Sunday, January 4, 2009

crow's friend, uncle jay

Sorry about getting in so late to wish you guys a Happy New Year but I got stuck in one of those mid-west snow storms on my way back from a visit with elderly relatives. They're still hoping things will get better but you have to admit there's nothing much sadder than senile bird brains who continue to wait for Santa in January.

I had a whole lot more fun with my old friend, Uncle Jay. Here's what he had to say about the year just past with some hints of what we have to endure in the year ahead. Stock up on cheap drinks and comestibles, dear flock, and hold on tight. I'm gonna hang out on a warm perch for a while and see if I can dig out the brandy soaked walnuts from the fruitcake susan saved for me. She's a mad woman but I love her and you guys too. If you remember to keep your wings trimmed when you fly into gales all will be well.


  1. I love it! Thanks for the great video, if I wasn't on my best Catholic behavior, I'd steal it.

    Happy New Year to you kiddo, may 2009 bring you peace, prosperity (at least a steady job) and all the bird seed you can eat.


  2. I hope you and Crow and Susan have a happy and healthy new year...many seeds and nuts to all of you!

  3. me - It was a good find - that Crow, never know what he'll show up with but he'll understand if you need to steal it.

    Wishing you the same for '09 but I sure would prefer a well-fed retirement.

    cdp - Nuts to you too, sister! - signed Crow

  4. That an absolute hoot - very clever..... Loved listening to it and i ask you could there ever be another year as silly as the last?
    Best wishes

  5. Nice find, crow. Uncle Jay had me tapping my foot with a few of his diddies. And he's got pretty good singing pipes, too.

  6. I could go for one of those retirement things, too. I'm dreading the start of yet another semester. Goddamn punk ass kids.

  7. lindsay - It was a silly year and Uncle Jay summed it up very well. Let's hope they get less silly.. but I'm not holding my breath.

    spartacus - I don't think I would have posted yesterday but Crow arrived with a treat and felt like saying 'hello'.

    randal - You have my respect and admiration. At least I just have an unappreciative boss and some bad-tempered co-workers.

  8. Well hey, Happy Part Way Into the New Year! Thanks for the succinct recap from Uncle Jay! :)

  9. Brandy soaked walnuts!??? Gees, I think I would rather just a brandy soaked jimm and save the walnuts for muffins, or sumptin.

  10. Aaaaaaah, rum-soaked walnuts - I see that Crow is living the good life!

    Happy New Year!

  11. cr - It was even worth the jolly Christmas tunes :-)

    okjimm - Remember he's Crow and enjoys sauce with hit nuts.

    pagan sphinx - Crow is a corvid of taste and refinement.