Tuesday, November 22, 2011


dream(drēm)n. from Mary Lai on Vimeo.

It's unlikely I'll ever make a video myself but I'm very impressed with the wonderful effects that can be made to happen using only the simplest of materials - and a good knowledge of computer arts. I found this one very recently and rather than leave it where it was I thought I'd post it here for you to see.

This is a story about a blackbird who lives quite a miserable life whether awake or asleep. How he deals with his situation is what the movie is about.

I'm sure Crow would approve.


  1. Oh, well done indeed! Very disturbing story but a happy ending. Thanks for sharing this great find, Susan.

  2. That was fantastic. Could that crow have been the avian version of a god in disguise?

  3. marja-leena - I'm glad to know you enjoyed it.

    randal - Hmmmm..

    sean - That's good enough.

  4. drem?:)

    many blessings, my dear,,,,unfortunately I have not the bandwidth for a 5min video:(

  5. I am glad you take it as it is meant, Susan: by no means pejorative. It's just that I am so fed up with super-, mega- and gigalatives.

  6. kold - Thank you for the good wishes.

    linda - I just titled the post the way the animation was named so I take no responsibility :-)

    Sorry it was too long for you to watch - you would have liked it, I'm sure.

    sean - You're correct that superlatives become meaningless with overuse. Still, what choice do we have when someone has put in much effort to make something beautiful?

  7. Thank you for posting this, Susan.

  8. this sad little bird made my heart hurt. Maestro was laying beside me on the bed, settling to sleep, as i watched it with my laptop on my lap, half a dozen pillows propping me upright. with the chord of music and the sudden appearance of color on the screen, M suddenly sat up and watched the rest with me, sniffing it every now and then to figure out what it was. he's never done that before..... so we both enjoyed it. thanks. i wondered if Crow had been involved in the making of it.

  9. I was wondering why that little bird was walking around instead of flying but in the end he did fly. Nice, thank you!

  10. the crow - I'm happy you saw it.

    gfid - That's such a neat story about Maestro's reaction. He's a very good friend.

    liberality - It was a perfect ending, wasn't it?