Saturday, December 4, 2010

energy levels

Spaceship or cloud? What looks like the apocalypse is a supercell thunderstorm that was photographed near Glasgow, Montana last summer. If you look closely you'll see a little smudge on the lower right.. a tree. We did run into some high winds and a couple of storms as we crossed the country, including Montana, in August but I'm very glad we didn't see one of these along the road. The picture's even more amazing if you enlarge it.

I'm not usually a storm of activity anyway but December is always an especially low month for me. I think I'll go easy with personal expectations for a while and simply post things that interest me, what I usually do, but with much less commentary. Has anybody else been having problems with personal energy levels lately?


Randal Graves said...

Fix your link. :)

Re: low energy. I'm suffering from that as well, but the reason is found in your photo. Damn extraterrestrials!

jams o donnell said...

I must admit there are times when I flag, I do want to make it to the five year mark (next April).

Then again I get the bug to blog and go crazy!

Strange though, this year has felt like a drag at times but I have put up more posts than any other year and had record visitors... Such is life!

Francis Hunt said...

I'm working mostly nights at the moment - which isn't good for my energy levels. Wish we could all just tap a little of what's in that storm!

marja-leena said...

Wow, that looks like a scary storm, and I thought that was a sea below until you mentioned the tree.

It's no wonder you feel low in energy after that cross continent and country move, and getting settled. Allow yourself the pleasure of slowing down and enjoying life in a new place. Me? I've had low energy all year, but I won't get into that except to say that I'm working on a change. Take care, my dear :-)

Sean Jeating said...

Awe-inspiring photograph / phenomenon. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

As for your question: There are - as almost always - lots of inspiration, ideas etc.; at the same time my
Thoreau-syndrom lets my energy focus on taciturnity, even though right now I am on the best way to contradict myself and by doing so run the risk of being diagnosed with logorrhoea.
Oh well, variatio delectat. :)

Gemel said...

Wow, what a moment, fantastic photo. Wish I could have been there to see it for real, thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Mine fluctuate - as do my moods.

This picture is absolutely amazing. It looks like it's water. Wow.

Lydia said...

The image is phenomenal.

December always gets me down, and it has only been in recent years that I just let it be, no more pushing to have the holiday that everyone thinks I should have. Don't do cards anymore except to my cousin in Finland. My husband and I do not exchange gifts. Gifts to others are minimal and less each year. After my mother died ten years ago I felt I must continue her tradition of six different kinds of pressed cookies, enough for all the neighbors as she had done. What sprung naturally from her sociable character was for me sheer madness. Haven't made cookies for probably five years now.

I figure letting myself off the hook for all that might allow me enough energy to actually feel something...

You are not alone!

The Crow said...

December is a hard month to get through - sort of the lame-duck month of the whole year for me, too.

I'll be taking it very easy, as well, lowering expectations, making my nest warmer and making certain the pantry is replenished, should hard times pop up again like they did last year.

On the bright side, I'm trying to pay closer attention to all the good things that happen which, for one reason or another, I overlook. Right now, for instance, I'm listening to the windchime outside the back door, singing in the wind.

So very glad you didn't encounter a storm like the one in the photo - geeze, that is scary-looking!

Lisa said...

That photo is wild!

And holy cats is my personal energy low. It's directly related to my uptick in reading political stuff. Stupid wears me out.

Liberality said...

It's easy for me to tell you to slow down and not worry about it, that your energy levels are bound to go back up. It's not so easy for me to convince myself of that.

I've been really crappy lately. Not putting as much into my school work and it bugs me--I want SO to be a perfectionist, even if I am anything but that. What bugs me I guess is that I didn't try my hardest to do my best and it makes me feel guilty.

Anyway, yeah, seeing that in the sky would scare me. Tornadoes are born from such super cells.

Take care and stay warm!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Post-Thanksgiving until the first real snowfall is a dreary, damp, cold time weather-wise. I stay in a lot but I am easier on myself for doing so. I used to get angry with me for staying indoors too much. Now it's just what I do.

That photograph is amazing!


susan said...

randal - Damn things are real energy suckers, aren't they?

jams - You have a great blog which I hope you keep up much longer than 5 years.

francis - Night work is very hard but lack of energy doesn't show in your posts.

marja-leena - I'm finding not working to be the strangest change and wonder why I'm not doing all the extra things I did then. I hope the change you're contemplating is a happy one.

sean - We might only have to make note of one instance to understand the whole but that's only for the wise. Change is inevitable, embraced or not, don't you think?

gemel - It is amazing but I'm very, very glad not to have seen it myself. Out there there's no place to run :-)

nancy - Yes, I had to point out the tree or there's no reference point. It is a cool photo.

lydia - Christmas kind of interferes with my normal schedule of giving presents for no reason :-) Really, though, when so many of the people we've loved have died the holiday can be extra painful - and more so when everybody is trying to sell stuff.

the crow - Things always seem to brighten up once we get to January - even if it is cold. I do hope your hard times are over but it never hurts to be prepared. It's interesting how much beauty can open to us when we approach the world as it is with a clear heart.

lisa - It is, isn't it? Amazing how it's a lot easier to love humanity without the input of particular people.

liberality - I can always give myself lots of good advice too but energy only combusts when it's spontaneous :-) I think we're meant to slow down at the dark time of the year and goodness knows the world would be safer if we all did less but instead we kick ourselves for not keeping up.

We did go through a big storm in the Dakotas that was scary enough.

susan said...

pagan sphinx - The weather is pretty rainy and dreary here too and not all that different from Portland. I'll be like you and wait for that first snowfall.

Take care.

linda said...

wow, that's enough energy for a small country! amazing photo, i am going to show it to my grandkids on our little blog we share...

as for energy among us humans, mine is very low both emotionally and physically, not a big surprise to you, i'm sure...looking for spring, i don't like the holiday season, the commercialism, the craziness, the stupid emphasis on all the things i hate--- how is it there with the weather, snowing yet? xxoo

La Belette Rouge said...

Anything you want to post is fine with me. Blogging without expectations is one of my favorite mottos---even though I can't manage it. I am feeling a little low energy. I think I might take a Christmas blogging break.

susan said...

linda - It is an amazing picture and a sight I'm delighted we didn't see. One early morning storm out there on the highway was enough for me.

I think a lot of us get low at this time of year but the annual Saturnalia Extravaganza is much more subdued here in Haligonia. No snow yet but there were 55mph winds driving rain yesterday and everybody was walking around like it was normal so we did too. It was nice except when my face got whipped by my coat lapels :-)

belette - I really and truly don't know how you write such long pieces with such amazing clarity and wisdom so many days of the week.. and you visit! If you need a break from blogging that lasts through the holidays you have my blessings and good wishes while you do so.

TheCunningRunt said...

That's a ridiculously excellent photograph.