Friday, July 1, 2011

and the winner is:

One of Crow's friends came by this morning to help out with the grand prize drawing. Here they are standing at the balcony door with the winner's name they just picked out of the Ming vase Crow received in 1373 for services rendered to the Magnificent Emperor Hongwu .

Congratulations Francis. Let me know what you'd like it to say, wrist size and 2 main colors. I'll be delighted to make a bracelet for you to give away or keep - note: they are a bit girlish.

Speaking of girls, or women, rather a particular girlish woman of my acquaintance - today is Gina's Birthday. Happy Birthday, my friend! In honor of the day Crow has insisted that you also receive a beaded bracelet. I'll make one for you that says whatever you want (but no more than 16 characters). Or you can have this one:

I finally found the macro function on my camera.


Gina said...

Lucky Francis and lucky me, thanks to your kindness and generosity!

The bracelet you show is so beautiful just in the photo. I can only imagine how much more so in real life.

Thank you for enriching my life with your many talents, especially your innate talent for being such a good friend.

All the love,

jams o donnell said...

Two very worthy recipients Susan.. and a lovely birthday pressie too!

Claude said...

It was great fun to read the participating comments. And your art work is simply beautiful.

marja-leena said...

So glad you found the macro function, Susan. Is this photo of your bead work taken with it? It looks fabulous! Lucky gift recipients indeed.

Oh, and Happy Canada Day!

Spadoman said...

Darn, I was hoping I'd win. Then again, I am a compulsive gambler, (almost 3 years sobriety from gambling), so it's okay I guess. Then you say they are girlish. Well, I'm okay with my feminine side, (that'd be the right).
I was thinking, I'm wondering why 16 characters? Is that exactly 16, like haiku is 17? Or 16 or less. Inquiring little feeble minds like mine want to know.
I was in Canada this week, Ontario, riding motorcycle. Monday Mystery Tour will expose the truths about border crossing. See you there.
Congrats Francis.
Happy Biorthday again, Pagan.

Peace to all

susan said...

gina - I hope you've had a wonderful birthday and that this made it a little better. Do you mean you'd like to have this one or one with words?

We all enrich one another's lives. Blog friends can be good friends :-)

jams - It worked out very nicely.

claude - They were good, weren't they? I'm happy to know you enjoy my work.

marja-leena - Yes, it was. I've got a digital Minolta that's a few years old but not ancient. It turned out there was a little button near the shutter release with a tiny flower outline. It will take close-ups and super close-ups.

Happy Canada Day to you too. We went to the community picnic on the Common and are just back from seeing the fireworks over the harbour.

spadoman - The main reason for there being no more than 16 characters is the size of the bracelet. Most women have wrists not much larger than 7½".

Have you already returned from Ontario or are you still in Canada? Now I'm wondering if the Monday Mystery Tour takes you back and forth across the border. Take good care on your travels.

Francis Hunt said...

Wow! I'm overwhelmed and, unusually for me, at a loss for words (well, not quite :-))!

I'll send you my wrist measurements as soon as I measure it (don't have a tape-measure to hand right now).

As for the slogan - I believe in people still seems quite good and it means that I can either wear it myself (my girlish side has no problems with that!) or give it as a gift.

Once more, my thanks to you - and Crow - for your generosity. If Crow should ever pass through Germany on his travels, I have a special bottle of Asbach Uralt with his name on it, waiting for him here - and I think we could manage some fruitcake too (if he comes in winter, I could certainly organise some special Stollen)!

Oh, and I think it's really wonderful that you're also making Gina a bracelet for her birthday. She deserves it!

Gina said...

Dear Susan,
I was thinking I really love the one without the is too lovely to pass up.

"I believe in people" are perfect words for your bracelet, Francis and I hope you wear it in good health and happiness!

And Susan, I had a wonderfully calm and perfect birthday. I consider the 4th shabang part of it all, so we're not done celebrating yet!

susan said...

francis - I'll be most pleased to make a bracelet for you that says 'I believe in people'. It's a great phrase.

Crow says he'll look forward to having a snifter of Asbach with you some winter night. He remembers sitting by an open hearth with the Duke of Alba one Christmas season long ago. The brandy and the company were delightful.

Don't forget to tell me what color would suit and also send me your address. My email is on my info page anyway but it's:

gina - Good choice. It will be on the way to you on Monday if you'll just send me an address.

I'm glad you had a good birthday and hope you keep on enjoying it.

Lisa said...

Yes, lucky Francis!

I'm glad you found your macro. That piece deserved a closer look.