Wednesday, January 12, 2011

traveling Crow

For those who wonder where Crow has been lately I received this hastily scrawled postcard from him today:

'Apologies for my delayed return but I needed a respite from the 21st century. Please warm the brandy and have my hot water bottle to hand. This Toad is not a skilled driver but he is most amusing company.'


Lisa said...

Crow and Mister Toad on the wild ride! I love it! Are there any shots left in that whiskey?

Francis Hunt said...

Look out, Crow!

"The motor-car went Poop-poop-poop,
As it raced along the road.
Who was it steered it into a pond?
Ingenious Mr. Toad!"

Randal Graves said...

One can escape the 21st century? Crow needs to write a book.

jams o donnell said...

Oh My God, I fear for poor Mr Crow!

The Crow said...

Is Crow a Steampunker at heart?!

Am so loving the card and the insinuations conjured by his words. Can't wait (but will have to, obviously) for his stories about his travels.

Welcome home, dear Crow!

susan said...

lisa - You inspired this one with your AA Milne post but once it was done I had no extra energy left for the back stories for Mole, Ratty, and Mr. Badger. Mr. Toad's antecedents are all too clear.

There will always be a shot of something here for you.

francis - If worse comes to worst Crow can always be counted on to fly.

randal - Crow may indeed write a 'how to' book. Goodness knows, the means for this kind of travel could make it a best seller.

jams - Crow has removed his person from worse situations.

the crow - Steampunk is far too much fun for Crow to miss. What could be better than a combination of Victoriana and cybernetics?

I have his perch polished and ready :-)

Steve Emery said...

Perfect! The driver can't reach the pedals - a perfect symbol of life - a dream I've had many times...

Enjoy the ride, Crow! Take your time - the 21st century can wait... It could use a lesson or two in patience, in my view.

Nancy said...

Needing a break from the 21st century - don't we all?

Liberality said...

bang, bang, bang--I shot my baby dead

so this is how it all ends, not with a bang, but a whimper

either way is too much for me it seems. please give my regards to Mr. Crow.

susan said...

steve - I see a lot of inferences with our current situation in the world with Toad's wild drive. I may have to extrapolate once I get the painting done :-) That is taking patience too.

nancy - It would be nice even to drop back to the 1950's for a bit :-)

liberality - I still think spirituality will eventually be gained. All is not lost. My friend Crow takes the long view.

Anonymous said...

You'll be flying again soon, I reckon.

TheCunningRunt said...

Calls to mind Gem's "It's Just A Ride." Surf it, Mr. Crow!

gfid said...

Shades of 'Frog and Toad'!!! That's where old Toad has been!! and he hasn't changed a bit. Crow must have had a struggle on his hands rousing the old grump from hibernation!!! It was all Frog could do, even in spring. i hope they have winter tyres. i've found brandy to be a most useful and pleasant addition to hot chocolate on these cold winter days.

susan said...

h.insciens - Crow gets around.

cr - That's a great song.

gfid - You and Crow see things much the same way.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I guess if I could fly by my own steam I'd pick up and do so as much as Crow. I suppose it is much easier to swig a few shots when one is riding in a motor vehicle. ;-) Careful there, boys! :-D