Sunday, January 17, 2010

imitation's the best praise

Just so you don't think I've been sitting around doing nothing here's the next in the series of little paintings I've been playing around with recently. I go through periods of packing up the watercolors, paper and brushes (which are separate to the silk painting ones) and thinking I may never do another. Well, none of us really knows if we'll wake up in the morning either but we still make plans and act as though our days are endless. So I've returned to painting in watercolor and just like every other time it's a matter of learning all over again. They're small so I don't have to go off to work in the midst of one and forget what I was planning to do when I have the time and light to continue.

Happily, it's a long weekend so I'll start another tomorrow and maybe one of these days there'll be one I find very pleasing. The best presents are the ones we give ourselves so don't forget to treat yourself kindly.


Pagan Sphinx said...

There she is - in the tree! And carrying a peacock feather to very good effect!

Very dear and very clever all at once. Like you. :-)

Nancy said...

I love the blues of this picture and the little girl - how sweet. Have you ever thought of having a booth at the art fair in Lake Oswego in June? I love that art show - one of my favorites.

Seraphine said...

i won't forget to treat myself kindly; at least, i'll try.
and oh, there is never a wasted day.
brushes and colors sit opposite each other, envious of the life given to them:
the girl holding a special gift in a tree.
a peacocks in heels.
an endless blue sky.

gfid said...

on single beauteous feather, become an airship. i wonder if all feathers dream of flying solo? is there a story?

Lisa said...

What an enchanting painting! I love her expression and the peacock feather balloon. The colors are so fresh, too.

Lisa said...

And the peacock's boots!!!!!!!!!

susan said...

pagan sphinx - Ah yes, but is it art? :-)

nancy - Well, no. Public appearances make me very nervous.

sera - I hope you will try. This one was more fun than I expected and left me wondering, what next? How strange it is that the belief others have in me is the root cause of reason to sit and paint.

gfid - Feathers are designed for flight that make me wonder too. The story is one we must make for ourselves :-)

lisa - I'm not sure if my affinity with primary colors is beneficial or not. The sophisticated palettes in my visions always return to basics on the page.

I'm ready for boots like these but is the world?

Liberality said...

the two little dots of green, the little girl's shoes appeal to me more. sweet :)

Seraphine said...

positive reinforcement is a powerful motivator. i prefer it to being cracked with a whip.
both inspire; it's the difference between wanting to do something and having to do it whether you want to or not.

linda said...

this is so very sweet....the bird is wonderful and the little girl is just like you would imagine if you were to find her in the trees, coming upon such a magnificent creature! i am so glad you are painting...i always love everything you do and your work tends to send me to my own painting table, usually to get frustrated but it gets me there, just the same :)
xoxo---and no but yes, boots like those!

susan said...

liberality - Sweet of you to notice :-)

sera - True. The results of actions taken under duress are rarely positive.

linda - I'm glad to hear you say my work inspires you to paint. It's the nicest compliment but to tell the truth I messed up the first version and had to redo it. I'm really enjoying painting the small images and may continue with them for a while to come. Little ideas spring up faster :-)

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan
Loved your drawing of the weasel with Crowe.
Congratulations on your return to painting in watercolor which I think is my favourite medium because of the softness and reflective qualities which seem to go with it. I like your image, idea and colours – we have always tried to imitate nature haven’t we!!
I agree the best presents are the ones we give ourselves, which is also to say to use one’s gifts in the way that was intended and select that which we think best displays that reflection. Best wishes

Randal Graves said...

I love all the permutations of blue, yet this painting is anything but.

Mary Ellen said...

Hey! Did that little girl just steal that feather?? When does the crow police fly in and arrest her? ;-)

Actually, I love that picture, so sweet. The peacock boots are my favorite detail..really wonderful!

Spadoman said...

As always, good stuff there susan. I have begun to notice the shoes you have your victims wearing in your artwork. I call them victims because that word came to me, I mean, are you asking their permission to paint them? (Just joking)
I sold the last pair of snowshoes I had on hand yesterday. Now, on to other projects. Like minds? Who knows.


susan said...

lindsay - Watercolor is my favorite medium too so I'm happy to be back to playing with it again. The silk colors have been so intense it's taking a little while to remind myself of subtlety. Yes, everything we do that's worthwhile emulates the teensiest bits of what nature provides for free.

randal - Blue can be happy and mischievous too.

nunly - Er, yes she did but she can get away with it because her PAC donated heavily to the crow police benevolent association :-)

Fancy boots are fun as I'm sure you know.

spadoman - No, I paint them when they're not looking :-) It's always nice to clear one set of projects away and start another, yes?

Steve Emery said...

Oldest and I love this one - especially the shoes. The kind that needed a button hook? Lovely blue, and I like the way you handled the foliage. I still haven't really solved that problem to my satisfaction. I will look at your paintings for clues.

jams o donnell said...

I love it!

susan said...

steve - I'm glad to know you both liked it including the high button shoes. I've never been really comfortable with foliage either but it's getting easier since I stopped trying to paint individual leaves :-)

jams - Good!