Sunday, December 19, 2010

waiting for Father Christmas


  1. Lovely work! Hope you are enjoying the holiday preparations. Have you snow there?

  2. That is a wonderful piece of work Susan. I love it

  3. Oh, my. That is totally delightful. As good or better as any published illustrator. Sounds like Nova Scotia agrees with your muse!

    Happy Christmas, Susan and Numb

    All the love,

  4. aw, that was nice..... merry holidays ...and happy Christmas.

  5. marja-leena - Thanks! It snowed a few days ago and just enough is left to cover the grass. So far winter her isn't what I'd expected but there are still a few months to go.

    jams - Thank you very much. It looks as I'd hoped it would.

    pagan sphinx - I'm glad you like it. Some illustrations tend to tear me up more than others and this is one. NS is working on me but it's a slow process.

    Happy Christmas to you, WH, and the super girls :-)

    okjimm - I think you listened to the song - it's one of our favorites.
    Happy Christmas to you too.

  6. i adore this little painting--and the music is fun have such a light and gentle touch and it so shows in your art...hoping you are keeping warm up there and it's not too dark for you...freezing wet and windy down here and i am not liking it one bit.

    happy holidaze xo

  7. This is fantastic. A new favorite.

  8. So beautiful. I am so very curious how you think being in Nova Scotia is affecting your creative life.
    Happy Christmas, Lovely!xoxo

  9. Hi Susan,
    great work - A light filed joyous Christmas to you!! It must feel different in another country this year but I gather your settling in well? As they say the only constant is change and down under we witnessed more than our fair share this year. Power brokers from within get rid of the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and we saw eventually a woman gain the top job.

    The decade long drought was broken with flooding rain to exceed all past records; some rejoicing over record yields whilst others hopes were washed away with the torrential rain and subsequent flooding. But personal savings have rocketed from record lows to record highs as folk spent less and became much more prudent.

    There was a movement to go home on time each day; to do less work so that you make more available to everyone else!! . It seems to working a little better this year as unemployment has reduced and as nation we are spending far less but saving more. But hard for the retailers.

    Best wishes.

  10. In the states, bad children get coal. In Canada, do said children get crosschecked?

  11. linda - I always wondered how Peter Rabbit would have looked if Beatrix Potter had a bad month. I'm looking forward to January even if it does get colder.

    lisa - Glad you liked it.

    belette - So far it's touch and go but I'm making an effort now and then.

    lindsay - I'm very glad to hear John Rudd has been replaced as PM. It would be very good here if Stephen Harper was out of the picture too so we'll see what the new year brings.

    I enjoyed your post about the rains and Lake Eyre. Let's hope that Australia gets more regular rain and fewer deluges. It would be nice if the world economy could recover so sensibly.

    If retailers everywhere sold high quality products rather than junk there'd be less reason to have so many of them and likely everyone would be better off. There's certainly enough work that needs to be done but that needs financing. The worldwide monetary system isn't working to benefit people or the planet. Maybe we can hope that changes too.

    randal - In Canada bad children get tar sand.

  12. Love the water color. Different than the tigers, large birds and pretty girls. Love that song too, haven't heard it in a long time. I like the Kinks and have a couple of their albums from long ago.
    Christmas here will be my two daugters, 4 Grandkids, Mrs. Spadoman and myself. Home made pizza and a large assortmnent of snacks and appetizers. We did buy some stuff, but no mindless anything goes spending on junk, IE: No Barbie Dolls or Guns and NOTHING bought at Walmart.
    I hope no matter how or what you do, you accept my wishes for you and yours to enjoy a Merry Christmas.


  13. So charming, Susan. There is so much depth of emotion here.

  14. spadoman - I'm glad you like it and it is different for me getting into a more concrete reality than my usual style. Numb and I are major Kinks fans. One time when we were watching one of their tour documentaries we saw our long ago selves dancing in the front row.

    I hope you guys have enjoyed a Christmas to remember.

    lydia - Thanks so much. It really is a very tough season for so many.

  15. gfid - Thanks. I'm in the midst of trying to make a switch from fantasy images to ones more realistic. It's not easy because I prefer the former :-)

  16. Susan - this is beautiful, and I was struck right away with the reality (ours) that informs this one. A switch. I especially like, however, the way your light and color from your fantasy reality still fills this illustration. I'm eager to see how that unfolds in future paintings and drawings.

    And I SO wanted to put something in that bowl. We always tip street musicians. At a recent performance I walked up the stage, took the tip jar, and walked it around to everyone else in the informal restaurant/bar to give them all a chance to contribute... Street performers earn their tips, and add a lot to our lives.

  17. steve - I'm so glad you came by in time to see her and happier still that you like what you see. While I was drawing the accordian I couldn't help but think that it would be a valuable prize to certain parties. Later the song 'Father Christmas' seemed the perfect fit with the image.

    That was very nice of you to pick up the tip jar and hold it out for contributions. You are a very fine man :-)