Sunday, June 7, 2009

prize Crow

Our friend Nunly asked susan to post a list of seven things she likes that couldn't include people. Taking the suggestion one step further she decided to foist the duty onto me using the excuse that few people other than her know anything about yours truly.

1. I enjoy human art (it must be nice having opposable thumbs). I've been around longer than you might guess and the picture above is a portrait of me copied from a cave wall in Lascaux, France. I told you I've been around a long time. I've known many great artists in between (vanGogh painted some cousins) and have perched for a few but there's been nobody quite so in tune with crowness since the shaman Wulla-mullung in Australia. His paintings haven't been found yet.

2. I like sailing ships - those big wooden ones folks used to venture out to sea on like barques, brigantines, frigates and galleons. They had masts and mizzens and miles of rope for perching on while the ocean breezes ruffled my feathers. Junks, sampans, catamarans and boats made from the reeds that grew in the great marsh of Mesapotamia. Metal ships have fed man's arrogance.

3. Old time pieces are another favorite thing. Pocket watches with chains and fobs aren't so much about being on time for appointments as they are simply pleasant to hold and examine. Time itself is meaningless except as a way of measuring change.

4. I like flowers. You see them as lovely examples of the gentle qualities of nature but in truth they are local reminders of the power of expression in the cosmos. They probably shouldn't exist at all but the fact they do, in every shape and size and in every climate, is a wonder.

5. Music might be the the original human art form, so ancient that nobody knows its beginnings, but you can still get clues here and there if you search long enough. If you listen to Water Drums by the Baka pygmy tribe you'll hear them playing a river.

6. I like it when humans live in harmony with their surroundings. Rammed earth houses, cob, paper, adobe, stone, bamboo and light concrete are all much more satisfying to your physical and aesthetic needs (and ours) than sterile steel and glass buildings.

7. My favorite thing of all is sharing a snifter of Remy Martin and some fruitcake (topped with marzipan and royal icing) while relaxing on my perch with dear friends. You should drop by for a chat some day.

I don't know much about how these things are done but susan has suggested I ask Liberality, Lover of Life and Linda to take the award for their wonderful blogs and also to share seven things they like about the world.


  1. Nicely done, Crow. I love the painting that tops your piece. Did Susan paint it? It just might be my all time favorite image of a crow. You made my mouth water with that bit about the Remy Martin and the fruitcake. Oh my, you do have lovely taste.

  2. i've been drinking with fruitcakes too. most are quite harmless. some, one learns, are evil. generally, they are quite entertaining. more than once, i've felt like an honorary fruitcake myself.
    though i've never developed a taste for cognac. it's too warm, too rich, too strong. which is weird, because i like jaeger and absinthe and other warm, strong, rich liquids.
    cognac must be an acquired taste. perhaps my senses are too paupered to buy it.
    i felt the same with martinis, which mostly taste like aviation fuel to me. but then one night i had one that was cold enough to trick my taste buds into thinking it was delicious.
    that might have been one of those honorary fruitcake nights.

  3. utah - It is a great painting but wasn't done by susan, although she might wish she was that good or could be in a future lifetime. No, it came from an old album.

    You're welcome to share the perch anytime ;-)

    sera - You could never in a million years be an ordinary fruitcake. You're much more likely to be this kind.. elegant, yet charming.

  4. I love that sentence about crowness and the shaman Wulla-mullung... I have to look into that! And I like that you put simply "flowers" on your list. :) Is it Thich Nhat Hanh who teaches meditation on a flower? Probably many do... the whole world is in one.

  5. i remember a seinfeld episode where elaine eats her boss's "collectible" piece of cake from the refrigerator.
    i mean, what else would you do with it?

  6. I LOVE the crow painting.

    I suppose with enough Remy Martin fruitcake could taste good.

  7. I'm so happy you were able to share a little bit of yourself with us, Crow. I had no idea that Remy Martin Cognac would have been your personal choice,I thought it would be Old Crow Bourbon. You're certainly one high class Crow!

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. superb, i share in those likes, but also adore canoes and rowboats :)

  9. rene - We could say the lotus is the essence of all that's meant by the word flower :-)

    sera - I have done that and it was delicious.

    belette - You drink enough Remy and absolutely anything tastes good. I give you my word of honor.

    nunly - There's more where that came from, my lady, but never too much too soon is my motto.

    :D wolf - Coracles are also nice :-)

  10. Thank you for the introduction to the Baka, dear Crow. Indigenous music is wonderful stuff - takes me to another plane in a flash.

    I can see where cognac with good fruitcake would be an outstanding treat. I soak the dried fruit in a good rum overnight when I make my fruitcake. I will try cognac instead of rum, one of these times.

    Enjoyed your post very much.


  11. the crow - Crow's tittled off for a little while - said it's a good time of year for some long distance flying - but asked me to tell you he's happy you liked the music and that all we need is to believe in the magic that is our deepest nature.

    At least when you come to visit him you really can share the perch while the rest of us sit on the floor :-).. not so far to fall after the Remy.

  12. You are a bird of awakened tastes. I'll have to swing by your perch on one of these Remy Martin nights. :)

  13. Time and time travel is certainly interesting, but I especially like cake!

  14. I know I have been well and truly out of it when I don't respond to your kind invitation. I beg your pardon.