Thursday, October 13, 2011

r-evolutionary Crow

Naturally, Crow couldn't bear sitting around in his library once he heard about OWS so he's gone off to the festivities. Sometimes I get a bit jealous of his ability to flit across world borders without even so much as a passport. Now that he's been there for a couple of days he's sent a list of his favorite sign slogans to share with you. He promised to bring me a t-shirt just like the one he's wearing so long as I remember to save him some brandy.

I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

The evolution will not be terrorized.

Support your local police - Beat Yourself up.

You'd be home by now - if you lived in your car.

Screw us and we multiply.

You're damn right it's our business.

Too broke to fail.

Class war is the best war.

If the system is corrupt, how could reform be the answer?

1% is the loneliest number that you've ever seen.

You can't arrest an idea.

Let's bring on Ayn Rand's nightmare.

NYPD is a layoff away from joining us.

When tyranny is law, revolution is order.

Obama 2012 - Excuses we can believe in.

The beginning is near.

Lost my job, found an occupation.

Growth economics is a suicide cult.

Respect existence or expect resistance.

Due to recent budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

Too big has failed.

Man, proud man,
Dressed in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he's most assured,
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven,
As make the angels weep.

-William Shakespeare

So have you heard any good ones he missed?


  1. Good ones. Shucks, I wish I'd kept note of the ones I've come across so I could have shared them here. Maybe there will be some good ones at Occupy Vancouver.

  2. Excellent slogans! One British one I always liked was "The Tories are the cream of society - rich, thick and full of clots"

  3. Crow's fooling no one, he just wants to poop on the heads of the next state nightstick strolling down the road. May his aim be true!

  4. Humor aside. This country, for better or worse, is always changing. So, where does this process of change come from?

    Typical person in the streets responses include: The will of the people, from the top, protests, action committees, voting and prayer.

    I suggest those are almost window dressing. Real change comes at the request of lobbyists, special interest groups and the power of money.

    Why so? Because we do have a representative government ... just take a peek at the people talking to government and how the gov listens to those people and then represents them.

    Most people complain but don't walk the halls of governement with positive solutions to bad situations. Plus citizens rarely have the finanicial resourses necessary for major projects.

    Consider smoking. It seemed the entire US population smoked during the 40s, 50s and 60s. And now ... smokers are almost outlaws. (if necessary to say, I'm a lifelong non smoker)

    How did such a rapid change happen? It wasn't because of unhappy non-smokers ... no, the rapid change came about because of insurance companies then followed by businesses enforcing health requirements and that was followed by local, state and the Fed governments making rules.

    There's an illusion about protesters ending the Vietnam war ... While protests made for good TV, other factors were at play and the war was shut down.

  5. marja-leena - I also kind of liked the one that said 'Goldman Sacks, Goldman Pillages'.

    jams - That is a good one.

    randal - I think he's planning to enlist the help of the city's pigeons.

    bill - I hear you saying we have a government that represents corporate interests. By paying taxes citizens are supposed to be able to direct public resources through their Congressional and Senate representatives. I realize this may sound Pollyanna-ish but that is how a democracy is supposed to work in principle. That it doesn't is a shame and the reason people are angry.

  6. no doll, i have not...and have not been online either as it's 90 and we are harvesting our pitiable crop of pinot...i am very very very tired of all this [AND just plain tired after 2 mornings waking at 430] and we are considering crap i never even thought we'd think of....if i could find something about pissed farmers that wasn't about corn, i'd give it to you but tonight i dont have the heart to look :( xoxo

  7. I love the drawing, Susan. As for the discussion, I need to pass. I'm already late to meet Wayne to help him work on his mother's house. Dreary, everyday stuff have the upper hand today.

    Sending much love,

  8. That drawing is perfect. I might use one of those slogans on my own sign. If I see any memorable ones (I've seen many and not retained them), I'll let you know.

  9. linda - It's okay if you haven't as Crow provided more than enough. I'm sorry you haven't been sleeping well - I don't do that well either when the temperature is hot. I'm hoping the pinot crop didn't suffer too much but it doesn't sound as if the news is good.

    gina - The drawing came first and I'm glad you like it :-) Winterizing a house is never fun; I trust you'll get to do something more enjoyable tomorrow.
    much love to you

  10. lisa - I want a t-shirt like Crow's. I rather liked another one I saw today: Fight Crime, Not Freedom. Enjoy what there is to be enjoyed.

  11. Just saw one online of a lovely young woman carrying a sign saying: Free Tampons to Stop Economic Bleeding.

  12. These are definitely some of the best.Thank Crow for getting down there and bringing these to you to share with us.
    I've seen some good ones on YouTube videos that I've seen posted, but never jotted them down. That Crow must be like Lt. Bligh. You know, writing down things in the midst of a large crowd in bad weather. Or is his memory that good, enhanced, perhaps, by the daily infusions of brandy? I heard a shot a day will keep you sharp. Makes me think I'll start the habit mnyself.


  13. Hi Revolution Crow
    Take it easy- we can only deal with one revolution at a time? I note your superb plumage and dignified air as usual but dont have any good ones to add !!

    The chickens one day will come home to roost - utopian ideas are doomed just as excessive urbanization isolates us from the reality of nature with day to day life struggles.

    Isolation inherent in urbanization limits our awareness to farming and nature. THe difficulty of growing food is not fully appreciated nor the thin balance to being sustainable.
    Best wishes

  14. Marvellous drawing, susan, and I love the slogans.

  15. claire - Yes, it's a good one.

    marja-leena - It would have to be a young woman to carry that one :-)

    spadoman - They are pretty good, aren't they? After millennia of keeping a lookout Crow has developed some fine observation skills.

    lindsay - Good to see you again. Yes, Crow and I agree the time will come but we're both cheering the fact that so many people who have been silent have finally found their voices.

    francis - Thanks, my friend. I liked them too - even the ones I didn't make up.

  16. i know i posted on this ages ago.... but no sign of it..... or maybe i'm just losing my mind... a definite possibility. .... the t-shirt.... would that require an abortion? ... ?covered by national health care? the can of worms is just too wiggly for my weary grey cells to sort out.... be well....

  17. Those slogans are really good! I especially like "If the system is corrupt, how could reform be the answer?". Oh, when the comfortable become uncomfortable with the masses then they throw us a bone or two to shut us up. That is the incremental change version and then there is revolution.

  18. Oh Dear.... how did I miss this???

    I too, feel like the 1%... went out to buy a doughnut and found I could only afford the hole.

  19. gfid - I thought you had too but it appears my response has also disappeared. All I know is that it's just wrong we have a bunch of psychopaths in positions of responsibility. I think that's all we need to understand en masse and the rest will follow.

    liberality - It was fun collecting them and making up a few others. What was that old saying? Oh yes - Afflict the comfortable. The November 5th movement to transfer our money from big banks to credit unions is a great idea.

    okjimm - That's a good line.

  20. Marvelous drawing; I love it. Would make a wonderful poster for the cause.

    I think you have the slogans covered, Susan! Thank you.