Saturday, December 3, 2011


                                         If Spring is a season of rebirth,
                                         Summer a time of happiness,
                                         And Autumn a time of abundance,
                                         Then Winter is a season of reflection and memory.
                                         Winter is a season of the mind.

                                         In skeletal trees and frozen earth,
                                         We visualize leaves, grass and flowers,
                                         And remember birds and bright winged butterflies.
                                         In Winter we recollect things we've lost and hope to find.
                                         Winter concentrates the mind.


  1. this is NOT bad poetry and the drawing is wonderfully illustrative. i love it! the bunny is particularly sweet. xoxox hoping your ground is not yet has been in the high 60's here but blowing 80mph gusts and we all have hay fever as if it were spring.

  2. Winter is just a reminder that we all can't live in California.

  3. Wonderful! I love the reindeer. I'm particulalry fond of them as they live in Finnish Lapland where Santa lives. :-) Each season has it's reason and beauty, and I don't think I could live in a place wehre it was summer all year long. Bring on the snow!

  4. Ah, that is exactly what winter is for :)

    I love your drawings as always. You have a mischievous and yet sweet spirit.

  5. linda - Well, it's not good poetry either but I appreciate your kindness in saying you liked it and the drawing too.

    Our temperatures are generally heading down but there are still some upper 40's and 50's sunny days to be enjoyed - and we are.

    mrmacrum - Yes, if we did it would just fall off that much faster.

    marja-leena - I was very pleased with the reindeer too but I did give him longer legs than are normal. What good's an artistic license if you don't use it?

    I've enjoyed living in places where winter reigns for its allotted time. It's just that I usually get bored with it before it's done.

    liberality - That's what I thought too when I sat and chewed my pencil last night - well, it's hard to chew a keyboard.

    My spirit may be sweet and mischievous but the rest of me doesn't always follow.

  6. This is a delightful combination Susan.

  7. Oh boy, more hate directed at winter, but since it's winter, you'll have to time to think about that! (I kid, partially).

    I want to steal that drawing.

  8. Winter is my favorite season (after fall.) Spring and summer I tolerate because I can ride the motorcycle.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  9. jams - Happy I am that you liked it.

    randal - Winter's okay but after years on the west coast it's still a season I prefer to visit rather than live through in its entirety.

    Glad you like the drawing. Unfortunately, the painting it became is gone now.

    ol'buzzard - There's good and bad in all four but I admire your fortitude.

  10. The changing seasons are Mother's way of letting you know you're not dead yet.

    I dig 'em all, though the transitions can be butt-ugly. I've all but packed away my camera until the first big snowfall washes that gray right outta Mother's hair!

  11. cr - That's very true but I must admit to having mixed feelings as we get ready for a second winter here after not really experiencing snow and ice for 20 years.

    I always enjoy seeing all of your pictures and you find the beautiful bits of every season.

  12. Beautiful, fanciful drawing so perfect for December. And, once again, I am in awe of your writing. This poem is special, special. The final line of each of the stanzas are so quietly real they make me want to whisper thank yous out my frosty window into the cloudy night that did not allow us to see the lunar eclipse...

  13. lydia - I can't tell you how pleased I was to read that you'd liked my poem. Praise from someone as accomplished as yourself is very flattering indeed. I'd hoped to turn the drawing into a painting but the good light goes so fast every day I may have to try again later. So sorry to hear you couldn't see the eclipse - so frustrating to know one is happening up there just beyond the clouds.