Wednesday, September 22, 2010

new city ramble

Halifax is a very walkable city and we've been having a good time doing just that. I'd love to have you join me for a stroll, but pictures are the best I can do for now so I'll just have to hope you enjoy them. This one is a photo taken of the restaurant we first noticed from our hotel window which quickly became our favorite so far - the Wooden Monkey. It was still closed when we went past this morning so I wasn't able to go inside to take pictures of the big carved monkeys and all the other neat things inside but you get the idea.

Although I mentioned all the little shops in another post I figured that was a bit too vague so here are the first pictures that describe what I meant. The Black Market was a very cool surprise both outside and even more so inside. There was an amazing collection of silk saris, beaded and mirrored cushion covers, clothes, lampshades, jewelry, carved figures.. oh what the heck, I'll just put up some more pictures.

(btw: You can look at any of these pics full-size by clicking on them. I've never had so many images to post before and I'm having a hard time deciding how to size them.)

We walked past this place again on our way home and saw some kids had snagged part of the street across from the Market by laying out grass rolls for a parking space picnic. They were having fun with chalk writing 'Free This Space' and 'No Car Zone' on the road. Nobody appeared bothered because nobody who needed a parking space came by while we sat.

 We saw a policeman stroll by who paused to smile at the group before he kept going. Have I mentioned before that cops walk a beat around here? We thought we were hallucinating the first time we noticed them.

Speaking of hallucinating, this is the entrance to the first 'head shop' I've seen in about 20 years. (Randal, take note.) Yes, they do stock pipes and bongs and whatever peripherals might be required for your enjoyment of a product that's been decriminalized but not sold openly. That's okay, we're not quite that relaxed yet..

but we may get there :-)


  1. This is wonderful!! I never really had a chance to walk around in Halifax, as our visits were focused on the Buskers Festival, which is held down on the waterfront. Now I see what we missed and will never make that mistake again.

    If we go to NS again next, Halifax is a MUST. Not the least reason that you are now there, my friend. :-)

  2. it's a shame so many wonderful old buildings have been destroyed,isn't it? i especially notice it in looking at your photos...and they are so lovely, these old buildings, all fixed up and almost shining!! it looks like a wonderful city to me, very much like SF actually but perhaps not as sophisticated...and portland too actually-- certainly SF does not have so much of this loveliness going on! hoping you grow to love it as much as portland.i'm betting you do! xox

  3. How fun it must be to go exploring and finding the shops, restaurants, coffee shops. I'm still jealous!
    And the Fall weather looks fantastic. Not sure how winter comes on to Halifax. I'll do some research. I love to find a colorful place and just sit and observe. If i can, I smoke a cigar while I sit. Love the parking space picnic. Looks like a great base of eclectic souls are there.
    Well my goodness, susan, how would a refined artist like you know what is sold in that store, or even know the name Head Shop? I'm appalled! Next time you pass by there, get me some 1.5 JOB's and a couple of screens, okay?


  4. I wanna come and visit you!!! The city is lovely.

  5. Man, how grey, rusted and rotten are vast swaths of Cleveland in comparison to every other city in North America (Detroit excepted).

    Smoke 'em when you got 'em. :)

  6. Nice photos! I have heard Halifax is a great city.....

  7. Halifax looks perfect! I can see why picked it as your place.

    I love the photos. Very colorful. And a place called the Wooden Monkey? What's not to love?

  8. I can see one of your stories with all of these buildings figuring prominently. For now I will just enjoy these wonderful photos and your rambles.

  9. pagan sphinx - I really hope the two of you do return to NS and Halifax in particular next summer because I know you'll enjoy the sights and places further up the hill from Lower Water St.

    linda - One of the nicest things about Halifax is that overall it's a bit dull and boring. I do like big, exciting cities for a visit but it always nice to come home to someplace quieter. Providence, RI was like that too being between Boston and NYC - both place with lots of interesting architecture too.

    spadoman - We have been enjoying ourselves exploring this small city which seems perfectly sized for us. A thing that's immediately noticeable is the fact there are many small and vibrant businesses - franchising came but didn't conquer.

    :-) refined, eh? My creativity has been nurtured in many and diverse ways over the years. Do you need a pack of Zig-Zags too?

    liberality - I'd love it if you came to visit. It's surprised us and we thought we had an idea beforehand.

    randal - Cleveland would sorely miss your presence but you'd be welcomed here.

    okjimm - Thanks, and it is!

    lisa - There'll be more pictures soon - I'm no photographer but shooting in this place is easy. Next time it will be pictures of pubs.. of which there are many.

    belette - It's funny you should say that because the architecture around here is definitely something worthy of drawing. I'll be starting soon now that I finally have my stuff :-)

  10. So very colourful and full of character - just right for an artist like you! Even the weather looks great (it's cold and very rainy here).

  11. marja-leena - I found at least 20 things inside of 5 minutes that I really needed to have but managed to pull myself away until next time.

    So far it's still very nice here but we can tell colder weather's on the way.

  12. Love it! What a cool place to live!