Wednesday, January 23, 2013

little distractions

Is is just me or have you also noticed how distracting it can be reading news articles on line compared to elder days when mostly what we read was in printed form on paper? It's not that there isn't a whole lot more information openly available these days but I often, usually, in fact, find I get distracted by silly stuff that either pops up or flashes in bright colors in my peripheral vision. Stuff like this:
Why did Beyoncé lip-sync the Star Spangled Banner at the Presidential inauguration?
She didn't know the words?
Bieber dethrones Gaga on Twitter.
Who are these people?
Can we reverse engineer the brain?
Ask Fox News?

I have to admit that sometimes I'll find something interesting enough or funny enough that I end up being glad I wandered off for a few minutes. Today it was the story about IBM's super computer Watson having been taught natural language by being given access to the Urban Dictionary. When the researchers questioned it later Watson answered their queries with 'Bullshit'. We may be on the brink of AI beings fit to run the world. How could they do worse than this guy?

MAN from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

The picture above is of Eustace in company - he's a charming but somewhat tentative creature who's trying to learn the ways of a new world.  The painting/illustration is still underway.


Sean Jeating said...

And then there are scientist debating when brain death is to be stated. :)

Hilarious 'intro', Susan. Thanks for the distraction. :)

marja-leena said...

What a depressing video! What about this Harvard prof who now has the DNA of Neanderthal man and is looking for a willing woman to have such a baby!?! Yes, news is so distracting and awful that it's good to retreat to making art, like this lovely illustration you are working on, Susan.

susan said...

It's all so complicated but I'd prefer vacate before rigor sets in. :-)

Glad you enjoyed.

susan said...

At least the movie had a happy ending.

The very idea of cloning a Neanderthal person is wrong in so many ethical ways I just can't imagine what he's been drinking. Better perhaps if he worked on inventing a time machine and went to find some originals to live with himself.

Yes, it's far better to spend time in our own magical realities, isn't it?

Life As I Know It Now said...

I do notice that "news" sites have a lot more non-news than actual news news. And I can't believe there is a shortage of stories that can be reported, just that non-news is easier, cheaper, and a lot less threatening than honest to godess reporting.

susan said...

It all started going downhill fast with the 24hr news networks. You're absolutely right that what they did next was fire reporters and hired media sycophants. Much cheaper and titillation sells.

TheCunningRunt said...

That animation was all too true, though when the aliens arrived, I couldn't help wondering what TOOK them so long!

...and that drawing looks like it's leading somewhere really magical, I'm stoked! :)

linda said...

well, had to tell you that this was a surreal moment tonight when suddenly i realized, since it was in my reader, that THAT wasn't an email!! :) so wondered if the entire email back was here and am glad to see it's not. ah well, i said it all but have been looking at both of your drawings and am blown away by the detail you've squeezed in. but i have to go address my comments on my blog i've not had anything to do with since posting so will try again tomorrow...hoping you aren't freezing up there in the frozen north. xoxox

Rob-bear said...

Good questions and answers. I did notice a mis-spelled word in your third answer, though. It's "Faux" News. (Perhaps you were in the US too long, and forgot some Canadian spellings.)

The art work at the top is wonderful!

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Randal Graves said...

Skynet. Just sayin'.

susan said...

Yeah, I wish they'd get here faster too.

It's good that drawings can do that :-)

susan said...

I hope it's okay the whole post got emailed to you. So far I haven't found a plain notify command. I'm happy you see such improvement in the two pictures - looks like there's more detail to come but I'll save that for another day.

It really is super cold but not as bad as the mid-west in either country. I hope your inversion has dissipated.

susan said...

It's a certainty I was in the US too long because look what happened while I was gone. Now how to we rid ourselves of that guy and his cronies? Faux news is a better description.

Thanks for the compliment. Be well.

susan said...

Ah yes. Judgement day.

gfid said...

I worked with this guy once. His name is dDale made me a bit sad to hear him accompanied by Grieg's "In The Hall Of The Mountain King.... One of my alltime fav symphonic compositions.... But I have to admit it suited perfectly. I want to be a fly on the wall in the room in your drawing..... Or maybe the teddy bear. He looks much loved.

Lydia said...

Eustace has caught my fancy and I will love watching the progression of the piece.

My mind gets so scrambly looking at news online. I so look forward to reading the paper each day with breakfast. I never thought that it would seem like a meditation, but that is what it has become.

Great video, though true-ly depressing. I shared on facebook.

susan said...

It's one of my favorites too. After I found this video it did take a few days before I decided to post it. After all, it's true enough about a segment of humanity.

I'm happy you like the drawing and the story it tells so far without words.

susan said...

I'm enjoying painting this one and those to follow. Eustace is cool, isn't he?

The problem I find with online news is that it's easy to register an emotional reaction but never to contemplate the entirety. It's no surprise to me that you still enjoy reading print too. I wouldn't expect anything else.

Thanks for sharing the video further.

Lisa Golden said...

We humans are the worst parasite ever.

More Eustace please because reality blows.

susan said...

What's most irritating is we don't have to be - and many aren't.

More Eustace soon.