Monday, March 16, 2015

for every step forward..

First there was this one

that turned into the next one -
the final result as it seems.

Although I've drawn a few pictures as well as attempting several paintings this past month and more I haven't finished any to my satisfaction. The inability to go for long relaxing walks may account for part of the problem, but more than anything else has been an absolute addiction to O'Brian's Aubrey and Maturin books. I read the news every morning with increasing dismay and soon thereafter find myself longing for a return to sea in the early 19th century. I'm currently half way through number 19 (of 20 and ½ books) so it won't be long now before the return to life as usual - whatever that may be.

The weekend brought another very heavy snowfall to these parts adding a fair covering of white to the enormous filthy ice banks that jut high overhead. I told a friend (who lives in New Mexico) that the street we live on called Tower Road turned into Tower Lane and is now Tower Alley. The good news is that our forecast says there'll be only one more week of continuing below freezing temperatures.

That means Crow should be returning soon with his news of the outside world. Having managed to find a bottle of perch polish, I'm off to do a little buffing. I hope he doesn't notice I've helped myself to his bottle of 1879 Remy Martin. It was an emergency. Honest.


Should Fish More said...

Your work reminds me a bit of Tamara de Lempicka's works, some of her art deco posters particularly. Very nicely done, as always. And I like the touch of the octupus tenacle's encircling like a vine. Her expression, the eyes especially, are interesting, looking the parrots, or somewhere.
Ah, what's a bottle of Louis XIII between me a snifter.

marja-leena said...

I've been wondering how your illustration project has been going - is this part of it? It's lovely and like SFM wrote, very Art Deco. Here's to spring around the corner - you all deserve it along with a toast of that brandy!

L'Adelaide said...

YAY... maybe the tower shall finally begin to melt! i love your painting so far. She is beautiful... i too have been stifled in my painting... i think it is the past several months of dental distractions. I do hope soon you can once again take your lovely walks in the sand along the sea and perhaps some flowers will be along your path. xox

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan
Glad to hear you’re enjoying the novel series in lieu of the long awaited walks. Here is my attempt at a little poem to cheer you up.

In the cold bleak days of a Halifax’s winter
Romance of the parklands lost to pinnacles of ice
But her BLOG pictures still brighten the heart
As the river’s currents guided by stars
Toast to your freedom, to a springs fresh air
And Freedom at last to roam without care

The Crow said...

Wish I could send you the winter aconite and snowdrops that have begun to beautifully litter my backyard, Susan. Seems Spring was as anxious to arrive here as I was to have her back.

I've also long been drawn to the sea, to travel the waters to other worlds. Your wonderful art lets me do so vicariously until I am able to go for real.

susan said...

I'm flattered by the comparison, Mike. You're certainly right that her subject's eyes were always paramount in her designs. I've been an admirer of art deco for many years, Mucha and Parrish are also exemplars.

I'm sure Crow will be delighted to share a snifter with you.

susan said...

The story illustration projects (there are two) are currently having a rest after I worked long and hard on one only to tear it up. They stop being a temptation once they're gone :) Hopefully I'll be back in gear with them soon.

Yes, we're definitely looking forward to spring - although it's likely some of the snow will still be here in May.

susan said...

I'm so glad you like it. It's so hard to focus on creative projects when one is distracted by other events, isn't it?

I am seriously looking forward to walks in the park where even the lowly dandelions are going to be greeted with heartfelt smiles.

susan said...

Thanks so much, Lindsay, for your delightful poem and the wishes expressed therein for the relief of springtime. I'm very grateful for your thoughtfulness.

susan said...

What a wonderful wish, Martha. As you can imagine our spring flowers are still well and truly buried. Heck, there are even trees and bushes buried this year.

I too have that strong urge to sail the seas even though in better weather we do get to enjoy the waves and sea air. I have a feeling you too would love Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey and Maturin novels if you need a more realistic and enjoyable taste.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you're still at it.

'Tis I, the great and terrible Fairlane.

susan said...

How very cool to see you.
If only you'd left a forwarding address..

Andrew R. Scott said...

I am not entirely sure that dear lady should be entrusted with steering the boat.

Just a hunch, based on I don't know what.

susan said...

In all honesty, it's not much of a ship for sailing either.
I thinks she's all about posturing.