Saturday, July 2, 2011

celebrations are traditional

Last night Crow and I walked down to the harbor to watch the fireworks. I liked the ones that looked like chrysanthemum flowers best of all.

Unfortunately, we didn't get ready early enough to catch the Halifax Tattoo Parade but just because we missed it doesn't mean you have to:

This one was filmed a couple of years ago on Halifax's main business street, Spring Garden Road, but I have a feeling they're much the same from year to year. I particularly enjoyed the marching of the clans at the very end.

I hope you're all enjoying a fine holiday weekend.


Randal Graves said...

This is false advertising. Where are the Hells Angels, WW2 vets, hipsters, reality teevee stars, Mick & Keef? Tattoos. Pshaw.

I totally want to steal your watercolor.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Here, in Farmington,Maine we have a parade to commemorate Chester Greenwood - the inventor of the ear muffs; however, it is mainly tractors and firetrucks.
the Ol'Buzzard.

Spadoman said...

Cool! I was also looking for the tattoos. What a tease! All professional marching bands, eh? No high school bands in Canadia? Or is the drum and bugle corp a US thang?
Long summer weekend full of hype here. Good time to stay home. There are fireworks displays tomorrow after dark, and they are sometimes very nice, but also so crowded you have to walk 30 miles and catch a bus to get to them. Besides, I've seen enough explosions in my life.
Your depiction is beautiful. A great array of color, you captured it very wonderfully with your brushes.
Mrs. Spadoman wants to know if there are any "real" coffee shops in Halifax and not just the Starbucks on the main drag. (planning our trip in October)
Take care and be well


jams o donnell said...

Wow Susan, I love your interpretation of a fireworks display. Wonderful!

Steve Emery said...

I love the way you handled the skyline in this. The entire misty, glowing night-time feel of it is magic. Lovely restraint.

And salt, right?

linda said...

this is amazing and i have been wanting to get here and say this all day long!! i love the mists with the fireworks exploding overhead and the suggestion of the's pure fantasy done the best way, much left to the imagination. i have trouble being so restrained and yet, it's so powerful when done as well as you have done here. thank you for sharing your world with me. much love xox

susan said...

randal - The only Hell's Angels one sees around here are so old the only things holding them up are their Harleys.

You can steal it as a picture file if you want.

ol'buzzard - That sounds like a good one. My favorite 4th parade in RI was the Glocester Ancients and Horribles Parade. However, the Halifax Christmas Parade is all about tractors and trucks.

spadoman - You know I was wondering about the Tattoo thing as well so I looked it up:
British . an outdoor military pageant or display.
A signal on a drum, bugle, or trumpet at night, for soldiers or sailors to go to their quarters. Origin: 1570–80;  earlier taptoo  < Dutch taptoe  literally, the tap(room) is to (i.e., shut)
So it appears to mean the bars are closing and it's time for the soldiers to head for their bunks.

Please tell Mrs. Spadoman there are many good coffee shops and all the rest around here. There's one called The Roost right across from that Starbucks. October will be a nice time for you to visit.

jams - Thanks, I'm delighted you liked it.

steve - I inked the characters and the setting then wet the entire piece. Then I added the colors where I wanted them, salted, and then sat down with my fingers crossed. I'm glad you like it.

linda - I just gave away my secret when I told Steve how it was done :-) I knew what I wanted to imply but this was the only way I could see to do it. I'm also glad it turned out well and very happy you've been by to visit.
much love to you too/ xoxo

Gina said...

Oh, goodness but that's beautiful, Susan!

It's been a busy weekend. Mother is with my uncle now and will be returning to Portugal on 6 July. I had a most excellent birthday weekend!

Ol'Buzzard's parade sounds like a hoot! Love that silly stuff!


gfid said...

i was @ home printing off flyers for the kayak club to hand out @ the Canada Day parade when the fireworks started..... Maestro heard them and started to bark (he almost NEVER barks) i couldn't figure out what was exciting him @ first..... and by the time i figured it out, they were over. sometimes i'm daft as a brush. what you can do with a few 'simple' lines of ink and some washes of color, girl!!! i love, love, love this picture. .... and the one of the official name drawing earlier.

Lisa said...

What fun! I missed the parade this year until I got here.

TheCunningRunt said...

Beautifully rendered; the black & white setting is dreamlike, juxtaposed as it is with the blooming fireworks. I love it!

susan said...

gina - It really was quickly done so I'm glad it turned out well enough for you to like.

Th holiday is over but there's lots of summer left. May all your days be bright and happy.

gfid - I thought most places held their parade before the fireworks. Perhaps things happen differently there. I never know why fireworks don't seem to last as long as I remembered. I'm glad you like my rendition of a moment :-)

lisa - There's always a parade whenever you come by.

cr - Sometimes the only thing we can do is work fast in hope it works out. I know you know all about that.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
What lovely colours in your beautful painting. The Halifax tattoo certainly had some stirring tunes. I ‘v been away so haven’t had chance to do much blogging
Best wishes

gfid said...

well, this is northern Oilberta where we have to do things our own way. not a joke - we have one of the highest rates of entrepreneurship in the country - and one of the highest rates of inventions, etc.

on the subject of military tattoos, i have a funny story. will post it.

susan said...

lindsay - Nice to see you again. When I was very young my Father often took me to parades so there's something quite visceral for me in the music of marching bands. We heard it this time but weren't prepared to run up the street. Next year.

gfid - Ah, that answers my question. Have any of the entrepreneurs invented tar sand candy bars yet? There may be a market for them in the US.

I'll look forward to your tattoo post.

Seraphine said...

i used to love parades.

susan said...

sera - Me too.