Sunday, December 18, 2011

lost and found

It turns out there's an urban art form I'd never heard about until very recently. Next time I go for a walk I'm definitely taking a few posters with me. 

Lost: Elephant
Color - Greyish
Size - Largeish
Looks - Like an elephant
Last seen - Halifax area
When - Not for a bit
Answers to - this



  1. This is so funny! I'm going to pass the idea around here in Hanover. I'll take pictures to send to you.

    Up, Simba! UP!!

  2. Too funny! Especially when I heard 'that call' !

  3. How funny is that?

    I love it.

    Thanks for sharing, I shall have a giggle over this all evening :)

  4. Hilarious! Please do your elephant posters. They'll go viral.

  5. removes bandaids from fingertips to type...don't ask...

    thanks for the hilarity this bright and sunny countdown-to-the-beginning-of-the-holidaze-end. needed much. need help too. do not make eye contact. call nearest mental....well, not really but....

    have you ever tried to make a 'holiday dinner/breakfast/snackies, dinner/ad nauseam' that was gluten free, dairy free, egg-free-well..VEGAN[naughty word among some heretofore unmentionable humans] as well as nightshade free meaning POTATOES, CHILI PEPPERS AND SUCH LIKE SPICES, TOMATOES ad infinitum for people who are raging meat eaters and do not know the meaning of mother's illness, that, btw, makes for one mean mood besides? well, it is not my recommend you start NOW! i am old, i do not change easily my ways of dining, cooking[no! are you kidding me after 35 ......?] having to cook 3xaday just for my diet "restrictions" let alone their diet UNrestrictions is so much fun. i just downed a smoothie that was just OJ and soft tofu...while i might gush over such extravaganzas of flavor[weird] and yumminess[not], i am just plain too protein starved thus depleted of all energy and haven't even begun to wrap the damned presents. i should have kept this to a private email i guess. bah humbug doesn't even begin.... kissesxxoo

    arms drop limply to side, raise to hit proper key, dammit this better publish and thank god you do not have that damned WV people will not give up on. xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoX<-MONUMENTAL EFFORT APPLIED JUST FOR YOU, MY DEAR. MUCH LOVE ... sigh

  6. O.M.G. should have sent private email. xoxo

  7. Hmm I think I will run if I saw that dog! Go on put up the elephant flyers!

  8. the crow - I thought it was a great idea too. Go for it.

    We just finished watching the 6 Tarzan movies from the 30's and early 40's again. Cheeta really should have got top billing too. She's still hilarious.

    marja-leena - Did you know Tarzan's yell was an Austrian yodel played backwards at a higher speed?

    gemel - I'm glad it made you laugh; it did me as well.

    lisa - Good. But it's been done :-)

    linda - I figured we could all use a good laugh or two at this strange and darkening time of year - you more than many as I see. I'll answer the rest in an email after we've had a 'normal' dinner and have watched a movie. Don't worry - it will still be early where you are once all that's done. (I still feel like I'm four hours ahead of home time)

    jams - I would run too. I think the wooden lamp posts are going to be too frozen for the foreseeable future around here.

  9. Tarzan movies; I really got into them as a kid. The wife and i have been watching Hope and Crosby road movies on TCM during the last week.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  10. ol'buzzard - I haven't watched a 'Road' movie in a very long time but I have very fond memories of them.

  11. This is swanktacular. Since I dig animals more than most humans, maybe I'll substitute some bug-eyed politicians.

  12. :~D

    Just to let you know I've changed the name of my blog from Liberality to Life As I Know It Now so that ex's and such won't be reading it. It's the same blog just a different name. And I'll be around a lot more now too! :)

  13. give him spaniel ears and black hair, and that's my dog in 'oh i just love going for a walk' mode. grinning from ear to ear and leaping like a frog on steroids. this is a scream. i think a 'post a poster' contest is in order.

    i see on the weather channel (yup, watching TV with my dad again) that you're in for some snow in time for Christmas :0) i hope that's good news to you. i know i just can't imagine Christmas without snow. i just took my staff out to dinner and for a wagon ride through the local Candycane Lane light show at the fairgrounds. huge soft heavy snowflakes, lots of little kids, wagons pulled by gorgeous matched pairs of draft horses. it was magical. I might have embarrassed my employees by singing Christmas carols. A few people even joined in.

  14. checked refrigerator for elephant... not foot tracks in the butter.....not here, sorry.

  15. randal - Goodness knows you have enough to choose from.

    laikin - :-) I'll come by.

    francis - Excellent example.

    gfid - There's nothing more fun than a very excited and happy doggo. The giveaway with this one is the lolling tongue.

    Your wagon ride sounded very nice. You live in a part of the country where winter has to be enjoyed rather than endured - well, some of the time. So far, no snow but we know it'll get here eventually.

    okjimm - Thanks for checking.

  16. Oh my! Husband is asleep so boy did I ever mute that call when I heard it!
    This poster is hilarious! Now there is a poster that should go viral. And I def think you should make up some of your elephant posters to tack up around the 'hood. You are so witty. :0