Tuesday, June 30, 2009

not just for birds

Crow here.

This is a picture drawn by my great nephew Irwin who's trying his best to be a chip off the old block. He has a way to go yet but you can see he has the general idea.

He flew in from the east coast last night excited to tell us about one of the latest developments in green technology. It seems some people with a little more foresight than appears to be the norm realized that if you can get electricity from wind power by having turbines on the ground, imagine how much more you could get by sticking them way up in the air.. like 20 to 40 thousand feet up in the air where the wind really blows.

According to Irwin these scientists and engineers have decided NYC is a goldmine of stratospheric wind power. That is where Goldman Sachs is headquartered, isn't it? I'd like to suggest they take a reading of hot air currents over Washington DC too but New York will do for a start. For those of you who prefer to watch he brought an old video explanation of the process he found in a second hand shop on 42nd St:

Now we have to go out and find the youngster a decent pair of Crow boots. I can't have a great nephew of mine running around bare clawed. It's embarrassing.


  1. He does have talent so he must really be a chip off the ole block...

  2. i can see the familial artistic consemblance.
    i guess if i better hook those balloons up to my chair and see what i want to see before someone fills the sky with windmills and blows me off course.

  3. Great job getting the real news out to us all. I mean the Goldman piece. Didn't make the "big" news with MJ passing and all. Did you know Al Franken will be seated as a US Senator from Minnesota? More news that wasn't as newsworthy as MJ's death.
    The art work certainly seems to be reral close to the other art work that shows up here. I haven't been coming around long enough to recognize the players, but this young Crow seems to have the lines down pat.
    As for the airborne wind generator, I guess as soon as they figure out who will profit from a contraption like that, they'll start putting them up all over the place, as long as the profit is for another large corporation with a lobby force bigger than the St. Paul police department.

    Peace to all.

  4. definitely a chip off the old beak. i was cruising you tube last night, and went through some k.d. lang interviews.... she was bare clawed in one of them. not a bad act to follow, Crow.

  5. //He flew in from the east coast last night //

    Boy, must his arms be tired! :)

    Happy Canada Day!!

  6. What a great idea, putting the turbines on skyscrapers! I hear a lot of people who say they want to use the wind for energy, but whenever there are plans to open up land for wind farms, those who live nearby complain about the noise from the turbines or they complain because they find them "unsightly". Personally, I love looking at them, think they're pretty cool.

  7. As long as they stick one in the halls of Congress, the White House and various structures on K street, I'm all for this.

  8. Hey, this is super cool. Where can I get one?

    I can imagine a personal version too, to power Crackberries and ipods... flying just overhead and attached to a little beanie like hat.

  9. I see a family resemblance. Good looking crow and smart too. Crow proves that birdbrains are smarter than politicians.

  10. liberality - His folks did the right thing and fed him lots of fruit cake.

    sera - We birds were already having trouble with the ground level ones. Now we'll have to negotiate the cables too. Still, it's better than smoke stacks and radiation.

    marja-leena - He's already proud enough of himself but I may tell him you said that.

    spadoman - As my friend Matt Taibbi mentioned Goldman Sachs has been busy cornering the market on green tech - esp. wind power. The whole 'Bubble' article he just published in Rolling Stone is great. Looks like he finally found a tin foil hat that fits him. I'm still waiting for the other foot to drop.

    gfid - Now that's a scary image.

    okjimm - He stopped for a beer in Oshkosh but you weren't there.

    nunly - That was hilarious when the people on Martha's Vineyard complained. The whole attitude is put them where the poor people live. Kites on skyscrapers sounds cool to me.

    randal - Those guys spew enough hot air to power the world.

    gary - That does sound like the next logical step. I'll mention it at the UN next time I'm there.

    belette - We have an advantage in not having opposable thumbs. Makes us better conceptualists.

  11. Yo Crow...

    Tell Susan I said thanks for the drawing. I got some gifts to send her way, too, and I want to know if I can send it to her P.O. Box or to a different address.

    Oh,tell your great nephew he rocks as an illustrator, and that helium-floating wind turbine. Awesome idea. here on the East Coast we get some pretty strong onshore breezes from the ocean every afternoon. Think of how self sufficient one can be this way.

  12. well, crow, they radiate food, so radiation must be good for us.
    i'm all for radiation.
    if everything glowed in the dark, we wouldn't need reading lights, saving consumers untold dollars.
    i hope they use the windmills to produce radiation. for the common good, of course, and not for weapons.

  13. spartacus - susan says she's glad you like it :-)
    Yes, high altitude wind power is a good idea as is tidal power. We just have to wait for Goldman Sachs to figure out how to own the air and the seas and they'll be in business.

    sera - You mean that sparkle in your eyes isn't just for me? Goodness only knows what people have grown used to consuming.

  14. why the hell would anyone want to generate more wind? don't we have enough now? another wind generator? bah! :P lol