Monday, August 22, 2011

another story

There's a new Adventure next door just a few weeks after the last. I wonder if I'm getting back into the habit of writing them? I wonder why the drawing is easier than the writing? I wonder if I'll ever put them in chronological order or if that's even necessary?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. There was certainly a lesson in it for me.

ps: Did you ever have a perm?


  1. Yes, I have had a perm once and only once. Now I'm going over to read the story. :)

  2. Before I head over to Adventures Ink, I'd like to answer your question. My mother had my poker-straight hair permed the summer I turned 8. I hated it and so it was a good thing that it only lasted a few weeks! :-)

  3. Lovely story and drawings about a certain plucky young child.

    Coming off a horse can be quite frightening but in the age of innocence you brush yourself off and start all over again as they say.

    The story makes for a good read and brings back many childhood memories of my own whilst on a farm and riding around on a docile old horse - could barely manage a canter- so I didnt have any spills !!
    Best wishes

  4. jams - Good.

    liberality - Some of us just weren't designed for curls. I hope you enjoy the story.

    gina - That's what happened to me too!

    lindsay - I'm very glad you enjoyed the story. He was a pretty tall horse compared to me back then but later on I got to take some lessons. There were some very nice horses who were boarded at a nearby farm and I did get to ride them a few years later.

  5. after a very late night (or early morning) doing bookkeeping i came by in hopes of a bedtime story... and was NOT disappointed. i'll be drifting off thinking of this plucky lass and her adventure.

    yes, i've had many perms. as a child they tried to make me look like shirley temple, but i always foiled 'em by taking the hairbrush to it all when i got out of bed, and making it into a mass of frizz. then there were the layered 'shags' of the 80's and the spiral perms after that.... i once had a spiral done on bum-length hair.... it took 2 people an entire afternoon to do it. but as a result, i had this amazing thick, wavy hair that i could just shape and poke something into to hold it in place. it's normally quite limp and flat with about a dozen cowlicks in random places, and very slippery - hard to keep a clip or a scrunchy in. but i haven't had a perm for probably 20 years now, and don't miss them at all. you could probably write a book of perm stories, just in answer to that one question.

    i'm off to have happy child / horse / adventure dreams.

  6. Given that I often resemble a cracked-out Plant or Hagar first thing in the morning, no, I've never had a perm.

  7. gfid - I'm glad to have provided you with another bedtime story - if only I had the inspiration and energy to write them more often we'd both be happier.

    I too had a number of perms over the years but not in a long time now. The first was much like yours and done at home when I was pretty young. I hated mine too. Nowadays, I prefer it in it's natural state - long and straight with split ends.

    randal - It might be just as well you never present photographic self-portraits.

  8. I am on my way to read -- and am glad you are writing because I think you are great. But, yes, I had icky perms when I was a kid, and then in my 30s I decided to have my waist-long hair permed. The guy did a rotten job and within two weeks it was breaking off from the ends so badly that I had to have 10 inches cut off. Bad hairdresser!

  9. lydia - Kind words from an excellent poet about my writing is most flattering.

    In my early 20's I had a similar experience with a perm - very long hair and a girlfriend who said neutralizer was unnecessary. It looked great until the first time it was washed and dried.