Thursday, December 27, 2007

tagged? moi? oh well..

Since it's Gary by way of Sera who's proposed the tag - eight random facts or habits I'll try - even though I thought that's what blogging was about in the first place.

1. I love Japanese video games. Sometimes I even get to play one like the RPG pictured here - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. My character was Castra, the skinny one on the right with the bullet bazoombas, a Yuke magician. A couple of times a year there'll be a game we can share.

2. I'm a coal miner's daughter. My Dad went to work in the mines in northern England when he was 13 - the oldest son when his father was killed in a mining accident and there were 10 sisters, a brother and a mother to look after.

My mother once danced with Maurice Chevalier. Her name wasn't Gigi.

3. I wear black clothes (although sometimes they're dark gray if they've been washed a lot) since I can't be bothered color coordinating my wardrobe.

4. I rarely drive. I got my licence at 32 and a car 10 years later but since I've always lived in big cities I prefer public transit or walking.

5. I still smoke which probably means they won't allow me to move back to Canada since I hear it's become a non-smoking country since I left.

6. I was once the youngest artist's model working in Toronto. I spent 2 years in Europe and worked in art schools to fund the journey.

7. I have a small gold-plated lion's head from the Buckingham Palace gate. It fell off in my hand (honest!) and my uncle wrapped it up in his raincoat before the Palace Guard could take me away to the Tower.

8. Every morning I get coffee in bed.. even when we travel and the closest good coffee shop isn't necessarily in the hotel lobby. I know how lucky I am.

Since I never pass on chain letters I'm afraid I can't pass this tag on either. Besides, I don't know enough other bloggers to send one to - so for me the tag stops here. It was kind of fun just this once. Thanks Gary :-)


Mary said...

Great list!
I am trying to stay postive in the face of all the world news and so I would like to wish you a happy and peaceful new year.

Gary said...

You're a good sport Susan... and a very interesting list. Thinking of your dad was a pleasure for me.

Also, I'd like to see that lion's head sometime (I won't tell anyone).

Ben said...

Hi Susan
#2 Didn't know about Nanna and Chevalier. It sounds exciting.
#3 Me? I just go uncoordinated. Although with the "Autumn" palette it's not that noticeable.
#5 Have they gone totally non-smoking? I dunno, it's a big country, and the Mounties can't be everywhere.
#7 A grim fate narrowly averted:) I'm pretty sure I've seen that lion.

susan said...

Mary, all best New Year wishes to you and your lovely family. I'll try to stop by and visit more often.
Gary, The lion lives in a suitcase not far away.. maybe I'll remember when you visit. Happy Mexican New Year. Ole!!
#2 it's true and I'm sure it was.
#3 I love you just the way you are
#5 no, they just charge $10 a pack for stale ones
#7 I wasn't looking forward to the dungeon
Peace and laughter for New Year :-)

fairlane said...

I knew we were soul mates! I'm a "Coal Miner's Daughter" as well.

It says so in my "Blogger" profile!

Scarlet W. Blue said...

Sounds like you've been leading a very interesting and adventurous life. Great list.