Friday, January 16, 2009

dreaming herself awake

she slips into another dream..

We imagine ourselves to always be the same since our physical changes from one day to the next are unnoticeable. We rarely notice that each past moment was another dreamed image and that we're only real right now.

This is another painting I posted in the early days but I like it well enough to do so again in hopes those of you who haven't seen it before will like it too.


Utah Savage said...

How lush and lovely.

I had a shock today in the self image department. I thought the Obamicon Darkblack did was of Darkblack and then assumed that Darkblack was a nice looking youngish woman. Come to find out it's me. What a shock that I like me as Darkblack.

The Cunning Runt said...

Susan, that's absolutely beautiful. Thanks for re-posting it; I missed a lot of your earlier stuff.

Randal Graves said...

Yet another wonderful piece. Utah found the best single word for it, lush. You should really think about trying this painting gig.

Mary Ellen said...

Do you mean I don't look like I'm 20 years old anymore? Damn, that explains a lot. ;-)

I didn't see that painting before, I'm glad you put it back up again.

Seraphine said...

the lavenders and purples really wake this one up. i love your artistic ideas and attention to detail. it's beautiful.
it's interesting, looking in the mirror and seeing changes. i'd hate to never change. without change, life would be mind-numbing boredom.
besides, looking into the computer is much more fun than looking in a mirror.

linda said...

oh thank you for reposting this...I have missed all your earlier things! your work is so beautiful.

susan said...

utah - I do have a tendency toward lush but I'd prefer serene. Just can't do everything, I suppose.

I like both your Obamacons but prefer your usual avatar which reminds me of Coco Chanel.

cr - In that case I'm glad I reposted it.

randal - I'll take it into consideration.

me - Yeah, the changes are infinitesimal until you see a picture of yourself that's ten years old.

sera - I always start off with a planned palette and finish using every color in the box :-)

Physical change is okay up to a point but you're right, computers are much more to look into.

linda - I'm very glad to know that. Posting paintings is a bit like showing one's lingerie - not to every taste.

Lisa said...

It is a beautiful painting. As always, I am caught up, too, in the mesmerizing border.

Steve Emery said...

Susan, this is a beauty, and the border is even more lush than many of the others. I hope you post more of these - I want to fill out my collection...

I LOVE her red red hair - and the way one of the figures isn't red headed - showing that change over time...

Kirie said...

Wow! Seriously--you aren't selling these? This is just amazing, and all the more beautiful because of the philosophy you articulated about it.
I missed the first time you posted this; thank you for reposting it. Gorgeous, dreamy--and Utah and Randal have hit it--lush!

susan said...

lisa - Seems life is always about borders.

steve - Since you asked I probably will. It'll give me something to post while I work on a few new things :-)

kirie - I used to sell my paintings but not so much anymore. Trying to set up gallery shows is just too stressful.

Ingrid said...

Susan, I ALWAYS like your paintings, even your black and white ink drawings..what can I say; you're just my favourite artiste!!



gfid said...

lush AND serene! and sensual.

susan said...

ingrid - I know I'm far from being really good but you're very nice to say so.

g-fid - I'm surprised you had a moment to stop by but thanks :-)

Pagan Sphinx said...

I'm so glad you re-posted this because I missed it the last time.

This is another beauty you've created. I love the border, among other things. Whenever I see an interesting border that is a part of the work itself or a frame that is unique to that painting, I get very excited.

Please keep these coming if you have more or others from previous posts. They are a delight to behold! I love you work. There is so much good vibe in everything you do.

susan said...

pagan sphinx - I think I posted pictures of 8 paintings in my first 2 posts but back then I didn't know anybody up here but my brother-in-law, Gary (withinsigt).

At first I did the borders because I didn't want the painting to end. Then they became part of the whole as I related the design back to, or in opposition to, the image.