Friday, September 10, 2010

home at last

The drive across the northern part of the US, then a good chunk of Canada, was amazing, something never to be forgotten. One of these days, when I have my drawing supplies and scanner (still in Portland with 13 days to get here), I'll write and draw a few episodes for Adventure's Ink. 

Right now I'm sitting on the floor of the room that will be our bedroom in a very cool 7th floor apartment on South Park Street, overlooking Victoria Park and a couple of blocks down from the Lord Nelson Hotel. I think we finally arrived :-) Things got a little crazy, closing in on desperate, when the apartment we'd thought would be waiting for us turned out to be a pit. Just so you don't feel too envious of us being in Canada, I'll just mention now that all the assholes aren't only on that side of the border.

The city is compact, easy to walk if you don't mind hills, and with at least 6 colleges and universities, has a large population of young people. We're thinking a lot of them use copious amounts of beer as a study aid. 

We don't get our own wi-fi connection until Tuesday but I was happily surprised to find one open and available now. It's later here than anywhere else in North America - Atlantic Time - and I'm worn out from driving, walking, lugging and all the rest. This hasn't just been an adventure, it's been a trip.

More soon and love to you all. 


  1. many, many blessings in your new home. can't wait for the art supplies and scanner to arrive.

  2. So, judging by the illustration provided, Canada is full of emo kids?

    Now that you're on the North Atlantic coast, we expect pictures of you guys with the catch of the day. :)

  3. Finally, you are there and safe and sound!

    "all the assholes aren't only on that side of the border."

    Having had an unfortunate mishap or two in many trips to Canada, I'd have to agree. But overall a great neighbor, Canada!

    I liked Halifax. I could see myself living in a city that size. I can see YOU living there for sure, as I picture it now.

    So, the apartment. It sounds like you found another right away? You describe it as cool, so that must be what happened.

    Thinking of you,

  4. P.S. Cannot wait for the illustrations on "ink". :-)

  5. Glad you're safely in your new hometown and already liking it. How terrible about the apartment though, I'm not too clear did you get another? Unfortunately we do have our share of some a's here in Canada, but hopefully you don't meet too many of them! Looking forward to the new treasury of stories and illustrations to come.

  6. Ah that's the travel adventure over, Now for a bigger adventure in a new city. Enjoy!

  7. gfid - We feel very, very blessed to have found this place rather than having been condemned to the other. I can't wait for the either but I must.

    randal - If you mean ungroundable, then yes.

    As long as catch of the day isn't a horseshoe crab.

    pagan sphinx - Ultimately, we feel our encounters were a good lesson so we've decided to move on rather than take action - although I was sorely tempted.

    Halifax is very neat and its beauty came as a surprise. Nothing like jumping in at the deep end, eh?

    I guess we did find our semi-perfect place (we'll give it some time to be sure) pretty fast but the 48 hours in between felt like an eternity.

    I'm really looking forward to venting through Ink :-)

    marja-leena - Yes, we did get another apartment after 2½ days of non-stop searching that was complicated by students looking for last minute rentals. The people running this building took pity on our situation and have been very kind. We've mostly met some really great people.

    jams - I will indeed once the furniture arrives - and the warm clothes.

  8. Time to de-stress right? You could meet some of those college kids and tip a few brews to toast the new digs. Anyway, glad to know you are finally getting settled. Whew!

  9. Well Welcome Home, then!

    I feel better without a whole damned CONTINENT between your thought processes and my appreciation of them.


  10. So glad you were able to find a better place! Home needs to be where you are comfortable.

  11. liberality - Thanks, mu friend.

    cr - It's very cool being back here and I've already seen some pictures you might enjoy taking.

    nancy - Oh that one was sooo bad it deserves an illustrated story.. and will get one when I have my drawing table and scanner.

  12. aren't there any photos or did i just not look in the right place...hmmm...well, it sounds like a lovely city minus beer drinking college boys and girls.

    this would all make me crazy, i am not a gypsy like some i know... xx

  13. Whew! Am glad you persevered and found a place more to your liking (and on a lower level - yes, I remember your story at brunch!).

    It is so interesting to see Nancy here as one of your readers. She and I are both from Reno...where she is now and, come to think of it, I must pay her blog a visit!