Wednesday, July 20, 2011

hidden treasures - other people's work part 2

The Etsy site has about 500,000 sellers according to their documentation. There's some nice stuff, there's some nasty stuff and every so often I'll notice something that's very clever.. not just clever in this case but ingenious. That's quite rare. I thought, just for the heck of it, I'd show you some items an actual famous artist has for sale there. Mark Bryan seems to have a similar viewpoint to me and to many of you which shows quite well in this painting called 'Republic of Amnesia'.

Now I'll show you one of the cellulose phones Mark Bryan has for sale on Etsy:

Are there monkeys in your head telling you things you don’t need to hear? Let’s face it, we all hear those guys yammering in the background and sometimes it’s just too much. You can “BE HERE NOW”. It’s time to say no to those monkeys. Breath deep and say to them “Shut the f… up!”

In addition to their fine craftsmanship and subversive message, each Lost Horizon Cellulose phone also comes with a generous service plan and user agreement : Lost Horizon agrees to provide free unlimited minutes for you to talk to your phone until you die. Our guaranteed GPS service will always be ready to tell you that you are right here, right now.

Lost Horizon phones are hand crafted (by my own pet monkey) from wood, paper, glue, a brass hinge, varnish, and one eight penny nail. They are approx. 4” tall, 2” wide and 1.25” thick. Included with each phone is a very nice fabric drawstring bag (again, made by my monkey) to store your phone safely. Your user agreement card fits nicely inside. Lost Horizon phones never require charging in order to function. An active imagination is all you will need.

Lost Horizon phones were designed by artist Mark Bryan (he’s famous) and each one features a print from an original oil painting and is hand signed by him. You may see more of his work at

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As it's so well expressed on his website:

Humorologist C.W. Metcalf says humor and laughter do not exist in the absence of sorrow and tears, but co-exist as a balance of sanity. Mark Bryan's iconography, loaded as it is with multiple inferences, has the potential to make us laugh and also think about the frivolities and stupidities committed by so-called "enlightened" human beings . "Sometimes while I'm sketching," says Bryan, "I often feel like I'm taking notes at a dark comedy, but the play never ends, and they won't let us go home."
essay by Nicholas Roukes, Artful Jesters

His phones cost just $36 and I can't believe nobody has bought one yet. I think some people have had their senses of humor surgically removed.

I hope you'll have a look at his paintings and other cell phones. We all deserve a good laugh through the tears.


Nancy said...

Very cool. I'm always amazed at some artist's perceptions and talents.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Living in a college town I constantly see young people walking around with cell phones at their ears - Are they actually talking, or is it their monkey talking?
the Ol'Buzzard

marja-leena said...

21st Century Surrealism and political art with satire thrown in - great find, Susan.

Randal Graves said...

Excuse me, but if one is busy sketching, how can one be communicating? Silly hippies.

I really want to see someone juggle skulls.

Gina said...

Hi, Susan!

"Humorologist C.W. Metcalf says humor and laughter do not exist in the absence of sorrow and tears, but co-exist as a balance of sanity."

So true! Love this stuff!

I love Etsy, though it does make me squirm when I find something really cool that I can't buy. Not so much because I have to have it, as those days are past me now, thank goodness, but because the artists so deserve recognition for their talents.


P.S. I arrived home from our trip to find your package. The bracelet is beyond beautiful, it is exquisite. Really. I love how you made those those slender strands above and below the main band. And the colors! I will treasure it with all my heart forever.


gfid said...

i'll bet Mark Bryan's stuff makes a few people squirm. " humor and laughter do not exist in the absence of sorrow and tears" .... a very good reminder to keep laughing.... monkeys and their mongers be damned! i hope summer in Halifax is having more sunshine than monsoon season in northern Alberta.

susan said...

nancy - Me too. People are amazing.

ol'buzzard - I think it's the monkey.

marja-leena - I was delighted to happen upon his work. Glad you like it.

randal - I think the idea is delayed communication. I want to see that too.

gina - Welcome home. I remember reading somewhere there's no compassion in Heaven because it isn't required. Strange thought, eh? There's likely something much better to my mind.

I feel bad too that I can't shop for the beautiful things there just to help support the good artists but I likely will buy a couple of items for birthday and Christmas gifts.

I'm glad to know the bracelet was there waiting for you and that you like it. There's no way a picture can convey how they look and feel in reality. Happy Birthday again, my friend.

gfid - I'm absolutely sure his work makes people squirm and that's a good thing. I remember once carrying a home phone handset (with the springy cord attached) around in my car so I could surprise other drivers.

The weather here has been mostly nice since mid-June. Tomorrow we're supposed to have a T-storm and I'm excited.

jams o donnell said...

Wonderful. love those phones! Thanks for sharing Susan!

gfid said...

enjoy your storm. it'll be exciting up high where you live! we've had a lot of them here this summer. had a tornado watch today... nothing has come of it so far (sigh of relief). Maestro seems to like the thunder and lightning too - he jumps up on my bed and puts his forepaws on the window ledge, pressing his nose against the screen of the open window.

gfid said...

could be fun to pull a corded phone out of a backpack or a purse too!!! better not be doing that when you're driving anymore, with the 'distracted driving' laws coming into effect all over the place :0)

susan said...

gfid - The storm when it came was short and sharp. I lied when I said it wasn't hot here; it's just not as hot as some other places but definitely uncomfortable enough for me. You're lucky Maestro enjoys storms - obviously a very well balanced companion you have there.

I also used to tell people I couldn't afford a cell phone and so had a pay phone in my car. It was hard getting the door open while driving. I'd be rich if I'd got a dollar for every blank look.

Lisa said...

Remember what I said to you in an email about if I win the lottery or sell a book for scads of money?

Add these to the list. For you and for me.

susan said...

lisa - I do remember. You are much more likely to be recognized for your great talent than I, but if hell freezes over and my ship comes in I promise to do the same.. at least by paying you well for every time you've made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Nice find. I like that first one very much and the cell phones are very fun.

Nice beach, sorry it takes so long to get there. Hope all is well.

susan said...

noodleepoodlee - He's pretty good at what he does and I loved the idea of a wooden cell phone.

I hope all is well with you too.

gfid said... phone in the car..... !!!!snork!!!! guffaw!!!!

susan said...

gfid - I knew you'd get that one :-)