Tuesday, November 18, 2008

one for three or three for one

Awards.. I got a couple recently and as usual I felt embarrassed about the attention but what's more to the point is that I'm the proprietor of a very tiny blog with about 12 occasional readers. I like it that way but it really does limit me from being able to pass around the awards - never mind the rules about link back to this and don't forget to post a note over there etc. So I've decided to post my own award since it's almost my birthday and everybody knows you can do what you like on your birthday. I'm awarding the phantsythat 'gotta love it' award to the following charming and much more popular bloggers listed below. There are no rules. Keep it yourselves or give it to someone you like. Your choice.

I opened my email a week or two ago and found this highly artistic blog award from my friend, Randal. Since he was using it merely as a bribe to get me to post another of my historic watercolors I did just that and then went over to read more of his contemporary poetry and sports reports - sometimes they're side by side or all mixed up in the same post. The guy's either a marvel or his wife sometimes forgets to put his medication in his breakfast cereal.

Thanks to Utah Savage for the lovely Marie Antoinette award. We both tend to lean toward the Madame Dufarge side of the equation since we're of an age where we've learned the satisfaction of outliving the bastards. You must admit though, the aesthetic appeal of this picture compared to one of a pair of knitting needles and a head in a basket. Utah's been writing her savagely beautiful autobiography as a thinly disguised novel at the same time I've been drawing and telling the adventures of a silly person who shouldn't have been allowed outside by herself.

Then there's Border Explorer who in the midst of moving from her summer home in the midwest to the Texas - Mexico border can still take the time to do justice to memes and pass out awards properly all while continuing her commitments to human rights issues. I mean the lady and her husband are right out there on the front lines and not just writing the odd note to a disinterested legislator. BE asked me for a list of seven favorite albums and to oblige here's what I found under the B's:

BB King - Let the Good Times Roll
Banco de Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa
Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty
Beau Hunks - Manhattan Minuet
Billie Holiday - The Gershwin Songbook
Bjork - Homogenic
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Let's Make Up and Be Friendly

Oh what the heck. Since I'm already in this far I'm going the rest of the way. The award is for all of you who come by and like it and just in case you'd like to see it it full size:

'Every time when a light rises from you, a light comes down toward you.'


  1. And people scoff at bribery. I got you to post more art and I also scored an undeserved award which I will gladly take because it's, well, more art! Take that, ethical humans!

    Oh, and I'm out of the house before anyone else is even up, so all weirdness is my own fault.

  2. Congratulations!! And, thanks to Randal for the bribe that got Susan to share more lovely pieces with us.

    There has to be a scarf manufacture who will print your pieces. Sorry to kick a dead horse. But, these gorgeous pieces if printed on silk would sell like hotcakes. Hmm, must go eat breakfast.

    Bask in your lovely award and congrats to Utah and Border Explorer!!

  3. The original susan art was definitely worth the bribe it took to get Randal to bribe you.

    Congratulations on your award winning blogginess!

  4. i guess blogger awards are the virtual equivalent of flowers or chocolates or trophies. only you don't have to water them, eat them or dust them.

  5. omg, that piece of art leaves me speechless. It is luminescent! Beautiful! You amaze me.

  6. your art amazes me ... thank you for sharing a BIG one ... ...

    also much gratitude for your comment tonight on tara...it touched me deeply...

  7. randal - It takes me a month of Sundays to finish a painting so I hope you'll take the little sample as a gesture of my gratitude for the wry delight you stimulate.

    lbr - The little version of the 'gotta love it' heart mandala is for you too. If you run into any scarf manufacturers during your fashion travels feel free to send them over for a look.

    dcup - You're more kind to me than I deserve. I really am a lazy blogger.

    sera - Yes, you just have to remember to plug it back into its power source when you're done :-)

    be - It's a product of all the kindness and grace I've known. I hope you've taken a copy of it home with you.

  8. linda - You must have been writing that while I was up here just now. I do really love your Buddhist inspired artworks in particular. You're a very talented and soulful woman.

    Please take a copy of the mandala award for yourself too. I posted it especially for my friends who visit.

  9. Brava! Way to go on the awards, Susan and showing your artwork to us all is more reward to us than award to your recipients. BTW...when is your birthdate? Mine is the 23rd. Shall we celebrate together?

  10. No matter how long it takes you to finish a work, it's always appreciated, as you can see by the commenters here!

  11. spartacus - Thanks for the kind words. Saggitarius, eh?

    randal - It was nice seeing it on your side bar :-)

  12. That is so beautiful, Susan. Just being able to look at it is an award in and of itself; not to mention a pleasure, as it goes without saying.

    Randal Graves: :-)

  13. How in god's name did I miss this? I get to hang this on my wall? Did I get that right? Do I have to give it to anyone else? Must I? I've been longing for some new art. Is this real? Am I one of those bloggers who really gets something as beautiful as this? Am I dreaming again?

  14. Birthday girl, you are very generous. I keep pinching myself to make sure I can actually post this.

  15. pagan - You always say the kindest things :-)

    utah - Yes! Yes! and Yes! I think we're mostly always dreaming.

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