Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Christmas - War is Over

I painted this one ten years ago after reading about a mother's march in Belgrade against the war that was being waged then in Serbia-Kosovo. The women carried brightly colored plastic toy swords and shields as symbols of their opposition to the carnage. Those who weren't arrested were tear-gassed, beaten and dispersed. Yet it was a very brave thing to do. I wish there was a huge Christmas march planned that we could all join to voice the dismay of good people everywhere about the current meaningless war in Iraq.

Please only watch this if you're ready for something that's very sad:

John Lennon died very suddenly and unexpectedly more than twenty years ago in another Christmas season. I still miss him along with many more - perhaps you too.

I have my purple and yellow plastic sword freshly polished. Let's all Imagine Peace on Earth in our time.


Zee said...

The uTube images are stark, no doubt!
Be well - by the way, I did put you on my sidebar, what the heck - you got good stuff abound.
Happy Christmas then ...

shooting star said...

its always tkes a brave one to fight the good fight...even fter knowing they may ultimately die fighting it....

fairlane said...

Merry Happymas!

Gary said...

Yeah, melancholic time and good to remember.

Hey, I tagged you, which means I posted something that requires you to read it and maybe do the same. I often fine these annoying so if you don't do anything, I'll understand.

More to come re: certain Christmas package (Salaam Alaikum!)

Seraphine said...

I didn't look at the video because you said it was sad. I did however look ta your art, and it's beautiful. Changing the world one beauty at a time isn't a bad crusade.

susan said...

Zee - thanks for coming by again. I'll add you to mine as well.
SS - I think we all decide to come here to develope our understanding.
Fairlane - Happy messiness in 08!
Gary - the tag was fun and thanks for giving me a graceful way of moving on to the next thing.
Sera - I'm glad you read the disclaimer. It's a heartwrenching little video and I can get overinvolved in melancholy in December. btw: I also get completely blown away by your posts..