Thursday, April 24, 2014

speculating with Crow

Crow, tired of the snow and rain in these parts this past month*, went off to visit his old Uncle Horus. There's no doubt modern society tends to suppress non-conforming ideas, imagination and adventure so I'm looking forward to his return and our ongoing conversations about perplexing, possibly strange, versions of history prior to Egypt's Old Kingdom.

We know Gobekli Tepe was built 12,000 years ago and was deliberately buried 2,000 years later.
Could the Sphinx date from 10,500BC?
Does the Piri Reis map prove there was an ancient seafaring culture?

Might even Atlantis have been real?

There are things we may never know but, while we don't have to believe everything we read, it's always good to keep an open mind. You never know what you might learn and there's always entertainment to be found:

Les Pyramides d'Égypte from Kheops Pyramides on Vimeo.

* Yes, it snowed again this evening. No accumulation, though.


Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan,
An interesting post and splendid picture to go with it. The references are also very interesting. I also agree with the geographic commentary that the move to so called civilisation with future food storage facilities, was due primarily to the fact they could not take advantage of lands held by warring neighbours.
Possibly both agriculture and the ability to build complex systems arose in much earlier periods.
Please ask Crow to ask the Australian Aboriginal elders to give their update so that they can finally rid themselves of the idea they were primarily hunter gathers. They used fire, the cycles of native plants and expert knowledge of hydration for water management to ensure plentiful wildlife and plant food was always available. They engaged in complex eel farming, erected stone houses, and grew tubers, yams, grain, native millet, macadamia nuts, fruits and berries. They reared possums, emus, cassowaries and moved caterpillars to new breeding areas. They brought with them their rich spiritually, and art (some of which has been dated to be over 30,000 years old evident on cave walls) from migration possibly over 60,000 years ago, which existed prior to that.
Best wishes

Should Fish More said...

Crow as a pasha? Great drawing, I love it. Let me know if you find Brigadoon.....

susan said...

Hi Lindsay,
I'm glad you enjoyed the post and the picture that accompanies it. I only mentioned a few of the fascinating stories about pre-history I've run across, but there are many more equally instructive and imaginative.

Crow says: Another interesting thing done by native peoples was the traditional practice of burning small patches of countryside that created a mosaic of firebreaks that prevented the spread of devastating fires in the dry seasons. There's a great need for recognition and acceptance of aboriginal knowledge. For many thousands of years the practices of ancient peoples were in harmony with nature. The modern world has much to learn.
Best wishes from both of us.

susan said...

Crow and I are very pleased you liked his picture. As for Brigadoon you might enjoy this one.

Sean Jeating said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this.
Well, and your painting: . . . I do lack of this very letter of the alphabet which yet has not been invented and that might allow me to put my praise in words. :)

susan said...

There is a lot of intriguing stuff out there even if you have to step carefully around the lunatic fringe to gaze upon the treasures.

I appreciate what you say even if you couldn't find the letter :)
I just try to dig out another colour.

marja-leena said...

All delightful links, and handsome Crow all twinkly eyed and wise as usual!

Hope that was the last of the snow and spring has arrived!

Rob-bear said...

It is important to have an open mind, but not a mind so open that your brain falls out.

Thanks you for all the delightful data, susan. Such interesting bits a pieces of reality.

Blessings and Bear hugs, susan. Best regards to Crow, who was bright enough to get away from these perennial snow storms. We had another one, too.

susan said...

We had fun with these, Marja-Leena, and we're happy you did too. Crow sends his regards.

We don't have a soft spring yet, but at least the snow seems to be gone now and the mud is beginning to dry out :)

susan said...

Too true, Rob. Many fascinating theories about alternate ancient histories have been published over the years. These are just a few.

Hopefully, that one was the last of our snow squalls. May Spring find its way to your house soon.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Snow time is over down here but we've had a cool, sorta dry spring so far. We were lucky to not get hit by those tornadoes recently.

Donovan says Atlantis exists and that's good enough for me :)

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Such a quirky and interesting blog this. Unique.

susan said...

Well, hopefully you have some flowers now that spring is there. Thank goodness you didn't get hit by the tornadoes, Lib.

I've always loved that Donovan song so it must be true :)

susan said...

Thanks, Andrew.
As is yours.