completely beautiful, Susan - I'm thrilled when you post "old" art, whether I've seen it previously or not!

This winter will be wonderful for you, count on it. Doubtless different from Portland (well, that Portland, anyway,) and thus a sensorial adventure and source for your art!

susan said...

cr - I always appreciate praise from artists I admire.

I hope it will be wonderful but I'm wondering if I need galoshes for my walks rather than the fancy suede boots I brought with me.

Sean Jeating said...

[ A chuckling ] Woof ...