Monday, September 6, 2010

me and the sea

After 10 days on the road and 3850 miles of mostly high speed highway driving we finally made it to Halifax early yesterday afternoon. It really is a very cool city with a surprisingly nice mixture of very old and modern buildings. A breath of fresh sea air was the first thing on our agenda - well, right after we'd been to check out the building where we've leased an apartment for the next year. It's not quite what we'd been expecting (or told to expect) but we can take our time looking for a more suitable place once tourist season quiets down.

 The journey itself was amazingly beautiful but I wouldn't recommend it if you tend to get fidgety after being in a car for 6 hours and still have 200 miles to go before the next town with good hotels and half decent restaurants. We aren't as young as once was the case and do need certain comforts. Then again, I think I've always preferred luxury. Had it been up to me anything west of a comfy bed and a china teacup would never have been discovered.. which may have been just as well for many.

Now we're here and I don't even know what picture to post of the ones I took yesterday and today as we walked around so maybe I'll show you the one taken of the view I saw a lot this past week and more - capable hands fighting powerful wind gusts as we closed in on our destination.

Thank you all for continuing to visit phantsy during this long journey; reading your comments helped to keep us both connected while we were in between. It's going to be a while before things settle but I'll soon be back to my regular blogging duties - at least the visiting part.


Lisa said...

I love the photo of you by the sea. And the glimpse of those capable hands just seems to draw us closer.

Welcome to your new city. I hope that you'll find a place that suits you and that in the meantime, the rest of your move goes well.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I'm so glad you made it and none the worse for wear!

"We aren't as young as once was the case and do need certain comforts. Then again, I think I've always preferred luxury."

That's me all over! Though in my younger days I did rough it quite a few times and actually liked the experience.

Many warm wishes to you and your road warrior,

CDP said...

I hope you're settled in soon! I'd love to hear more about Halifax.

marja-leena said...

So strange to think of you now several time zones farther away yet now in the same country! Great to see a photo of you, hubby's hands and the east coast waters. Hope you will love Halifax and all goes well in getting settled in.

Seraphine said...

oh oh. this can't be good. you are already talking about finding a new home before even moving into the one you've selected...
well... the ocean looks beautiful. crow will enjoy the updrafts near the cliffs. soon you'll be unpacking your paints and you'll have so many new things to inspire you.
i'm glad you made halifax safely. home sweet home.

Spadoman said...

You're home. Nothing ever really gets to be all set in life. You're home as long as you make it so in your heart.
Thank you for sharing your journey and your life with us.


gfid said...

drrrrum rrrrrrolllllll.... strike up the band! ta daaaaaaaaa. and Earl left most of Halifax for you to enjoy! now the discovery begins.

the apartment is a disappointment though, hmmm? bloody hell! after all the driving and bad weather and delays of reciept of locks, stocks and barrels..... yet one more setback.

philosopher that you are, there will be remedies..... and, no doubt, stories and pictures, once the disgruntlement lapses to ..... gruntlement?

wishing you blessings - hot tea with your feet up, a delicious maritime meal, and wonderful neighbors.

Gary said...

"Welcome to Halifax!" - My name is Earl...

Glad you're there safely and that you're finding your way around. Feel free to connect with Anna for info on cool things. Maybe I'll just ask her to send you some.

The Saturday markets (new one on docks and old one in town) are great apparently.

Be careful, there are a lot of Buddhists walking around!


Sean Jeating said...

Welcome to Halifax. I am glad you had a safe journey. May your dreams, hopes, wishes come true.

Liberality said...

The journey is really just beginning. And advertisers lie all the damn time. Can't believe anything they say. Anyway, welcome home.

susan said...

lisa - You are always so sweet :-)

It's a very nice city, easy to enjoy, and we'll get through the other thing. Interesting side note is there are mean corporate apparatchiks up here too.

pagan - Thanks! Yes, roughing it gets a bit harder as time goes by but I'm not seriously fussy even now and I bet you aren't either. You should have seen the place.

cdp - You will indeed. Are you back blogging? I'll come by to see.

marja-leena - Now we have opposite things in common once again so balance is restored. Neither of us much enjoy having our pictures taken but when circumstances require :-) We do love Halifax already.

sera - You're right - it's not but we'll find something better and get out of the place. We're certainly not going to let a little thing like having rented the only rat trap in a beautiful city get us down. There is indeed lots to inspire.

spadoman - Yes, we're home and it's a lovely place. I think we can do it faster this time but it did take a few years to find the most suitable ones in Portland for us.
Peace to you

gfid - There are still a lot of branches down but most of the city looks pretty normal - even the hanging flower baskets are okay.

I can't even tell you how shocked we were to see the condition of the place on sept. 5th and I'm not all that fussy. Just expected clean and not broken. But no mind - Halifax itself is already very entertaining and we'll do fine.

gary - Thanks - it was a wild ride :-) You know the place already feels familiar to us so I know we'll be content once things settle down. If you want to give Anna my e-mail address that would be great. The markets will be fun to visit but next we have to wait for our cooking utensils and furniture - likely to be weeks yet.

sean - Many many thanks for your good wishes. I wish you the same.

liberality - This will be fun and that is a very true statement about advertisers. Jerks.

Nancy said...

Glad you made it safe and sound.

Randal Graves said...

Glad you're now in the best time zone, the eastern. No more weirdo posting hours from you.

okjimm said...

you know... I visit more than I comment these days. Be good, be safe & Oh, Canada!

susan said...

nancy - I appreciate your good thoughts.

randal - Does it make it even cooler we're east of the eastern time zone?

okjimm - Things are so much more civilized in general here I'm no longer sure I fit.

Seraphine said...

let's see... 3,850 miles at an average of 40 miles per hour (optimistic)... would take over 96 hours of driving. if you drive for 6 hours a day, it would take 16 days to get there. owww.
even if you drove 12 hours a day, that's an 8 day drive. baaa.

susan said...

sera - Actually, I think we averaged about 70mph and I kept my eyes open almost all the way. It was exciting :-)

Linda said...

ah, now i feel bad.... sniff.. well, at least you're there and almost have a couch and a bed and and STUFF!xx

Linda said...

i really love seeing YOU! :)

Lydia said...

What a marvelous image of you by the sea! I imagine it looks much like teenage photos of you looking out at horizons. :)
Am glad those capable hands drove you home safely, Susan.