Sunday, June 21, 2009

the winner is:

I had to wait for Crow to wake up. Then I had to wait more while he made his leisurely way to the bathroom to commence his morning ablutions. You know it's a good thing we have 2 bathrooms - well, actually we have 2.5 but the .5 is under the staircase on the other side of our living room. It seemed that using it would be not very private (like peeing on the aspidistra while continuing a conversation) so we filled it with portable shelving and turned it into a cupboard.

Anyway, back to Crow and the further wait while he fluffed his feathers and sipped his espresso. By then I was getting just a little impatient but he's never responded to my enthusiasms, something that's probably been good for for me over the years. Now that he's lit his first Cohiba cigar, for this is Sunday and a special one at that being Father's Day, he's finally ready to pull one of the Origami cranes out of the crystal bowl. The paper birds make rustling sounds as he sifts through them. Now he's finally made his choice which he gives me to unwrap. Ahh! The name written inside in tiny script is: Spartacus.

Happy Father's Day, Spartacus! The O'Hare departure lounge drawing is yours if you want it. Get in touch by the usual method and if Crow isn't available to fly it to you directly I know who is.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you for the prize Susan. Wow! I have the perfect frame for it. My son Zeb made this really cool checker/chess board in wood shop that looks more like a picture frame. And thank you for the Father's Day wishes. I had a nice day despite rainy weather.

René Wing said...

congratulations Spartacus! How fitting that a father should have won and even has a frame for it made by his son! excellent.

susan said...

spartacus - Excellent, glad you got the message and it's very cool Zeb made you a picture frame just in time.

Rene - Yes, it's all good news :-)

Seraphine said...

i know what you mean about the toilet in the half bathroom. we went hiking in the hills over the weekend. at the halfway point next to the trail is a small park with a porta-potty. but i felt self-conscious and peed as softly as i could so nobody walking by on the trail could hear.
grats to spartacus! lucky lucky.

Spadoman said...

Hope to get my name in the bowl! Congrats to Spartacus.

I'm home. A tad earlier than expected, but safe and sound. Just thought you might want to know. I'll be posting here and there as time permits.

Lover of Life said...

We had a place in a closet just for a bathroom too, but it was right across from the dining room table! It is now cupboards and shelving as well. Loved the picture, and congrats to the winner!

susan said...

sera - I'd have done the same but I don't like port-a-potties either so I might have found a convenient bush to squat behind.

spadoman - Good to see you've returned. I'll drop by later to see if you've had time to write.

lol - Now that's even worse than ours. I think they only put it in our living room so they could advertise 2.5 bathrooms.

lindsaylobe said...

Another great story and well written post with those exquisite drawings.

I loved the story about your ocean encounter and the weathered 2 rocks as reminders of the sea tides and patterns of which we are part.

Best wishes

Mary Ellen said...

Congrats to Spartacus! And Happy Dad's Day to all those Dad's out there. I know I'm late with this message, but better late than never, eh?

Love that picture, Susan.

I have one of those "half baths" which I hate using when we have company. During the week, however, I turned it into my own private salon since I got tired of listening to my husband complain that my hairdryer made too much noise in the morning and woke him up. I have my eye on my son's bathroom and as soon as he graduates from college and moves out, it's mine...all mine! Bwahahahahaha!

Seraphine said...

lol mary ellen.
and it's true
having your own
bathroom is heaven!

Ben said...

Good space-saving decision. Still, it must be nice to know that you have that potential half-bathroom there, just in case.

That is one fine seascape as well.

susan said...

lindsay - I appreciate your lovely words.

nunly - It really is nice having one's own bathroom. I recommend it.

sera - :-)

ben - It's true, one never knows.