Thursday, September 29, 2011

space race

Alpha from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

When the space programs were in their earliest incarnations I always felt sorry for the dogs and other animals who were sent up in rocket ships never to return to earth. Poor Alpha has been captured and coerced into participating but although the results might not surprise you I think you'll find his journey to astronaut status as amusing as I did.

There are some truly amazing animation studios around these days proving that not all new art is bad.

Far from it.


  1. Excellent! Thanks for posting this Sue. I enjoyed it very much

  2. I nearly did not watch all of it, but glad I did, to see a very happy chimp at the end ♥

  3. Thanks for the chuckles! Well done...

  4. these things were impossible for me to imagine as a child as well... the humor in this is wryly wonderful...YAY for chimps!

    thanks for the eons it must have taken you to find this one gem! xox

  5. jams - It was fun, wasn't it?

    gemel - I'm so glad you stayed around til the end. I laughed out loud.

    marja-leena - It's from a Danish studio - northern European humour.

    linda - It was good to know other people remembered the same way I did. Yay chimps, indeed.

  6. One of the most bizarre memories I have of the early space race was the animal experiments the Soviets did. Do you remember the two headed dog? for some reason, it's tied to their astronaut program in my mind.

    I could be terribly wrong about that, though.

    Enjoyed this video very much, Susan; thanks!

  7. I think my first encounter with animals in space was reading a story about Laika when I was a kid. Kind of pissed me off.

  8. sean - It was a perfect end.

    the crow - I had to look it up but I remembered as soon as I did and you're right. It happened in 1959 and was one of the creepier aspects of the period.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video as well as the fact you've come back to visit. I hope you're well.

    randal - I remembered how sad I was as a kid when I heard about Laika.

  9. You find the most interesting and entertaining videos to share with us.

  10. The irony. Mrs. S and I went to a movie in the small town in New Mexico. They only had one choice. It was Rise of the Planet of the Apes. So we went to see it for something to do.
    As far as a movie goes, it was horrible in my opinion. A lot of brutality, greed and violence, yet the story line and what they did with special effects, something to which I am partial to having worked in that field when I used to make wages, was amazing.
    It was the exact same story as the video you show sans the outer space bit. Apes were used for experiments to develope a drug for use in humans with Ahlzheimers.
    It was an eye opener for anyone that thinks it's okay to use anything that isn't a human being as a subject for experimentation. For that matter, they do use humans, sometimes without their knowledge, like with A-bomb tests in the 1940's an 50's. I also think since they knew what they were using when they exposed us to Agent Orange, for example, and depleted uranium weaponry, they obviously disregarded human life. Just sayin'.
    Another top notch post. You can laugh at the video, and I did, as long as we're aware of what mankind is capable of.


  11. now that I have high speed internet I can actually watch the links that you post :)

  12. lisa - Looking for them is more fun than reading about politics.

    spadoman - The truly creepy thing is that the experimentation is ongoing and the lack of respect and understanding it shows are mind boggling.

    liberality - That's excellent news and even more so is that you're back. Hurray!

  13. Ha! That's the best I've seen or read on the internet today! :-D