Saturday, July 23, 2011

speechless saturday

Except for a few words written by someone far wiser than I. This is called 'Disappearance' by

by Thich Nhat Hahn
The leaf tips bend
under the weight of dew.
Fruits are ripening
in Earth's early morning.
Daffodils light up in the sun.
The curtain of cloud at the gateway
of the garden path begins to shift:
have pity for childhood,
the way of illusion.

Late at night,
the candle gutters.
In some distant desert,
a flower opens.
And somewhere else,
a cold aster
that never knew a cassava patch
or gardens of areca palms,
never knew the joy of life,
at that instant disappears-
man's eternal yearning.


Ol'Buzzard said...

This leaky,tumbledown grass hut
Left an opening for the moon
And I gazed at it.
All the while it was mirrored
In a teardrop fallen on my sleeve.

the Ol'Buzzard

Randal Graves said...

What, no Charge of the NATO Brigade?

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan,
I have been out of action changing over to a new provider which is a messy business and I am making this entry from our local library. The poem is indeed acquisitively beautiful and well chosen. You previous post was entertaining and I think it’s sometimes difficult to keep the chattering monkeys at bay in one's head.
Trust your successful with your lovely art for sale you mentioned in a previous post .
Best wishes

Zee said...

fine poem - but it is not fall yet, at least not here

jams o donnell said...

I love the combination of a wonderful photo and a superb poem. Excellent

Gina said...

Nice. :-)

gfid said...

both poem and photo make me ache. they're both in black and white.

susan said...

ol'buzzard - Also very beautiful.

randal - Keystone Kops, you mean?

lindsay - Thanks so much for noticing the posts and for your good wishes. I hope you get your new provider service operating soon. I thought of doing wordpress myself but didn't want to bother with that part.

zee - It all seemed to fit with my feelings after the news from Norway. I hope you're well.

jams - It took me several years to get that particular picture. Glad you enjoyed the combination.

gina - Thanks :-)

gfid - Sometimes when things hurt all we can do is embrace the beauty around us.

gfid said...

i didn't make the connection to norway @ first. i heard about this as i pulled into the parking lot at work that day, and had to have a cry before i went in to the office. all those kids...... where does hate that can do such a thing come from?

Lisa said...

Well chosen. The fleeting image, the poem.

I read it aloud to myself (I'm learning!). It's beautiful.

susan said...

gfid - I don't prefer hitting people over the head with my particular sorrows. There is always death and regret somewhere and I just felt this was appropriate. I know. All those children died for no reason at all.

lisa - I'm glad you read it aloud. It has a very different feeling from the first scan. As for the picture, it's probably the best I ever caught.