Saturday, November 14, 2009

do you believe in magic?

Crow hasn't made it back here yet but he's assured me he's having a wonderful time. His most recent letter and a little video trailer was delivered this morning by some Canada geese who were on their way south. I was a bit annoyed at them honking outside my bedroom window until I saw what they'd brought. The first thing that fell out of the package was this picture he'd sent because he knows, now that winter's on the way, I miss seeing the little girl musician in the trees.

It had this note: 'What happens when the Universe speaks, but no one listens? Do we even understand the language of the Universe? It has been said by the mystics that the language of the mysteries are found in symbols and not words. These symbols speak to the human spirit and convey concepts, feeling, emotions, and experiences which transcend words. While familiar in the East, the West has long had a problem with the interpretation of symbols. We have a difficult time with the concept of ideas that bypass our rational thought process. The irony is that it appears that the Universe seems to have chosen the West to deliver its message. Perhaps, it is we who need it the most.'

Find more videos like this on Bioneers Community

What is real? What is art? What is the nature of proof? What are the limitations of science? What is the place of humanity in the cosmos? What do you think?


  1. Good questions....yes, I have answers :) But it's like writing an essay, answering all your questions :)))

  2. As is my wont, I always have more questions than answers. At the same time, I don't feel a pressing need to answer them all at once, instead to remain always open to the answers as they reveal themselves.

    I am one who values symbols and images over words. I've become a person of few words. The less I say, the closer I feel to the totality of things in the universe.

    I hope that makes sense.

  3. (heart) braja - Perhaps good questions need no answers :-) Nice to know you came by to visit.

    pagan sphinx - I feel the same way which often makes blogging difficult :-)

  4. Symbols are the shorthand for our unconscious and for the cosmic consciousness.

    That tree is something!

  5. i barely understand what i think i know, so it's not surprising to me when i feel less than semi-aware.
    i'm skeptical of many things, including crop circles and cattle mutilations.
    i used to be skeptical of global warming, fifteen years ago, but i've changed my mind about that. i'm not skeptical anymore.

  6. Hi Susan

    Yes, I believe in the magic in the world, for without magic we would not have Shakespeare and all of the magical telos (the end of a goal-oriented process)of appeal to our imagination.

    Strange concepts to take us on voyages of fresh disccovery will always be of fascination for us – as reality is stranger than fiction. I am highly skeptical about crop patterns which seem to be more the province of the Northern Hemisphere that anywhere else – but if there is an explanation it’s likely to be quite difficult to understand just as quantum mechanics is beyond the reasoning of most of us today.
    Best wishes

  7. I feel completely out of my league to answer this except to say yes. I do believe in magic.

  8. First of all...I absolutely love that tree pic...have to show it to my granddaughter who claims to be an expert on all fairies. This should intrigue her.

    The crop circle film was really cool. I don't think I've ever seen circles that were that intricate before. Really fascinating stuff...makes you think.

    Great post, Susan!

  9. liberality - and I've read many places that ceremonies are important for the earth and for ourselves.

    sera - I want to get the video simply because it looks very beautiful. Maybe it's not always people or aliens; it might just be the planet showing her stuff. I walk a fine line between scepticism and whimsy.

    lindsay - It's certainly true that all our accomplishments are based in some alternate reality we tap into now and then. I've been interested in physics and quantum mechanics for long enough now that I know we don't see what is but instead we see consensus reality. Even there the magic still appears.

    lisa - I do too.. at least I try to be open to it :-)

    nunly - The tree really is extraordinary and I'm sure your granddaughter will be intrigued. I'm glad you watched the video and were as impressed as I was at how intricate they are. You know the stems of the grains are rarely broken. Within a few days it's returned to normal. That's pretty neat.

    jams - In't she lovely?

  10. Wow. Wow. We know something is coming, don't we. Are all of these in the West?

    I do believe in magic. That video is magical.

  11. Great, now I'm going to have that damn Alan Parsons Project song in my head all day. Magical, indeed. Pshaw!

  12. nancy - Yes, but apparently not always. If you google the term you'll find groups who specialize in making them - especially in England. Then there are the mysterious 25% that can't be explained.

    randal - You're welcome :-)

  13. i think it would be fun
    to sit in a crop circle.

  14. As you ask at the end of the post... What is real? What is art?
    I ask, what is magic? If we don't have an explanation for something based in science? Sure, I believe in magic, whatever it is. What intrigues me, (and does not make me a believer or a disbeliever), is that the crop circles are recognizable shapes and contours. I've never seen one that isn't a shape that is different than what we know. I wonder if that means anything.
    The farther I travel on my life's journey, I understand more and more about my connection with nature. I especially think in terms of the wild animals and how they adapt to mankind and the changes in the natural he has come up with. As I look to the universe, it seems all the answers are there. They don't make any sense and aren't understandable on my level, yet they are there.


  15. I suppose I don't believe in a magic that can create crop circles without people. I do believe that people/animals/elements can create things that are read as magical.Actually, our existence is magical so whatever comes out of that is also magical. I don't have any answers but I certainly enjoy your questions.

  16. sera - I think I'd like to sit there with you.

    spadoman - I've read that if you hold out your hand and make a circle of your thumb and forefinger what you see in that circle is what science can explain. All the rest is either unknown yet or.. magic :-) It's interesting to google 'mathematics of crop circles' since you find they're almost all based on very complex geometry that also contain musical forms. I'm getting more interested all the time.

    belette - The more I read about the subject the more fascinating it becomes. The fakes are apparently quite easy to recognize but at the sites of the 'real' circles, the plants and the ground have all been studied for more than 20 years and found to have changed at chemical and atomic structural levels.

  17. she'd look beautiful in silk..... perhaps the questions are more important than the answers.....?

  18. gfid - They always are :-)

    Never worry, I've thought about drawing her.