Tuesday, November 10, 2009

back in style

I finally finished the 'Lioness & Cub' painted silk bag on the weekend and thought you might like to see how it came out in as close to the real colors as I could manage. Now that we've had some rain and wind storms the girl with the horn is no longer visible in the trees outside my window and likely won't return in the same form next year. Never mind, she's safe here.

Crow's off visiting some old friends and making new ones. He sent me a telegram yesterday to say he'd be back soon but in the meanwhile he told me about the bioneers - an interesting group of social and scientific innovators who are working right here in the US on projects that mimic nature's ways of looking after herself. Crow sounded quite excited about the organization and promises more news once he gets home.

Now I have to go and find his fruitcake and a bottle of Remy Martin. Maybe I'd better polish his perch and his goblet too - but I'll remember to use a separate cloth this time :-)


marja-leena said...

Beautiful!! And how wonderful that groups like the Bioneers are so active out there! Good work, Crow, finding it!

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
I enjoyed reading all of your past few posts - no wonder you married Jer/ Numb- possessing that lovely sense of imagination and storytelling attribute!! I note that you have enshrined his stories in suitable colors and characters?

The colors and lion look fantastic in sartorial splendor but I wish you could summon up the curative energy to redeposit that rain to fall on our sunny shores as we swelter with the hottest November since records were first kept.

It’s a smart practice to mimic nature to learn from her.

But also to enjoy her as I am reminded today of the magpies who flew in for their favorite walnut snack – warbling their delight. Rainbow lorikeets also stopped over for a well earned drink and to pass on their kind regards to ‘Crowe’.

Best wishes

La Belette Rouge said...

You are making me dream of February! Crow and weasel together. Gorgeous work, as always!

Randal Graves said...

Bioneer? Is that like fungineer? And do you really enjoy fruitcake? Really? Am I sorry for all of these questions? Do I dig that bag? Yes and yes.

susan said...

marja-leena - It's always nice to get a compliment from you. I was very glad too to read about the Bioneers and I'm looking forward to Crow's report.

lindsay - Yes, that was a good story and the only one he ever illustrated himself. There are 2 others I did illustrate but although we still have the manuscripts my drawings aren't available.

I'm sorry to hear about the extreme heat you've been experiencing. Just today I read an article saying that the Australian government is considering measures regarding sea level rise and the fact that every major city is a coastal one. It's pretty scary stuff we're looking at and I'm glad there are groups both large and small working to give us options.

I'm sure Crow would be happy at my passing on his greetings to your magpies and lorikeets.

belette - It will be a happy meeting, I'm sure. Yes, I do like this one too - it's so satisfying to see my color mixes have worked.

randal - Of course, both Crow and I love fruitcake - always have - but I realize it an acquired taste.

Seraphine said...

beautiful. i love the design and the color of this purse. the green is an awesome new color for you, and very calming.

linda said...

this is gorgeous, your color choices are fabulous in combination...love it!♥

Mary Ellen said...

That color combination is stunning, I love it!

Good to know Crow is off visiting friends because that means he'll be back with some great stories. Can't wait!

Spadoman said...

Another beautiful bag. Glad you posted the pen and ink bare bones drawing a while ago, now I can see how you turn those drawings into these stunning accessory bags. I like the colors.
When I lived in Grand Junction, CO a number of years ago, at the end of Winter, one could look up towards the east and the Grand Mesa and see the outline of a goose in flight. Like your girl with the horn that might not be there next year, folks wondered if the goose would be seen the next year. During periods of heavy snow, light snow or whatever, the outline came alive at the end of each Winter. I'm sure you'll see the girl and the horn. She might claim another position or a different instrument, but she'll be there sure enough.
I'll check out the Bioneers. I've heard that moniker before, but am in the dark abiout who/what etc. Thanks Crow.
Peace to all.

Lisa said...

You are such a talent! The bag is so beautiful. I love it.

susan said...

sera - One of my favorite activities is taking all my bottles of dyes to the kitchen and making up new shades that I keep in little jars. They are inspiring :-)

linda - Thank you, my dear. I know we share a love of color.

nunly - I knew it was time well spent :-)

Yes, my Crow come and goes but he's always fascinating company.

spadoman - It's funny but watercolor and silk dyes are both very permanent media, unlike oils and acrylics that can be overpainted, so I have to spend a lot of time making sure the drawing is just right. I'm glad you like what I do.

That's a cool story about the flying goose on the mountain. I think there are many signs in nature that Mother Earth uses to show her love for us and I'm sure you're right too that my girl or her sister will be back next summer. I'm grateful to you for saying so.

The Bioneers look to be an interesting group, don't they? I can hardly wait for Crow's arrival. That reminds me I have to find more fruitcake since I've eaten most of it while waiting for him :-)

lisa - Cool. I'm glad you do and glad you found a minute to drop by.

Seraphine said...

most of my little jars are empty.
i have an old glass carmex container that has an indian head nickle inside.
but it's not really a jar.
i have a jar with some seashells in it too. i saved them thinking one day i'd make some necklaces.
if i saved dyes in them, they'd likely be dried out by now.
imagine the wall my manicurist has for her nail colors: small bottles neatly organized by color.

Ben said...

I love both the color and--from what we can see--the texture. Like Seraphine said, very calming.

Utah Savage said...

You always do such beautiful work.

susan said...

sera - I have jars of mother-of-pearl buttons that I never sewed on my favorite jacket. Maybe soon I'll be old enough to be a 'Pearly Queen'. When I first started mixing dyes I bought tons of Gerber applesauce so I could use the little jars. One day a clerk asked me if didn't think a little variety would be nice for the baby :-)

ben - It's very smooth and soft and.. calming. You'd like it more if you touched it :-)

utah - Thanks, my friend :-)

Liberality said...

I can't wait to read about Crow's explorations.

After reading Atwood's books, I find myself turning toward self sufficiency websites, books, etc. to learn more about the subject. We should live in balance with Mother Nature.

Your purse is bright and beautiful.

Seraphine said...

that's funny about the store clerk. and i thought applesauce was *good* for babies.
my favorite baby food was apricots. it had little tapioca berries in it. wow, i haven't thought of aprocots in years. i'll have to buy a jar to see if it tastes as good as i remember.
the pearl buttons sound pretty. you definitely should do something with them.

susan said...

liberality - I think about the balance thing a lot myself but generally despair of anything I can do that doesn't also contribute to the other side of the coin. Sometimes all we can do is witness but I'll wait to hear what Crow has to say. Margaret Atwood is a dark genius.

sera - I love the jars St. Dalfours jams come in. They make a lovely apricot as well as my favorite - black currant. There's something mystical about those flavors from childhood beautifully developed for the adult palate but maybe a jar of apricot baby food will still taste just as good.

The pearl buttons and jars of semi-precious stone beads will be used one day but maybe not by me. I have a little glass box with an earring made from a hummingbird wing feather. Of course, I could never wear it.

Steve Emery said...

I love this bag - including the more abstract "other side." Sometimes the "b" side of a single is as interesting as the hit, in a different way...

susan said...

steve - It's amazing how we can have as much fun at the peripheries as at the center.

gfid said...

yum..... beginning to unpack, as i'm moving into my own place finally... and getting a bit panicky because i haven't come across the luscious mermaid scarf yet.....

susan said...

g-fid - I'm sure they'll turn up and I'm glad to know you're settling into a place of your own. Welcome back.